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Hi Def Detail is on Top of the Waterless Industry in Dallas

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Hey there again, waterless car wash fans. We know you guys love to see pictures and updates of some of the best looking cars in the world that have been washed with our waterless car wash products. Fans of the waterless car wash know that there is no better way for you to get your car clean than by using Freedom waterless car wash products exclusively. If you don’t feel confident enough to wash your car on your own then you might be better off bringing your car to one of our numerous waterless car wash dealers who can do it for you. If you are in the Dallas, Texas area then you already know there is know better option than Hi Def Detail.

If you are already familiar with Cameron’s expert work at Hi Def Detail, then it should come as no surprise that his team is capable of producing some of the nicest details around. Somehow though, it never stops being surprising as they are experts at creating this type of shine. It never gets old looking at these cars either. Especially when the sun is shining directly on the body of the car you can almost be blinded by the shine emitting from your beautiful car.

Often times what is even more amazing than the shine they are able to give these cars is the types of cars they are washing. Hi Def has a knack for attracting customers who have incredible cars. Everything from classic cars to the exotic cars. Most are tricked out and definitely capable of making heads turn as you drive by. In fact, if you just go and hang out in the Hi Def Detail parking lot for long enough you are bound to see several cars that are more than worthy of your attention.

If you think nothing goes better with a nice car than a pretty girl, Hi Def Detail has got you covered too. With their own in house models that look stunning, the perfect combination of hot rides and hot women has never been a better fit. While you can enjoy the pictures that they post up on their Facebook and their blog, these are real women that hang out with the Hi Def crew. If you are in the Houston area you might even see them around town or coming in and out of the HI Def offices.

So we would really like to take this time out to give a standing ovation to Cameron and all the people at Hi Def Detail for doing such an amazing job at creating what they have created for the waterless world. Without people like them, the waterless car wash industry may not be where it is today. Thanks Cameron for keeping up with pictures of the great work and please keep making works of art with the waterless car wash products.

GO Waterless Car Wash of Malaysia is on the Move

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In all the years that we have been involved in the waterless car wash industry, we have seen and done a lot of things that have made us proud. We have made connections with so many people around the world and met some amazing faces and personalities along the way. It has gotten to the point where we could almost throw a dart at anywhere on a world map and chances are, we would have some great friends from the waterless car wash industry near where the dart landed. We have always had an interest in expanding our business to all corners of the world and we have been able to do just that. Today we are going to be checking in with one of our dealers from Malaysia, this is GO Waterless Car Wash.

Even though it is quite far from where we are, we have been moving into the Southeast Asian market quite steadily over the past couple of years. We have dealers selling our products in Singapore, Vietnam, The Philippines and Malaysia. It is an amazing feeling knowing that people who live halfway across the world and have a culture that is completely different than our own can still have a common interest as us – the waterless car wash.

If you have ever visited a large city in Malaysia, you already know how many nice cars are all over the streets there. You can barely step out onto the street without a nice, elegant luxury vehicle rolling past you. It only makes sense that the residents of Malaysia would be interested in a solution to make their super nice cars look even nicer. Add in the fact that Malaysians in the big city are very busy and the waterless car wash is the perfect fit. They can have their car washed while they say working in their office or while enjoying lunch out with clients. When they are done the first thing they are greeted by is their shiny new car. Except the car is not new, it just appears to be that way because of how bright it shines.

GO Waterless Car Wash has also recently started having their staff wear uniforms while on the job. This is to ensure that only a qualified waterless car wash technician that has been trained by GO Waterless Car Wash is washing your car. Don’t accept imitations! If you are in Malaysia and the person washing your car waterlessly isn’t in a GO Waterless Car Wash uniform, stop in your tracks because they are nothing but a cheap imitation of a premium company.

It is pretty amazing to us still to this day to think about how much the waterless car wash has grown in the last decade. We have a ton of faith that things are only going to get better too. If you find yourself in Malaysia and you or someone you know needs their car cleaned, pop in to GO Waterless Car Wash and you won’t regret it. Tell them we said Hi while you’re in there too.

Waterless Car Wash is Growing Faster than Ever

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Hey there waterless car wash fans. It has been quite a busy couple of months for us, but don’t worry because busy months are good months in the waterless car wash industry. In fact, our definition of fun is by getting out there, getting our hands dirty and making connections with people. Don’t worry, we wash our hands before we go out and make connections with people! The important part to remember is that every person and every connection is a valuable one, no matter how big or small. That is a philosophy that we try to live by with the the waterless car wash because we believe it will be one of the important factors of pushing the waterless car wash even further in the future.

As for the current state of the waterless car wash industry, there are definitely no complaints from us. We keep on pushing through and making new partnerships in new markets and new countries and that is definitely helping to expand the global reach of the waterless car wash. Every day more and more people in the United States are learning about the benefits of the waterless car wash, but we have to remember that the United States is just one single country in our world. What we really need to be striving for is for the waterless car wash to become a household name in countries all over the world.

