How to Detail A Car – Interior Detailing

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Part 2: Interior Detailing

Begin cleaning the interior by removing any trash or debris, shaking out floor mats. Next, thoroughly vacuum the vehicle’s interior.

1. Multi-Purpose Wipe Down

Using Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom Multi-Purpose clean, remove grime from the dashboard, consoles, car interior doors, trim, vinyl, and most hard surfaces. The Multi-Purpose cleaner removes stubborn stains, grease and oil with ease.

a. Shake bottle well.

b. Spray directly onto the surface.

c. Wipe with a dry microfiber towel.

2. Clean Carpets and Upholstery

Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom Carpet Clean is perfect for spot cleaning seats or other upholstered areas on the inside of your vehicle. Using a standard upholstery cleaning spray containing nonylphenol ethoxylates will fill your car’s interior with toxic fumes that you will end up breathing in while driving. Safe for you and your family, Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom Carpet Clean can tackle tough stains, even greases and oils without the use of rubber gloves.

a. Shake bottle well.

b. Spray directly onto stain until completely covered.

c. Let set for 1-2 minutes to allow product to penetrate.

d. Blot with a clean microfiber towel.

3. Safely Clean and Condition Leather

For leather interiors, use Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom Leather Massage (not for suede) to safely wipe away dirt and grime while replacing lost oils and leaving leather soft and supple.

a. Shake bottle well.

b. Spray Leather Massage onto a soft towel (cotton or terry).

c. Gently rub towel in a circular motion to clean and condition.

d. Buff immediately with a second cloth.

4. Condition Dashboard and Vinyl Trim

The dashboard and vinyl trim can be thoroughly cleaned using the Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom Multi-Purpose, while you are conditioning them to restore their original luster.

a. Shake bottle well.

b. Spray onto a clean microfiber towel and apply to dashboard and vinyl.

c. Buff with a dry microfiber towel.

5. Clean Interior Windows and Mirror

Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom Window Clean will allow you to wipe away fingerprints, dirt and debris from interior glass, just as you did to clean the exterior. Manufactured without ammonia or alcohol, it is safe for use on tinted windows, glass, and mirrors, with no streaking. Eco Green Auto Clean Glass Cleaning Towels are a great microfiber towel for use on glass and mirrors because they have been woven specifically for this purpose, and will not leave lint behind.

a. Spray Window Clean directly onto surface.

b.. Quickly buff off the formula with a Glass Cleaning Towel to reveal an amazing shine.

c. Repeat until your interior glass is clean.

Please be sure to read about the exterior detailing steps.

How to Detail A Car – Exterior Detailing

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Part 1: Exterior Detailing

1. Spot Cleaning

Before washing the exterior of your vehicle, begin by spot cleaning of any particularly greasy, sticky, or dirty areas. Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom Multi-Purpose cleaner and degreaser is a great choice for tackling bird droppings, grease spots, bugs or tree sap if it hasn’t yet hardened onto the surface of the vehicle.

a. Apply Multi-Purpose cleaner to the affected area, let it sit for 30 seconds and gently wipe off using a microfiber towel. Do not apply too much pressure to tough spots, or you could damage or scratch the paint.

b. For tree sap that has hardened to the surface of the vehicle, we recommend using mineral spirits to dissolve the sap. Gently dab the spots off using a microfiber towel. Again, take care not to apply too much pressure.

2. Brake Dust Removal

Brake dust is the result of your brake pads wearing down during normal driving. Small flakes of material will begin to slough off onto your wheels and the surrounding brake system. Brake dust can be very difficult to remove, and is extremely hazardous to aquatic life, so it is important to take care when removing it.

a. Move your car into a shaded location out of the direct sun.

b. Select a Multi-Purpose degreaser that does not contain acids or other petrochemical solvents.

c. Spray wheels and allow the degreaser to penetrate for about 2 minutes.

d. Gently scrub wheels with a microfiber cloth.

e. Dry wheels with a microfiber towel.

f. Apply Quick Wax to help seal the wheels from future brake dust accumulation.

