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Minh had this to say

Written by Freedom. Posted in Testimonials

I received my pack today and I can’t tell you how thankful I am for the extra freebies you threw in there for me. It really made my day! You know how to win a customer. I have been using this product for 3 months and this product really works! It makes cleaning so fast and simple. Thank you very much for the freebies again and good luck on finding new products to make our planet greener!

Minh (A very happy customer)
P.S I will definitely buy from you again when my supplies runs low again!

David B. had this to say

Written by Freedom. Posted in Testimonials

Hello, Just wanted to write and let you know that I had a chance to wash a few cars this weekend using the complete clean and the original formula’s. I tested it out on my Grandpa’s truck and my Mom’s forerunner. They were very impressed and so was I!! I am working on my business and marketing plans still but I really liked your stuff better than others. Thanks a million. I’ll be in touch soon!

Keith in Georgia

Written by Freedom. Posted in Testimonials

A customer of mine asked me to clean his race car trailer last weekend. This trailer had been sitting in an outdoor storage facility for about 3.5 years. Since it was not covered, it was exposed to all kinds of weather. As you can see from the pictures, it did not look good. He said he tried about 6 different kinds of cleaners but they were all too toxic. When I caught up to him, he had a rash on his arms and the fumes were too much for him to handle. I brought out the New Freedom Complete Clean to see if it worked any better. He was very skeptical of it because it was a green product and didn’t think it would be strong enough. As you can see, it worked great! 10 hours later, he had a white trailer that looked new again. After cleaning it, we applied the Freedom Original Formula with the 2 waxes and he ended up with a fantastic shine!

He is now having me do his sister trailer!

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