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Why are people using a Freedom waterless car wash product to clean their cars?

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Why are people using a Freedom waterless car wash product to clean their cars?

There is something special about Freedom waterless car wash why car owners and car lovers keep on coming back. “The product meets our demands as car owners” Said by a long time client. “The services are amazing because most autos detailing who uses Freedom products are dedicated to their work. Another thing is they are almost everywhere in the earth, which means car owners have easy access to them.” He added. More and more car owners tend to chose Freedom products than any other waterless car wash available in the market. Because Freedom waterless car wash has carnuaba waxes and polymer sealants, making them not only convenient to carry around but with added protection to your paint without the added effort just like these other waterless car washes. But since they are also waterless, they also mean water preservation. Aside from that one commonality everything else is different. I asked car owners this question “Why are people using Freedom waterless car washes to clean their cars than other waterless car wash products out in the market?” I find some of their answers cute!

Here are different answers car owners gave:

  • Because water is an extremely important resource and it became scarce. By using waterless car wash product it’s eliminate the 80 to 140 gallons of water people normally use to clean the outside of their vehicles.
  • It means having good values, so we car owners tried be a model to our children in conserving fresh waters.
  • They come in handy and very easy to use.
  • The product is a water-based that contains ingredients that can be use in all solid, smooth surfaces. It washes, waxed, polished and gives long lasting protection to my car.
  • Because Freedom waterless is best selling waterless car wash product in the market today.
  • They got detailing crews who are very efficient and well-trained.
  • The product itself made me decide to go for Freedom waterless car wash. They have great package deal.
  • My wife told me to buy Freedom waterless over my usual waterless product. Because if I will she’ll going to help me clean my car! She was so sweet!
  • I was first attracted to its packaging but later on when I tried it on my BMW the result was unbelievable! I felt great!
  • My son used this product at their car wash fund raising in their school so he recommended me this product saying the product is totally awesome.
  • Many shoppers buy Freedom waterless car wash so I became curios and buy one for myself-and that’s how my addiction started!

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The quality of a good waterless carwash

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Before buying waterless car wash for your car, your chosen product must possess in all these qualities of a good waterless car wash.

1: A good waterless car wash product uses a premium carnauba and Montan wax. Not just one but 2 waxes that keep your car protected.  This is the most important factor. Washing your car without having it wax adds no protection. Living your car exposed to harmful elements.

2: The product must easy to use. Simply do not need to spend all day on waxing your car. So it saves your time and effort.

3: Your Car care must possess premium soaps, surfactants and lubricating agents that clean, remove foreign elements to your car and prevent dirt build-up from happening.

4: A good waterless car wash must be affordable.

5: Great car care solutions use minimal supplies. Waterless wash and
wax formulas should only require the product and some microfiber cloths.

Don’t be misguided! Your waterless car wash should give the best for You and your car. If you want to make sure that you’re giving the best for your car buy Freedom waterless car wash! The convenience of being able to wash your car from home, work, in the
middle of a road trip, or wherever you may be is priceless!

Freedom Label Templates For SALE!!!

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Freedom ONE Waterless Car Wash Review

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When I was in high school I used to work at a funeral home where I mowed lawns, shoveled sidewalks, and washed cars. I consider myself a pretty skilled car washer so my interest was peaked when I saw the Freedom ONE Waterless Car Wash.

The way in which the Freedom ONE Waterless Car Wash system works is as follows. First, you apply a water-based solution containing premium soaps, surfactants, and lubricating agents, plus a special polymer polish formula. The solution will dissolve dirt on contact. Second, you simply soak up the liquefied dirt with the microfiber towel. The microfiber towel pulls the dirt solution away from the surface and protects it from scratching. Finally, a second microfiber towel is used to buff off the remaining residue, leaving behind a nice shine.

Now, when I first considered this product, I thought, “Are you kidding me? My truck is almost always too dirty for this approach to cleaning!” So, I visited the product’s official site and found the following, “Be very aware of the surface you are cleaning. If you feel the surface is too soiled, sandy or gritty…DO NOT USE FREEDOM PRODUCTS on this surface. Freedom products are common sense products.”

That statement alone made me much more confident in the validity of Freedom ONE Waterless Car Wash. There have been plenty of times I have washed my car when it wasn’t really dirty…just kind of dusty. THAT situation is exactly what this product is perfect for.

After using Freedom ONE Waterless Car Wash on my wife’s car and my neighbor’s boat (thanks, Chad!), I can tell you it works as advertised. Both vehicles were left looking as clean and waxed and it was quick and easy and didn’t use any water. I rate this product a four-star product, but remember, it isn’t for removing caked on mud.

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An Eco-Friendlier Car Wash

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Hand washing your car can have a harmful impact on the environment. Not only are you using more water than necessary, but you are adding to the toxic chemicals in the run-off that leads directly to our oceans and waterways.There are a few car wash products out there that claim to be eco-friendly, waterless and effective. Washing your car without water? Yes, it’s possible. We tested out one brand,Freedom Waterless Car Wash, and here are our results.

