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Kuwait has the world’s highest water consumption per capita

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By Ben Garcia

New research reveals that Kuwait has the highest rate of water consumption on a global scale – news that rang alarm bells for those spending summer in Kuwait. Approximately 500 liters of water are consumed per capita, the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research(KISR) has found. Water is wasted in numerous forms – for brushing teeth, cooking, bathing, laundry to house and car washing. Imagine the waste. Now with summer around the corner, water consumption is set to increase to astronomical levels.

In fact, just by cleaning your average household sedan, you are already measured to have consumed up to 500 liters of water – our most vital natural resource. However, washing your car, nowadays, has eco-friendly and water-saving alternatives. Could water-less car wash products be the solution if not the answer to lowering water consumption in Kuwait? In February this year, Waless Car Detailing and Protection Estate launched its eco-friendly car wash services in Al-Rai. The Waless, short for water less car
wash service, was introduced in Kuwait to help Kuwait become self- sufficient and environment-friendly.

Seeing how much water is wasted in such a simple every day task, Ahmed Mansour, the owner of Waless, Kuwait said that the best thing he could do to help the country was to introduce a car wash that uses minimal amounts of water, “I found this eco-friendly solution and perhaps it’s the best contribution I could ever be proud of for my country. I imported the ‘Freedom Waterless Car Wash’ products from the US after months of research and trials before bringing them to Kuwait,” Mansour said.

In his words, it is about time we made an effort to help the world conserve this valuable resource – water. He said, “If we don’t do anything and leave this issue to the next generation we are in danger; we have to be proactive. Many organizations and concerned individuals have issued warnings about the escalating problem. So we have to act now.

Waless mission is to protect the environment and help the government preserve water resources. “I have seen every morning how much water is wasted just to wash a car. You see it mostly in high-density urban areas and in the suburbs. These people waste water without a care.” In comparison, Mansour claimed, “If a sedan consumes approximately 500 liters of water per car wash, with Waless ‘freedom products,’ only one liter of the product can clean up to ten sedan cars. Imagine the water we could conserve by u
sing these products.

The product was launched under Waless Detailing and Protection Estate in February 2011. Freedom products are liquid based from distilled water, 99 percent biodegradable, entirely chemical-free and promise to wash and shine each vehicle to its maximum potential. In addition to the liquid products, freedom International have also made a microfiber chamois (cloth) to polish and clean the surface of each vehicle to achieve the best results.

The microfibers absorb all dust and dirt from the surface as they contain natural super polymers and waxes that leave a natural repellent for your car. It is guaranteed to last three days, “We guarantee a mirror like finish after undergoing a water-less car wash,” Mansour said.

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