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S. Jones had this to say

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I was very impressed with the Freedom products we purchased from you. They worked exactly as promised, especially the wash that removed the road tar from our new Lexus. My wife and I purchased the new vehicle on Wednesday last week and advised the dealership not to clean the vehicle. I used the products and directed and it worked great.

Eric in Texas

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I wanted to thank you for helping me setting me up as a Freedom Dealer, building the website and email information pertaining to The Clean FX. It shows the quality and devotion to the business and those whom Freedom Waterless Car Wash supports. It provides that much more of a drive to help put Freedom further beyond the industry expectations. Thank you again.

Michel in Canada

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I have received today my order and I am very happy of the service I had from your company. Many thanks for the goodies included in my package. I have already tried the product on my SAAB and Miata and a fantastic job it did. Will let my friends try the products and I am sure that you will see orders again.

Jeremy S. had this to say

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I finally had a chance to use the samples that you sent, thank you.  The results were amazing! Out of all the products I have tried, Freedom has produced the best results with the easiest application.  This will be our product of choice for our detail business.  Once again, thanks for the samples. You have a fantastic product.  Once we get our business plans together and we will definitely be using Freedom products.

Thanks again,
Jeremy S.

Sara in Qatar

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I used your product on my new BMW and it was awesome! I loved it! We don’t have this kind of product in Qatar and will importing it soon.

Anonymous had this to say

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I’m now going out and doing demos for business using the Freedom products.  I was demonstrating at a small detailing shop on Monday (I’m starting off small to catch any mistakes before approaching the larger shops and other businesses) and it turned into a friendly competition.  The gentlemen was selling and using a different product.  So I did a small part of the car hood and asked does it look the same when using that product.  He said yes, so I told him lets each take one side of the car and see which looks better.  So he picks up the aerosol can (how eco-friendly is that?) and starts spraying down his side of the car.  Using the Freedom One Super Polymer, I started on my side and finished in about 3 minutes, going normal speed.

Once done, I went over to look at his side, he was still going!  Rubbing and rubbing the solution onto the car.  Plus, with the aerosol can, most of what he was spraying was missing the car in the first place.  Took him a total of 12 minutes compared to my 3 minutes.  He said both sides looked similar, but I didn’t agree and told him why. The solution he used had lots wax & petroleum in it and I used the Freedom One, which does not.  I showed him on the back of the vehicle using the 2 Wax Original waterless wash and he had to agree with me, it had a much deeper color look to it than his side.  Then we went to compare the ingredients in both, and of course Freedom was the winner, hands down.  It’s too bad I never had a video camera with me because that would have been an awesome video to put on my upcoming new website.  Just thought I’d let you know of this little story.


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