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EcoWash2Go is Innovating the Waterless World

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A great way to tell if a company is reputable or not is to see if any one place or organization uses them exclusively for all of their needs in that field. This might not be something that you would normally associate with the waterless car wash industry but we think that a lot of you would be surprised to find out that it happens a whole lot more often than you might think. These exclusive contracts are great ways to build a business just like the great folks over at EcoWash2Go have done.

The crew at EcoWash2Go is the premier and exclusive provider of the waterless car wash for Mississauga Luxury Condominium. You can bet your bottom dollar that there are a lot of really nice looking cars that have been parked in that parking lot. The residents can call them at any time to schedule a wash and booking online is available as well. They even accept online payments through their website, something that we hope to see a lot more of from our dealers very soon.

When you call them to come to your place there is no need to move your vehicle or even to come outside. They will know where your assigned parking space is and they will come and give it the shine of a lifetime without you having to do anything at all. This means form the comfort of your computer you can order the wash and it will be completed soon without you ever having to do another thing. The vehicles are cleaned during the night so when you wake up, the first thing you will see is a car with an awesome shine. A cleaning can be booked for the daytime as well by appointment.

If life has got you super busy and you can’t even find the time to get your car cleaned the waterless then this is the perfect solution. You can even order it and pay for it form work and they will show up later that night for the cleaning. We really love seeing companies that are focused on creating a level of customer service this high and hassle free. If only everything in this world could be as care free as the way the guys at EcoWash2Go make things then the world would truly be a better place.

Gecko Mobile Washing is Cleaning Up Singapore

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If you live in Singapore then you already know that the cost of owning a car is not cheap. It is a double edged sword the way that the government makes cars prohibitively expensive in return for having streets that are free of traffic and congestion. Those that are fortunate enough to be able to afford a car want to really make sure that they can keep their car in the best condition possible at all times in order to keep the retail value high. The waterless car wash can help you to do that and the guys over at Gecko Mobile Wash will help to bring the products to you in Singapore.

Gecko Mobile Wash will supply everything that you need to give your car that great cleaning or if you prefer to have some trained professionals do the dirty work (or should we say the cleaning work?) then you can have them take care of it for you as well. They will even come right to your house, or wherever is convenient for you to have your car cleaned. This is becoming the industry standard with the waterless car wash, the traveling wash team and is one of the biggest advantages of the waterless system. We also believe it is one of the reasons the waterless car wash system is catching on so fast.

The crew at Gecko is capable of handling more than just your car though. They specialize in aquatic vehicles like jet skis and boats as well.  No matter what kind of vehicle it is that you are driving they will accommodate for it and their team of trained specialists will know all the right techniques on how to clean it in just the right way.

They recently have been featured in some Singapore newspapers as well for their contributions to the city and its citizens. With Singapore being the most advanced country in Southeast Asia, this is quite an accomplishment for them as there are definitely a whole lot of people that are doing a lot of good things around the city. Just looking around Singapore and seeing how clean it is, you know that there is a lot of stiff competition (albeit friendly competition) at keeping the city clean.

We are really glad to see more companies like Gecko Mobile Wash opening up around the Asian market. This is great news for us as it is a good sign that we are really going global. For Singapore residents this is even better news as they will finally have easy access to their waterless car wash products as well as a team that can help them to apply the products in a professional way. Gecko Mobile Wash, we wish you all the best!

Interview With Justin Bonnett of Eco Auto Clean

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At Freedom Waterless Car Wash we really love the feeling of connecting not only with our customers but with our dealers as well. We have formed so many great relationships over the years and look forward to the opportunities of forming many more. We recently did an interview with one of our biggest dealers to ask him some brief questions about his experience in the waterless car wash industry. Justin definitely has an inspiring story and we look forward to hearing more of it and hope that his journey can be an inspiration to our customers as well. With no further delays, let’s get right into it.


1. Introduce yourself. Who are you and where are you from?

Justin Bonnett from Atlanta GA


2. How long have you been selling waterless car wash products for?

I have been selling waterless car wash products for about 2 and a half years.


3. What were you doing before you started your waterless car wash business?

I was a DJ at a night club, ready for a change of scenery and to pursue the itch of owning a car wash, I started Eco Auto Clean


4. Was it a difficult process to become a dealer for Freedom Waterless Car Wash?

Nothing about Freedom is difficult. They have the best team of people and are willing to help anyone out.


5. What do you think is the most important aspect of your business?

Providing customer service and doing what we do for the passion, not for the money.


6. What are your long term plans for Eco Auto Clean?

I plan to take Eco Auto Clean to the next level of mobile detailing.  Providing our incredible services to practically anywhere. There is not a company or brand that comes to one’s mind when mobile detailing is mentioned, I will make Eco Auto Clean to be that company.


7. What advice do you have for anyone who wants to start a waterless car wash business?

Do your research, be patient and most of all take care of your customers! Find ways to show your business off to anyone, there isn’t one person out there that can’t refer you or become a potential customer.


8. Any last words?

I am happy to be a part of the Freedom Waterless Car Wash Family.  I can’t wait to see the future of waterless car wash – I just know it’s going to be enormous and I’m proud to be at the forefront with David Elliot and the rest of the team.


