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RealGrand is Our Newest Dealer from Belarus!

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In our quest to bring the waterless car wash to all corners of the world, we have met a lot of really great people. The most interesting part to us is seeing exactly how the waterless car wash fits into each individual country and their culture. Our dealers have been hugely instrumental in introducing us into these markets as many of these countries speak in languages that we don’t understand. Our dealers bridge the gap to all sorts of differences and make life easier for everyone. Today we are going to be taking a look at the latest dealer that has just linked up with us, this is RealGrand out of Belarus.

While some of our stateside readers might not be totally familiar with Belarus, we can already see that RealGrand and their operation in Belarus is going to be huge for our world presence. They are the exclusive dealer for Freedom products in Belarus meaning that they have an instant advantage over their competition. With Belarus being so close to so many other large countries and sharing languages with several of them as well, we can really see how important their presence in the waterless car wash industry is going to become.

They are already hard at work at creating partnerships and contracts with all sorts of important players in the automotive industry which is exactly what we like to see from out dealers. The sort of drive that they have been exhibiting so far is a breath of fresh air and good proof that they won’t stop until they reach the top.

Of course there is more to a business than just motivation and they come with the full package as well. They are highly trained at executing the waterless car wash and are capable of using the Freedom products in a way that will leave your car with the absolute best shine possible.

We are really excited about continuing our partnership with them as well as seeing what else they will have to offer us in the future. We urge you all to explore the website and become familiar with one of the biggest forces driving waterless car wash sales on their side of the world.

GO Waterless Car Wash is Creating an Empire in Malaysia!

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If there is one thing that we love to see more than anything it is seeing companies pair up with us and then really take off as far as business goes. We know that we are unique in the way that we offer people all of the tools required to build their own empires in the waterless car wash world, although it is up to companies themselves to really take it from there. One of the companies that has been doing an excellent job lately is GO Waterless Car Wash based out of Malaysia.

The guys from GO Waterless Car wash are the official Freedom Waterless Car Wash Dealers from Malaysia and they are really killing it out there right now in their country. This crew is really hungry for success and we can’t imagine a time when that hunger would ever go away. They are making big moves to get themselves noticed around the country and that is what it is all about in this industry. Once you can turn people on to your waterless car wash and draw them in, the sky is the limit.

The first thing they did that we are really happy about is they went and did a spot on HOT TV2 in Malaysia to promote their waterless car wash products. Getting the word out there this way is a very useful way to reach thousands of potential customers at the same time and we suggest that anyone in the waterless car wash industry that has any sort of ties to TV or the media should do the same thing. If you want to view their appearance on TV then you can do so here.

The team is doing a lot more than just advertising themselves publicly though. Just like any other successful business, they understand the importance of actually having a good business model and not just depending on promotion for their sales. That is why they have such a complete team of highly trained waterless car wash specialists that can care for the customer’s cars and put a smile on their face when the wash is done. The busy people of Malaysia love the fact that the waterless car wash is so quick and can be done anywhere. A lot of their customers even have their car washed for them while they are enjoying their lunch. Imagine someone coming and doing that for you with a regular car wash.

As we said before, we just love to see companies take the torch and run with it like GO Waterless Car Wash is doing right now. With all of the tools that we provide it is easy to become a waterless car wash entrepreneur as long as you have the drive and ambition. The Go Waterless Car Wash team has definitely proven that they have the drive and ambition that it takes to be successful and we wish them all the success for the future. Not that they really need it, with all the ambition they have, they are guaranteed to come out on top.

Introducing Our New Concentrate in a Bottle Solution!

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At Freedom Waterless Car Wash we are always looking for the best ways to make our product more environmentally friendly. That is one of the major reasons that we got into this business in the first place was to try to do our part to help clean up the earth. Our products have helped to save millions of gallons of water all over the world but those results still aren’t enough for us. We are always striving to bring out the next big thing to save resources and we think we have got a great one for you this year.

We are soon going to start unveiling our new concentrated in a bottle solutions that let you fill your own water to make the full solution. We have always offered our concentrate to all of our customers but up until now it was only in bulk sizes that are much too big for the average consumer and better suited towards waterless car wash businesses. With this new bottle we are changing all of that as we are offering the offering the concentrate right in a normal sized Freedom Waterless Car Wash bottle.

The bottle that you know and love will come shipped to you with 3 ounces of Freedom Waterless Car Wash concentrate inside. Once you receive the bottle you can open it up and fill it to the top with regular water right from your tap. Give it a little bit of a shake and you will have the same Freedom Waterless Car solution that you have come to know and love.

Some people might ask questions like, “if it isn’t broke, then why fix it?” and our answer to them is simple. By shipping out these concentrate in a bottle products we can save resources and energy in a lot of ways. First off, by having you fill up the bottles yourselves then the weight that is actually being shipped which has a large bearing on fuel consumption can be reduced greatly. Secondly, the factories that produce these products will be doing much less work overall meaning not as much time or resources will be used in the process. By doing things this way, everybody wins.

We want to make sure however, that our customers know that by purchasing this new version, they will be getting the same quality of product that they have always been used to. It is the same if you were to purchase a large 1 gallon container of our concentrate for commercial use – only this is a much smaller and easily transportable container that is great for personal use. Once you add the water, the end result is exactly the same as if you had bought the original formula to begin. Only difference is that beyond just washing waterlessly to help the environment, you are also going a step further to take any additional loads off the environment as well. Remember, every little bit counts so do your part today!

Check out the results NO H2O Waterless Car Wash got with Freedom Products!

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SAVE TIME:we provide all services on location. NOH2O will clean your car while you shop, work, or play. Cross a “honey-due” off your list while doing what’s necessary or fun -you choose.  Time is a precious resource. SAVE WATER: our unique proprietary blend washes and polishes all vehicles without water. The formula encapsulates dirt into particles that are quickly lifted using microfiber towels and buffed to a desired shine.  Water is a precious resource. SAVE MONEY: NOH2O detail products leave a shine that lasts for weeks when regularly maintained.  We will do what it takes for our customers to feel confident that they are helping the environment, and receiving a high quality car care service at an affordable price.

Freedom ONE is Blue in 2012!

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Variety is the spice of life and we like to try our best to keep things flavorful for our customers by always offering them something new and refreshing. Apart from all of the new products, new dealers and other new things that we are doing all the time, we also like to make some changes to our existing products every now and then, just to make things interesting. That is why we would like to introduce to you our latest version of our famous Freedom ONE Waterless Car Wash.

Those of you that have used our products in the past can probably spot the difference right away. Our new product for 2012 is definitely blue. We decided that it was time for us to do a little rebranding with one of our best selling products and blue just seemed like a good choice. We’ve got to say that we think the blue formula in the clear bottle looks really sexy but maybe we are just way too into this whole waterless car wash.

All jokes aside we really like the look of this new product and hope that you do too. We want all of our loyal and new customers to know that even though the color has changed, the formula is the exact same formula that you have come to know and love. The new, blue product will still clean your car every bit as good and give it the same legendary shine that you are used to with the old product. No need to worry about any hazards with the new color, everything we do is non-toxic so your car will be protected.

We are expecting 2012 to be an amazing year for us and there is no better way to celebrate that than with a new product like this. Don’t be surprised when you see a bottle of the blue stuff show up at your front door on your next order. All it will take is a couple of wipes and you will be able to tell exactly what you are working with.

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