3. Condition and Protect Tires

Eco Green Auto Clean FreedomTire Shine penetrates deeply beneath the rubber surface to give tires a non-greasy, sling-resistant coating that both conditions and protects. Be sure to avoid applying any tire conditioning product to the tire treads or other areas where grip is important.

a. Shake bottle well.

b. Spray Tire Shine onto a tire and spread further with the applicator brush.

c. Spread evenly around the tires, avoiding the treads.

d. Let set for 10 minutes before driving.

4. Wash Your Car – With less than a cup of water

Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom Auto Wash is a practical alternative to traditional bucket and hose or commercial car washing. Not only will you save time and water, but you will also help reduce the toxic waste, brake dust and car oils going into the storm drains and rivers, bays and oceans by minimizing run-off. A waterless car wash uses only 4-6 ounces of water compared to 50 gallons at an average recycling commercial car wash, or at home in an average bucket and hose car wash.

a. Find a shaded location, out of direct sunlight.

b. Shake bottle well.

c. Spray onto the car’s surface, one panel at a time.

d. Spray onto a microfiber towel until moist.

d. Use the moist microfiber towel to gently wipe and lift to pick up grime and remove surface dirts.

e. Quickly use a second dry microfiber towel and buff to shine.

f. Repeat, working your way from the top of the car down.

5. Clay bar your car

Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom Auto Wash can be used to liquefy the surface panel by panel after which you can use a clay bar to remove oxidation and rough areas on your surface.

6. Wax Your Car

After your car’s exterior has been clay barred, you are ready to protect its paint using wax. Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom Quick Wax is a spray wax that offers a simple spray, wipe, buff application and will provide a protective barrier and a glossy, streak-free finish. Quick Wax can safely be applied once a month without causing buildup on the surface.

a. Shake bottle well.

b. Spray wax onto a cool vehicle surface.

c. Quickly spread product with a microfiber towel.

d. Turn to a dry section of the microfiber towel and buff to a shine.

e. Repeat until your car is shiny all over!

7. Wash Your Exterior Windows and Mirrors

Easily dissolve and remove bugs, fingerprints, dirt and debris with Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom Window Clean. Manufactured without ammonia or alcohol, it is safe for use on tinted windows, glass, and mirrors, with no streaking. Eco Green Auto Clean Glass Cleaning Towels are a great microfiber towel for use on glass and mirrors because they have been woven specifically for this purpose, and will not leave lint behind.

a. Spray Window Clean directly onto surface.

b. Quickly buff off the formula with a Glass Cleaning Towel to reveal an amazing shine.

Please read about Interior Detailing

How to Detail A Car – A 2 Part Series

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The first step is selecting the right products for the job. Keep in mind that most automotive detailing products on the market today contain harsh chemicals and toxic fumes that can not only adversely affect your health, but the environment as well. Eco Green Auto Clean manufactures high-performance auto detailing products that are 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, and just as powerful, if not more, than traditional cleaning and detailing supplies.

Superior Shine is Always Pushing Things to the Limit

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Hey there waterless car wash fans! Boy, do we have some good stuff for you all today. Most of you already know that we always try our best to bring you things that we think are interesting and that the rest of you want to see. Most of the time this is quite easy to do because the things that we like are often the same things you like. This is because we are bound by one common interest, the waterless car wash. Today we are going to bringing you some updates from one of the top detailers out there that uses the waterless car wash, this is Superior Shine Auto Detailing.

These guys have been in business for several years and have definitely built up a massive following that is well deserved. Being that they are based out of Arcadia California, they obviously get the opportunity to work on some truly great cars, but even of those great cars there are also a lot of cars that can’t be described as anything but truly spectacular. Point blank, these guys really know how to bring in the type of customers that make themselves look good. That is a really valuable skill for any company to have.

Of course, they are only able to do this because they have so much of their own skills at washing cars to make them stand out to everyone else. They do this by having years and years of experience making cars look immaculate that some other waterless car wash detailers bow at their abilities to clean a car. One of their claims to fame is that they have never had an unsatisfied customer after having one of their cars washed. That is quite a feat for anyone who is in the services industry.

One thing that they have been getting into lately, is washing some of the more classic cars that you see out there on the roads. When people start trusting you with their classic cars, that is a great sign that you have actually made it. The reason being, people with classic cars know that they need special care and they don’t trust that care to just anyone or any product. The fact that people with classic cars are trusting Superior Shine to wash their cars is a really great sign that the crew at Superior Shine really knows what they are doing.