The Products

We tested out four different products, for the inside and the outside of a car:

–    2 Wax Original Formula is the company’s original product and is recommended for cleaning and polishing new and older cars;
–    Freedom ONE Super Polymer cleans and polishes all solid surfaces such as paint, glass, plastic and chrome. It is said to be used for weekly maintenance but we found it does pretty much the same job as the Original Formula;
–    Eco Tire Protectant, a product that cleans, shines and protects tires but also rubber, vinyl and leather surfaces;
–    Complete Clean, which is an all purpose cleaner that cleans grease, stuck-on bugs, bird droppings, as well as remove stains from soiled carpets and fabric.

All of these products are applied in the same fashion: spray on the surface (of a car, bike or boat), spray also on a microfiber towel, rub in, wipe off, and then buff off with another, clean microfiber towel. Depending on the type and size of vehicle washed, each 32 fluid ounce bottle can be used for 5-10 cleanings.

The Results

While initially skeptical, our JustLiveGreener car washers were quite pleased with the end results:

  • The Freedom One Super Polymer seemed to remove surface dirt and light dust quiet easily, leaving a shiny clean surface once buffed off;
  • Windows were left streakless and clean;
  • Using the Complete Clean product, various grease and pen stains on the floor mats and fabrics were completely gone;
  • The tires needed two heavy sprays to look shiny but the outcome was very satisfactory;
  • The microfiber cloths work wonders (much better than any cotton towel, we tried that!);
  • There was no strong, chemical smell hanging in the air inside the car, and most of them had a pleasant smell. However, one product, the Complete Clean, did give one of our testers a slightly irritated throat for a couple of days: we recommend this product be used with the car doors wide open.

The only possible downside to the cleaning process is that it required a bit more physical labor compared to simply washing down your car the traditional way, but the environmental (and physical) benefits far outweigh this small trouble.

The Ingredients

We don’t know for sure what the ingredients are and that is a potential concern. The manufacturer, based in the state of Washington, told us they couldn’t divulge their exact ingredients due to trade secrets. Only one product, ironically the Complete Clean again, specifies that it has no petroleum solvents, no VOC or any listed hazardous ingredients. As stated on the labels, these products are eco-friendlier, and greener, which does not necessarily mean they are completelyeco-friendly and green. They are chemical products, and chemical products pose, by nature, a potential health risk.

That being said, the products are apparently biodegradable, and their MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) reveals that these four products contain no chemicals known by the state of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm. That’s more than what most conventional car wash products can say.

The Environmental Benefits

In spite of the absence of transparency regarding the ingredients, there is a substantial environmental advantage to using products such as Freedom Waterless Car Wash products:

  • No water used (except a minimal amount to manufacture the products themselves, of course). Considering that between 35 and 110 gallons of water are used with conventional commercial car washing and home car washing, waterless products represent indeed a great advantage.
  • No run-off: the product stays on the microfiber towels, which then gets washed with water that is eventually treated with the rest of the home’s greywater. Conventional car washing, on the other hand, contaminates surface waters as well as soil with phosphates, oil, grease, dust and lead as the water goes down the storm drain into rivers, lakes and oceans. Whatever chemicals are in conventional car wash products will find their way into waters where they will contaminate fish.
  • Eco-friendlier is better than not eco-friendly at all. The products are bottled in PETE bottles, the most widely recycled plastic, another good point.
  • Bigger containers available: 1 gallon containers, five gallon buckets and concentrated formulas mean less packaging, and less waste.

Also, the prices are reasonable: $50 will get you 12 microfiber towels and one 32oz bottle of Freedom ONE, Original Formula & Tire Shine, and free shipping. Other sizes will sell at different prices.


Overall, we were pleased with the results of the waterless car wash line of products. We found it easy to use and effective at cleaning. There are clear environmental benefits of using such products, such as no toxic run-off and water conservancy. We give it a green thumbs up!

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Green Car Wash

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Everyone loves a clean car, but washing a car is actually dirty business for the environment! Did you know that it’s actually greener to take your car to a commercial carwash than to wash it at home? According to International Carwash Association washing your car at home actually wastes 80-140 gallons of water and the toxins from washing your car end up in your storm drain, polluting rivers and streams. Washing your car at a carwash only consumes 45 gallons or less and commercial carwashes are required by law to treat the water so it doesn’t pollute the earth.

If you do chose to wash your car at home, make sure you find eco-friendly products. You can purchase biodegradable soap at Simple Green or make your own! Also, try not to use your driveway, but wash your car on your lawn. This way the toxic water can be absorbed and neutralized by the soil.

There are even ways to wash your car without using water at all! There are some carwashes that use the waterless technique, which includes a solution that is sprayed on the car and then wiped away with a cloth. You can search for a waterless carwash in your area; just make sure they use eco-friendly products. You can even buy your own waterless car wash products on the Freedom Waterless Carwash website.

Let’s have a sparkling clean car and a sparkling clean planet!

Check out the website for more info!

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