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A World Without Waterless is Almost Worse Than a World Without Water

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It is quite a bold statement to make but it is one that we can really believe in. It might not be entirely true in the literal sense but there are a few reasons that make us say that. The funny part about it is though is that a world without the waterless car wash could very well end up turning into a world without water in a short matter of time.

Basically though we feel that if the world were without the waterless car wash then people would be missing out on a ton of really great things. We would never be able to get our cars truly shiny again in the same way that they were on the day that we bought them which would be a huge loss. Car dealers might love this as people would be purchasing new cars much more often but the average consumer would be severely affected if they felt like they always had to buy a brand new car to get that brand new shine back again.

Also there would be no such thing as the convenient car wash again. One of the things that our customers tell us that they like so much about our products is that they can call one of our dealers and have them come out and clean their cars while all they have to do it sit there in their home or office while their car is washed for them. Imagine trying to bring all of the equipment from a standard car wash right to the customer’s home or workplace. It would simply never work as there is too much equipment required making it completely unrealistic.

So if anyone ever doubts the benefits of the waterless car wash in front of you then you can go right ahead and tell them what they would be missing out on if the waterless car wash wasn’t around. We bet that they will be singing a much different tune once they hear all of the good things that you have to say.

The Waterless Car Wash is the Perfect Companion to Summer

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Summer time is fast approaching upon us and that is the time when people are most eager to get out and start showing off their rides. If you are fortunate enough to live in a place where it never snows then you probably won’t appreciate the approaching summer nearly as much as the people who are affected by the cold weather although you will still be able to enjoy the laid back atmosphere that goes hand in hand with summer time. Of course when summer hits you will want your car to be looking in its absolute best condition and only the waterless car wash can help you with that.

Even though summer is the favorite time of year for most people, there are still some aspects of summer that people have a bit of a hard time dealing with. The first thing that springs to mind is the lack of water that often happens around summer time because things get so hot and as a result, dry as well. When the water in your area starts to dry up then you may be banned from using your hose outside for things like watering your line and even washing your car. Since it is summer time you are definitely going to want to take your car out on joy rides and leisurely drives but that feels so much less satisfying when the car you are driving is absolutely filthy. That is where the waterless car wash steps in to help you keep your car clean and protected.

Another thing the waterless car wash can help with in regards to summer is the protective layer that is offered by the waterless car wash. When things get dry there is likely to be a whole lot more dust getting kicked up in the winds which can quickly turn your nice, shiny car into something that you would be embarrassed to be seen in. Depending on where you live, spring and summer can also be pollen season and besides being the number 1 cause of allergies, it can make your car go from amazing to nothing special in no time flat. When you use the waterless car wash your car is left with a protective layer that will keep things like dust and pollen from even sticking to your car in the first place. The protective layer works like a force field to protect your car from all of those things.

So if you are looking forward to summer but also worrying about how you are going to keep your car clean during the best months of the year – you need look no further than the waterless car wash. All of your concerns can be completely stomped out by all of the things that the waterless car wash has to offer leaving you to simply enjoy your summer like you should be doing anyways.

Birds in Paradise are Proud Users of the Waterless Car Wash!

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Could you imagine a more beautiful place to live than Hawaii? Most people can’t and regard the people that live in Hawaii to be some of the luckiest people in the world. The landscapes in Hawaii are some of the most stunning and diverse in the world. In all honesty though, the landscape is best viewed from above, from a bird’s eye view. Problem is, when taking a plane things go by so quickly and there is only one direct route so you often zoom right by all of the best stuff and miss the most beautiful parts. We have recently discovered a company that is trying to remedy that problem with their ultra-light trike planes. Birds in Paradise is an amazing company that we would like to introduce you to today.

We were first turned on to this company by our friends over at Freedom Waterless Car Wash of Hawaii. The owner of Birds in Paradise was going to them to wash his SUV’s, ultra-light planes and other vehicles with the waterless car wash. Since then he has started purchasing so many products from Freedom that he decided to start just buying in bulk and having his own staff do the cleaning of his cars.

If you can’t already tell what Birds in Paradise does, they offer powered hang gliding lessons on the island of Kauai. These are the best way to really explore the island because you can really control where you go and explore things at your own pace. Over 22,000 have made use of their service since 1990 and their customer base is growing every day. They really know all of the beautiful places to take you and will help you to get there and see them.

If you are planning a trip to Kauai and want to experience some of these amazing sceneries, we suggest that you book some lessons with them today. If you are interested in getting a sneak preview of some of the things that you will be able to see while you are there then you should order their new DVD, which will take you on a virtual tour of Kauai. This film, Epic Kauai will bring you to all of their favorite spots around the area. If you think that some of those locations look breathtaking on your TV screen then just imagine how they look when you see them in real life, from hundreds of feet above in one of their powered hang gliders. It is a feeling that could never be described with words.

It is things like that that make us glad to be a part of the waterless car wash industry. We would never have made such a great contact and friend had we not been connected to Birds of Paradise through the waterless car wash. We hope that some of you will take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the landscape of Kauai from above, we know we certainly will at our first chance.

Some People Live for the Waterless Car Wash

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For some people the waterless car wash is a whole lot more than just something that they do every now and then to get their car clean, it is a complete way of life for them. These people are doing more than just simply using these products but they practically eat, sleep and breathe the waterless car wash. It makes sense that there would be people every now and then like that because the waterless car wash is such a useful system with so many uses and benefits. These types of people have made it their life mission to spread the word about the waterless car wash.

The first person like this that comes to mind would be none other than Justin Bonnet. If you aren’t familiar with Justin by now, you really should be. Justin is the owner of Eco Auto Clean out of Atlanta and is probably one of the single most dedicated people that we know in the whole waterless car wash industry. Justin is out there every day promoting the waterless car wash, making connections and even washing cars for customers by hand on his own. Justin does an amazing job of documenting his adventures, taking photos and then blogging about them so that the rest of the world can see exactly what he is doing with Eco Auto Clean. Justin washes an astounding amount of cars every week, so much so that we have to feature a special article for his business every week just so we don’t fall behind on what is going on. When people work this hard on something and really give it their all we feel that there is really no way that they can fail.

Another member of our team that certainly deserves his fair share of recognition is Cameron Johnson. Cameron is the owner of Hi Def Detail which operates out of the Texas area and does an amazing job at brining cars up to their maximum level of shininess. Cameron’s clients often own much more fancy and expensive cars than some of the other clients that we tend to see which makes it an absolute treat to follow what he is doing on a day to day basis. Just being able to spend time around some amazing cars like the ones that Cameron gets to work on seems like an absolute treat to us and we would love to be in his shoes. Cameron also likes to make videos documenting his experiences with the waterless car wash and they are always fun to watch as well.

These are just two people that have taken an extreme interest in the waterless car wash but believe us there are many more. These are the types of people that have spent their lives supporting something that is extremely useful on so many levels and we feel that they deserve recognition for that. If you would like to learn any more about either of them then feel free to take a closer look at their websites.

John had this to say about Eco Tire Shine

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Since winter is now leaving us here in the Northeast, we are ramping up our detailing and I just wanted to drop you a note saying how much I really like your ECO tire shine product. It is absolutely, by far, the best tire dressing I have ever used. Easy to apply, looks great and no sling. Even after 300 miles, the tires look like I just did them. Thank you for making a great product!

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