Thanks for the kind words Justin, it really has been a treat working with you all this time.  We wish you the best of success in the future and look forward to a long partnership with you and your team.

Justin is just one of the many people who have had a success story so far with Freedom Waterless Car Wash products so far. If you are looking for some similar success then why not learn how you can also be successful just like Justin.

Joshua had this to say about Freedom ONE

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I just wanted to let you know that this product is fantastic. This is my second order of many in the coming years. Living in an apartment without an outside water supply made it almost impossible to clean my car myself until I found this.

Ecolo Green Car Wash is Cleaning Up LA Hundreds of Cars at a Time

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We all like to think that we are doing our [art for the environment in some way, shape or form, even in the smallest of ways. On the flip side there are often car companies out there that are doing great things for the environment in a big way. If you aren’t able to do anything big, don’t feel bad as some people just don’t have the resources to do such things on a large scale and every little bit counts. Don’t forget to appreciate the people out there that are doing big things though like Ecolo Green Car Wash.

The guys from Ecolo Green Car Wash are based out of Los Angeles and they are real masters of the waterless car wash.  They know that it is completely possible to get your car clean without water
which is exactly what they do for many of their clients around the LA area. What really sets them apart though is not how clean they get the cars that they clean (which is pretty amazingly clean by the way) but the scope in which they do it in. The guys at Ecolo Green Car Wash are doing this on a huge scale and they take on many projects where they are washing over 500 cars at a time.

You might be wondering how they are able to attract so many clients at once. Many companies with over 500 employees will contact them to come in and clean all of their cars in the parking lot at once as a treat to their employees. This is something that could never happen with a traditional car wash as you can’t bring the big, industrial machines to the customer and if they were to just bring their own soap and water they would end up flooding the parking area by the time they were done. This is the type of feat that can only be pulled off by the methods of the waterless car wash.

They also offer this service not just for companies but luxury apartments and parking structures as well. This makes things extremely easy on their customers as they just leave their car for the day and when they get back it is looking better than ever.

For the average person it is already to see how much water they are saving when they wash their car with waterless car wash products. When companies like Ecolo Green Car Wash does hundreds of cars at a time it becomes even more apparent just how much water is being saved. You could also look at as how much water is being wasted during a regular car wash depending on what your perspective on the situation is. No matter what way you want to look at it, the team at Ecolo Green Car Wash is not only doing their best to advance waterless car wash products but also cut down on their environmental footprint in the LA area. With just about every single person in LA driving a car, the contributions that they are making to their local community is very valuable.

Hi Def Auto Details Fixes Years of Water Wash Damage

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People who drive nice and expensive cars drive them for a reason, because they want to feel good and a big part of feeling good is looking good as well. One of the top choices of cars for people to drive for a status symbol is a range rover so anyone that you see driving a range rover you can be pretty sure they are concerned about their appearance. Recently a range rover was brought over to our friends at Hi Def Auto Detail and it was looking in really rough shape. This thing had been absolutely torn to shreds by the mechanical car washes.

Before we go any further we should probably explain what we are talking about. The owner of this car wanted to keep it looking very clean and thought that he was bringing to get washed at both automatic car wash stations and expressed washed by teams of under-trained staff. He was complaining that his car looked ok at night but when it was viewed in the sunlight it just looked awful. Hi Def Auto Detail agreed and they explained that the car washes the customer had been using can actually do more harm than good. They explained that these sorts of car washes are not made just for your car like you can easily customize a waterless wash on the go. This means that the car was treated unnecessarily rough in some spots resulting in all of those swirls and other abnormalities that are visible on the car.

When we talk about our products we always make a point to mention that our products add a layer of protection that a traditional car wash just can’t do. One of the things that we don’t mention as often (and maybe we should) is that the waterless way is also much safer and won’t have such a bad, adverse reaction on your car. It really hurts to know that so much water and resources were wasted just to ruin the beautiful paint job on a great car.

Don’t worry though because it is never too late just like Hi Def Auto Detail told their customer. The waterless car wash products can go back and correct these problems to the point that you won’t even know your car looked so bad. This particular car got the Hi Def Ultra Exterior Detail which was just right for the vehicle and the customer’s budget.

A clay detox was performed in order to remove bonded contaminants from the exterior paint, glass, chrome, headlights, taillights  and plastic surfaces and Hi Def Bling Nano Polish was applied to all of the painted surfaces using a Cyclo dual head orbital polisher. This ensures that the removal of all paint surface defects including, previous compound haze, scratches, swirls and holograms and restores the paint’s rich gloss and clarity. Hi Def 1080 Nano Seal was then applied to the paint to give it an outstanding shine. This will last for 12 durable months with no need for reapplication.

This is all proof that the waterless car wash products are not just great for washing your car and keeping it looking clean but it is also good for resurrecting your car from what you might have thought was irreversible. For us it seems like there is almost no problem that a good old waterless car wash can’t fix.

Don’t just take our word for it though, if you look below you can see some examples of what we are talking about with the before and after pictures. It is really amazing to see just what a difference the waterless car wash can really make.





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