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Waterless Car Wash Products to Save and Protect Water

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By Elizabeth Wolfe

Now that summer is here, there are few activities more rewarding than giving your car a good old-fashioned hand wash. Unfortunately, however, this fair-weather tradition needs some serious greening-up.

The typical home car wash uses up to 140 gallons of water, according to the International Carwash Association – a tremendous waste. Unless you park your car on the lawn or a gravel driveway, all of that water (and the toxic cleaning chemicals you mixed into it) floats right down the driveway and into storm drains, where it seeps into local bodies of water. Unlike water that goes down sink drains or toilets, storm drain water skips your local treatment facility and goes straight to local lakes, ponds and rivers.

For the most part, car washing is one area where it is actually greener to not do it yourself. While professional car washes still use an awful lot of water, it’s less than half what the average home car wash wastes and they are required to recycle much of it. Home car washes are not held to any standards, whereas the pros have to comply with Environmental Protection Agency regulations for recycling and disposing of the dirty water post-wash.

For those car owners too nostalgic to skip a nice summertime hand car washing, waterless car wash solutions are just the ticket for doing so in an environmentally friendly way. These powerful cleaners break down dirt on a car’s surface and are buffed away (without water) to leave cars shiny and clean.

While waterless car washes are a great option for everyone, for some they might be the only option. Cities in California, Florida and Texas have all recently been subjected to restrictions and even bans on home car washing. As droughts deplete local water supplies, it is irresponsible (and now, sometimes, illegal) to waste such a precious resource so frivolously.

Authorities have also regulated home car washing for its other negative effect; toxic run-off. Germany has long recognized the environmental impact of home car washing, and requires anyone wishing to hand wash his car to do so at a designated facility only. This has helped keep excess brake dust, oil and dirt out of local water supplies.

The dirty water that drips off your car contains both the contaminants from the soap you cleaned it with as well as all the grime, sludge and grease you removed from your car. On top of all the toxic chemicals, most soaps used for car washing contain phosphates, which support rampant algae growth. When algae take over a water supply, fish and other creatures are starved of the water’s valuable oxygen.

Waterless Car Wash Products

The Daily Green didn’t test these products (we’re so green we don’t even have cars!), but we researched each one and checked out the ingredients. Here’s a quick overview:

freedom waterless car wash

Freedom Waterless Car Wash

Freedom waterless car wash, made with carnauba and montan waxes, non-abrasive pumice and coconut-based soaps, is another formula to try.

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Comparison: Waterless Car Washes Go Head-to-Head!

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By Marie A. Stroman

I have once again done a comparison of the Waterless Car Washes that I have tested. I have since tested others and have come to the following conclusion on the subject matter. I have to say that there has been a change for No Wet. They went from #3 to #2! I was able to use it without the pump and got even better results!

I have been asked to take a stand and compare the four Waterless Car Washes I have tested. I accept that challenge! While all four have their advantages and disadvantages, let me state that all the products I’ve tested in this article work very well in their own right. It is my distinct pleasure to give my readers some insight on all three products listing their strong points and weak points. There is only one product that is labeled V.O.C. Volatile Organic Compliant.

“What V.O.C. Compliant means is that in this case, the (detailing) cleaners and the like must meet local and state regulations for these products– specifically to indoor use. If a company is subject to a local, state or federal rule that regulates these compounds, you are obligated to purchase products that meet those regulatory limits. The limits can vary depending on the state in which the regulation is written. If you are not subject to any regulation that covers (detailing) cleaners and the like then you are free to use any product.” Paint and Coatings Resource Center.

While V.O.C. is indeed a very strong point especially if you are implementing indoors, the EPA indicates that there are strict regulations for ALL products being manufactured for use affecting our air quality. If these products were harmful to our health beyond normal EPA standards, that particular product would not be sold to us as consumers without strict guidelines being enforced. So before I begin, let me state that this information is in my opinion as a result of my testing for review.


#1 Freedom Waterless Car Wash
#2 No-Wet Waterless Car Wash
#3 World Klass Waterless Car Wash & Wax
#4 Dri Wash ‘N Guard

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Manny Gonzales had this to say

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I have a brand new 2011 Chevy Equinox and that is the only product I have used on it.  I get lots of comments all the time of how sparkling new it still looks.  I usually go to the car washes to vacuum my car and I usually promote your product, without getting anything in return, especially the tire product.  I love your products, and should probably think about becoming a paid promoter of it in the future.

Freedom Waterless Car Wash Review – Bella Online

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By Marie A. Stroman

When I was asked to “check out” yet another waterless car wash, I was skeptical. I didn’t think Freedom Waterless Car Wash would be any different than any of the others. Wrong! This product surpasses them all! You can use it in the sun and on a wet surface as well! None of the others I’ve tested can say that!!!!

Freedom Waterless Car Wash is quite unique. It has a very nice, sort of fruity fragrance. This is always good considering some of the other Waterless Car Washes have chemical smells which can be overwhelming after the first use.

