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Freedom Car Wash

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By Courtney

This is only a product that I have heard in name and was not quite sure how washing a vehicle without water would work.  I have now come to find that this works out great and is a great product for the environment.

Freedom Waterless Car Wash helps to reduce water consumption when cleaning a car by not needing to combine water with their product at all.  Which can reduce water consumption by 116 gallons per car washing at home and by 40 gallons per automatic car wash.

I was able to test their entire line of products: Original Formula Waterless Car Wash, Freedom One Waterless Car Wash and Eco Tire Protectant.  All had a great scent, both car wash formulas had a nice citrus scent.  While the tire protectant reminded me of the smell of bubblegum, however their website claims it is the smell of strawberry.  Either way it still smelled great and nothing like harsh chemicals.  The Eco Tire Protectant can be used for more than just tires, it can be used on dashboards, trim and leather also.

Freedom Original Waterless Car Wash is intended to be used on dirty, oxidized and/or everyday cars.  Freedom One Waterless Car Wash was created to be used on older cars to remove the oxidation, water spots and other types of contaminates, but is also great to use on new cars.  Both products can be used on a wet or dry surface.  The only problem I encountered was that the bottle does not specifically say which to use on certain cars, it only includes the directions.  But a quick look at their website cleared that confusion right up.


I had great success using all three of these products on my vehicle and can’t even think of wasting all the water I used to when I traditionally washed my vehicles with a bucket and sponge.  These three products come in a combo pack including 12 microfiber cloths, on the company’s website,

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At The Waterless Car Wash

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By Peggy Loh

If you enjoy driving a clean car but can’t spare the time to visit the car wash as often as you would like, Mobile Green Wash (MGW) is for you. And if you want a new car for the New Year but can’t afford one, then give your old car a facelift the MGW way.

With the revolutionary MGW, long queues at the car wash, waiting in discomfort, the risk of car-jacking and accidents by careless car-washers, are all things of the past.

MGW’s Clean+Green+Mobile services offer customers the flexibility of having the cars washed at wherever they are — at home, the office or golf club — without creating a wet mess and with no sign of the bucket, hose, shampoo and suds.

It uses instead professional car-care products with no surface-unfriendly chemicals so your paintwork is safe.

Mobile Green Wash, Malaysia’s first mobile waterless carwash, started when Nicholas Lee, 29, was a student in Australia, a country which practices water conservation.

In a 2008 visit to the United States, Lee was exposed to the concept of conscious car care and he returned home with ideas to develop a car-cleaning method that saves water and protects the environment.

“We advocate conscious car care while saving water and caring for the environment,” said Lee, an electronics engineer, who spent 12 months researching and testing various products on his family cars before introducing them to MGW.

MGW is the sole representative of the US-made products that are modified to suit our tropical climate.

The products incorporate intelligent use of wetting agents, lubricants and polymers designed to seal in protection and add shine to a car’s surface.

The MGW car wash uses 10 pieces of fine quality microfibre cloths on each car in a three-step method — spray-on, wipe-off and buff-up.

Using the cloths, the service team scrubs away embedded dirt and wipes surfaces. They never re-use the same cloths before they are thoroughly machine washed.

A team supervisor checks the vehicle’s internal and external details before every wash.

Customer, Clement Teng, had his Honda Civic restored to a glossy, showroom shine with the MGW waterless cleaning magic.

Teng was pleased with the results of the MGW non-abrasive, dual wash-and-wax protection. His Honda’s slick surface was polished to such a high shine that it was reflecting the image of car parked next to it.

“I can’t get this effect from a normal car wash,” said Teng, admiring the smooth shiny finish of his car’s waxed surface.

His three cars are signed up with MGW.

A first-time session with MGW products may take a bit longer, and each subsequent session takes an average of 30 minutes.

The MGW service is just a phone-call away. This suits Teng, a businessman, who prefers getting his car cleaned on the go.

The service team travels to customers within a 20km radius of Johor Baru. Lee has a customer from Kota Tinggi who insists on using MGW services, and conveniently arranges for a carwash while he attends business meetings in the city.

MGW is rapidly expanding its clientele from car owners to Harley Davidson motorcycle owners.

Lee was even asked to consider washing leisure boats and light aircrafts.

For details, visit or call 019-7916 649 or 07-353 2798.

MGW services are by appointment only from 8.30am to 5.30pm daily except Sunday.

The MGW Solitaire Membership package entitles each car to four car washes at RM98 for all cars and RM138 for MPV and 4WD vehicles.

These packages come with a RM10 discount and a special deal of “4 + 1? carwashes.

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Nick had this to say

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Your product is phenomenal I used it today on my Infinit g37. I am planning on buying your product in bulk after this is done. Is there any deal with buying your product in bulk if so let me know. Thanks for making a great product.

Shelly in Dallas, Tx

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A very nice couple visited my detail shop yesterday and told me they had just moved here from Hawaii. They brought their two Ferrari’s over from the islands and wanted me to detail them. They told me the cars have only been cleaned with Freedom Waterless Car Wash since owning them. They insisted that I use this product to clean their cars. I had to write you to find out how I can buy it at wholesale. I would like to make the switch to waterless with my detailing company. Please call me.

Patrick in New Zealand

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Please call us and give us your feedback on the Freedom products. Toll Free 1 866 630-0453 option 3. Thanks

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It’s really easy, actually. You spray it on, rub it in (with a microfiber towel), buff it off. That’s it! The only catch is that you can’t use the product on excessively soiled areas. The tire shine spray is even easier, you just spray it on and leave it to dry.

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