So far we have been doing a great job at getting our products into all sorts of different pockets of the world. From our big dealers in Canada all the way across the world to places like the Philippines and Vietnam, the world is starting to get a big dose of the waterless car wash.

While all of this is well and good, expanding the waterless car wash into new horizons, we can’t forget about our existing markets. As we all know it is much easier and cheaper to expand and grow in an existing market than to try and create a new one altogether. That is why we are splitting our time between building up our waterless efforts where they already exist and finding new markets too. This way there is always something to work and always room for growth. The new market of this year will be the existing market of next year and we can switch our focus to expanding it instead of simply building from the ground up.

All in all we would have to say that we are very hopeful about what the future holds for the waterless car wash. With all of the great dealers that we have working with us and the amount of people always looking to get on board with the waterless movement, we know that our cause is going to be one that strives. We can’t wait until all cars are washed waterlessly and we don’t think that day is very far off at all.

Always Good Stuff from Auto Sparkle Detailing

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With all of the waterless car wash dealers out there it can sometimes be hard to catch up with each and every one of them individually. The good part about that is with all of those different dealers buzzing around, things for the waterless car wash are looking better than ever. By having our dealers positioned all over the world we are able to break into new markets and expose the brilliance that is the waterless car wash to many new countries. One of the dealers who has been helping us accomplish this is none other than Auto Sparkle Detailing. We are going to take a closer look at what they have been up to today.

When it comes to defining the strengths of a waterless car dealer, there are a few different things that we have to look at. One of the first things that we look at is how well they are able to innovate within their own industry. With so many dealers floating around, all working together towards a common goal, innovations are something that need to be shared. When a company is constantly coming up with innovative ideas, they tend to gain more attention within the waterless car wash industry.

Thankfully for Auto Sparkle Detailing, they have no problem innovating at every opportunity possible. One of our favorite ways they have been innovating lately has been by creating different promotions for their fans and customers through social media. They recently posted a fun picture of a group of people sitting in a car that appears to be half submerged in water. They want their audience to try and provide a funny caption for the picture, the best one will win a 32 ounce bottle of Freedom Original Formula. That sounds like a deal and a half to us.

Of course, any waterless car wash dealer worth their weight in micro fiber towels knows that being a strong presence in the industry is more than just their marketing strategy. Successful companies need to be good at the core element of the waterless car wash – washing cars until they shine like no other. Fortunately, this has never been a problem for the team at Auto Sparkle Detailing as all of their team members have been specially trained in all of the different tactics and techniques of the waterless car wash. You can rest assured knowing that when you leave your car with them, your car is in good hands.

So if you are looking for the best way to help support the waterless car wash, the best way is by giving business to one of our dealers. Auto Sparkle Detailing is just one of many dealers that are worthy of your time and they have our full support. Keep up the great work guys!

Checking in With Freedom of Puerto Rico

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While the Freedom brand is gaining both customers and traction every day in the United States, we also have to keep an eye on how it performs internationally. Thanks to our great international dealers we can get a simple look at how our products are performing in the different corners of the globe without too much hassle. What is even better is some of our dealers have even decided to use our own Freedom brand name when selling their products in their respective countries. This helps the Freedom brand itself to grow and expand around the world while the waterless car wash as a whole gains exposure too. Today we are going to be checking in with one of the companies that has been helping us to do this for some time now, this is Freedom of Puerto Rico.

Traditionally, one of the hardest parts about expanding your business has been integrating into the new markets and countries that you are selling in. This can include many problems from legal red tape to the simple struggle of a language barrier. This is why our dealers have all been so instrumental to us as we are able to breeze right past all of those problems and focus on what we do best — creating high quality waterless car wash products.

With Puerto Rico being so close to the states and having a lot of ties to our country as well, it is only natural that we decided to branch out there when we did. Of course it was a big help that Jose was on board from day 1 to do whatever he could to make the waterless as good as it possibly could be for Puerto Rico. While we are sure the waterless car wash would have caught on in Puerto Rico on its own, having Jose working with us definitely made things go much more smoothly.

Freedom of Puerto Rico is much more than just an extension of our brand to sell products though – they are a fully featured mobile wash too. If you need your car washed or detailed in the way that only the waterless car wash can accomplish, give the guys from Freedom of Puerto Rico a call and they will take care of all your needs. Whether you want to go to them or you want them to come to your house for the wash, they can accommodate you.

By far though one of the biggest advantages of having Jose and his crew working with us is the Spanish language media exposure. Always doing guest spots and speaking on TV where he can, Jose has done so much to help further the cause of the waterless car wash internationally. We feel it is appropriate to credit a portion of the waterless car wash’s success to him, his efforts and his hard work so far. Thanks Jose, keep up the great work and keep making those cars shine!

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