Freedom Waterless Car Wash surpassed my user-friendliness expectations. It was as simple as spray on and wipe off! It left no hazing or residue whatsoever! It did not require buffing either. It just too easy! I washed both my vehicles in 1 1/2 hours! It even cleaned my rims!!

“Freedom Waterless Car Wash is made of “space-age” polymers, fine grade caranuba wax, pumas and other special ingredients. Freedom Waterless Car Wash will clean, Polish & Protect your vehicle without using water. It may sound crazy but it’s true. Our Waterless Car Wash product does more than just clean and shine your car, it brings out the brilliant colors in the paint, protects it from the elements and keeps it cleaner, longer. Use our waterless car wash almost anywhere, anytime as long as the paint surface is not excessively soiled. It’s water-based and can be used on a wet car!”

Freedom Waterless Car Wash

For any ordering information, contact David Elliott, Owner. Pricing is very reasonable! Dave also has distributorship opportunites as well. Tell him Marie sent you. Drive safely.

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Avi had this to say

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First and foremost I want to thank you for sharing the product samples with me.

I would like to share the following comments with you concerning your products.

1. Freedom Waterless Car Wash is an excellent product – it saves your money between car washes.

2. It fast and leaves no residue – when used correctly.

3. I Highly recommencement your product – in the CORRECT part of the country.

Due to the EXTREME COLD WEATHER we have (and are now experiencing here in the North East), It is impossible to utilize the “Freedom Waterless Car Wash
– unless your blessed with a Heated Garage, which I’m not.

Thank you again,

Auto Polishing and Detailing Site

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By Marie A. Stroman

Freedom Waterless Car Wash products are still leading the way as a top Waterless Car Wash product which contributes to a greener, more eco-friendly planet. I have yet to use a better product to date. Freedom Waterless Car Wash has once again raised the bar on clean and added a Tire Shine/Dash Protectant to boot!

First of all, If you have an older neglected vehicle that hasn’t been cared for regularly; let’s say about once a week, then waterless car washes is NOT for you at this time. You will need your surface stripped of any and all oxidation with a cleaner wax and conditioned with a Deep Caranuba Wax in order to regularly use waterless car wash so please don’t try a waterless car wash and expect big results without having done so. You won’t get the intended results and your valuable time will be wasted.

For my vehicle, a Pearl Red 2005 Nissan Maxima SE, I applied Freedom Original Waterless Car Wash. I’m an “if it ain’t broke…” kinda girl–Original has never let me down. When I wash my car waterless, I apply and clean my tires and rims first. Just in case I get a little Tire Shine spray on the paint around the wheel well. Then I spray a generous amount of the Waterless Car Wash directly onto the cool surface and wash the surface with a microfiber towel to wash off the oxidation. This will leave a haze which can be polished to a brilliant shine with a clean, dry microfiber towel. It’s that easy! Since I like a couple coats of wax on my vehicle, I use a spray wax to seal the Freedom Formula which lasts about 1-2 in dry weather conditions.

Visit the Freedom Waterless Car Wash and Products website and see for yourself!

Freedom Waterless Car Wash – Freedom ONE – “Perfect for NEWER & well-maintained cars!” Freedom ONE is a non-wax, water-based, organic-plant-based soap/ surfactant/ special proprietary polymer formula can be used on everything except the tires. The coconut-based soaps dissolve the harmful dirt on contact and protect it from scratching. No wax means no more smearing on windows and no more white residue on rubber. Freedom ONE is very easy to use and can be used on a wet or dry car. It is perfect for newer cars, but can be used as a maintainer of older ones too.

Freedom Original Waterless Car Wash: Freedom Original Formula is a water-based product that contains special “high-tech” polymers, soaps, surfactants, lubricating agents and non-abrasive pumice, as well as Montan Wax and the finest Brazilian Carnauba Wax you can buy. Freedom Original Formula can be used on all kinds of cars. Older, more soiled and oxidized cars are ideal. It cleans the paint down to the clear coat and leaves a fantastic wax finish. We recommend maintaining your car with the Freedom ONE every week to maintain the shine.

Freedom ECO Tire Shine & Dashboard Protectant: Freedom ECO Tire Shine is a water-based tire shine product that works great, smells great and cleans up very easily. Just spray onto your tires and walk away. It dries smooth and has a super-high-shine. Overspray onto the paint is easily cleaned up by just wiping it off. Try that with new everyday tire shine. Freedom ECO Tire Shine creates a smooth, clean and shiny surface on the dashboards, tires, trim, and leather.

Freedom Microfiber Towels : High Quality All Purpose Microfiber Towel that is made with a super tight weave with more than 90,000 fibers per square inch. These Microfiber towels are great for all or your cleaning and detailing needs. You will be amazed at how well it cleans, shines, and retains dirt & grime. It is a must have for around the home, office and the detail shop. These microfiber towels have taken the auto detailing industry by storm. It has forever changed the way that people clean and detail their cars, homes and other items. This towel is 16 x 16 inches, 300 GSM and is available in many colors. More products are coming soon to our line up. An eco-carpet cleaner, the odor eliminator, microfiber towel soap and a degreaser.

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