So if you ever find yourself in the Arcadia California area, then we definitely recommend you stop in and see what is going on at the Superior Shine headquarters. Not only will you get the chance to meet some really great people, but you will also see some of the nicest cars in the state. In a state with a lot of really nice cars driving around, that is really saying something too.

Spring is Here – Celebrate With a Waterless Wash!

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Hey there waterless car wash fans! How has everything been going lately? Well, no matter how things have been for you lately, we have a feeling they are about to get a whole lot better. We say this because Spring is upon us and we don’t know anyone who doesn’t like Spring, especially among car fans. Once the weather starts to warm up again, it is a great time to get out there and start showing off your car again. Of course, there is no better way to start showing off your car than to give it a great waterless wash first.

As the snow melts all over the country and those green leaves hit the trees again, people pull their shorts out of the closet and get out there to wash their cars. While it might feel good to splash a bit of water around now that you can do so without it freezing, that doesn’t mean you will actually need it to wash your car though. Quite the contrary in fact and if you have been with us this far, you know exactly why.

Instead of going the normal route like most people do, go and grab your bottle of waterless car wash solution and your micro fiber towel and start getting to it. It won’t take you long at all to start getting your car into the best condition it has been in since last fall and you will get an instant boost as soon as you see the sun hit your car’s shiny new surface. That feeling you get when you see it shine though is nothing compared to the feeling you will get once you actually start driving it though. Just imagine all of the people turning their heads and watching you drive by as your car looks like one big shiny blur.

Now the only question left is where you are actually going to take your car. There are so many options especially this time of year and no matter where you go there will be people out enjoying the weather. The beach is always a popular place to go if you are looking to show off that shiny new car and since it is warm out there will be plenty of people around to see it. You could also take a relaxing drive through the countryside as well. Really, anywhere is a good place to take your car as long as it is looking shiny the way only the waterless car wash can make it look.

So if the weather is finally warming up where you are, there’s no reason to wait any longer. Get out there and wash your car with the waterless car wash and then get out there and start enjoying life and this warm weather. Hurry up, the sun isn’t going to stay out all night!

Hi Def Detail Never Ceases to Amaze Us

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Those of you who have been with us for a while have probably already found your own favorite waterless car wash detailer. Your favorite might be the one that is closest to your home, the one you think does the best work or the one who does the most cars per week. There is one detailer that seems to come up on the list of favorites just a little bit more frequently than all the others and that detailer is of course none other than Hi Def Detail. Come on, you already knew we were going to mention Hi Def Detail here, didn’t you?

The reason Hi Def Detail has been so successful and well liked in our circle is because they always seem to bring in the nicest looking cars. This doesn’t even take into account the amazing work that they do, they just seem to be able to always attract the type of clients that have really nice looking cars. We don’t know whether all the people in Dallas are driving around in cars like this, or whether the people who have those types of cars are just attracted to Hi Def Detail. If we had to guess, we would say it was probably number 2.

Of course, Hi Def Detail doesn’t just stop at having some really nice looking cars in their garage, they are really innovative with all of the things they do with them. They do all the normal things you would expect them to do with the waterless car wash solution but they also go above and beyond that too. Instead of just using the products to simply wash the cars, they also manage to do some really unique things like completely restoring headlights for their customers instead of them having to buy new ones.

If you’ve ever had a pair of headlights where the casing was getting foggy and faded and just didn’t look right, you’ve probably checked into the price of these things and realized how expensive they were. For a fraction of that price, Hi Def Detail can work their magic and make your headlights look like new all over again. It leaves you wondering why anyone would ever even bother to go out and buy new headlights when they could just go to Hi Def Detail and get theirs restored for so much cheaper.

So if you are ever in the Dallas area then we highly recommend you stop into Hi Def Detail and see what they have going on over there at their garage. Not only will you get to see a lot of really nice, shiny looking cars, but the guys hanging out there are super friendly and fun to talk to as well. We think one stop into their garage and it won’t be hard to tell why these guys are a fan favorite around here. Keep up the great work guys.

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