Checking Back in With Hi Def Detail

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Looking back through our archives, we realized it has been quite a while since we stopped in and checked up with our good friends over at Hi Def Detail. One of the things that we enjoy so much about being in the waterless car wash industry is the fact that we get so many opportunities to link up with people who are doing great things for the waterless world. Without a doubt, one of our favorite waterless car wash detailers would have to be Cameron Johnson from Hi Def Detail. We know you all love seeing new updates from Hi Def Detail so we won’t make you hold your breath a second longer.

Just as you expected, the updates from HI Def Detail as of late are definitely nothing less than spectacular. Sometimes just going through their Facebook page we feel like we need to hold onto our jaws just to keep them from dropping right to the floor. Some of the cars are just so shiny and incredible it is hard to believe not only that the camera didn’t break, but that the photos haven’t been photoshopped or edited in any way.

One of the things that stuck out to us the most the last time we visited their Facebook page is this white BMW M3 that they washed back in June of 2011. It may not seem like a very big deal at first that the car was washed over 18 months ago until you take into account what condition it is in now. Since the initial washing, the car had not been waxed in 18 months and guess what? The car still beads water on its surface just as if your car was just washed with the waterless car wash minutes ago.

While this takes a step away from the classic before and after formula, this one manages to make an even bigger impact. Speaking of before and after pictures we also noticed an awesome one on their page that showed a car in its before state looking very dirty and dusty. The car actually didn’t look too different than the cars you see all over the road on a daily basis. The real difference is seeing how it looks as soon as it gets washed by the waterless car wash. The results are like night and day it is an easy choice as to which car you would like to be driving.

We hope you have enjoyed seeing these new updates from Hi Def Detail. We would like to apologize for going so long without providing any updates on them, sometimes things just too hectic in the waterless world to keep up with everything. Rest assured though that we are going to be doing our best to keep up with them in the future because we always enjoy seeing what they are up to. Keep up the great work guys, it is always a pleasure to view your work.

Eco Auto Clean is Back With the Shine

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Over the years we have been business we have made some great friends in the waterless car wash industry and some of our friends have even become some of your friends too. A lot of the waterless car wash detailers that we promote are doing some really great things which are highlighted through their own blogs and Facebook pages. A lot of the people who like to follow our work, also follow the work of these waterless car wash detailers that we support. Without a doubt, one of the fan favorites for waterless car wash detailers is none other than Eco Auto Clean.

If you haven’t heard of these guys by now, then you are definitely missing out. We don’t just promote them because they are our friends, we promote them because of the excellent job that they do at using waterless car wash products to detail people’s cars. In fact, they are so good at washing people’s cars that they wash in extraordinary amounts. If you are diligent at keeping an eye on their blog, you will be able to see just how many cars this team from Atlanta is capable of washing.

The amazing thing though, is that if you were to look at their blog today, you would get the impression that they are washing quite a lot of cars. This is definitely true, but in reality it is only a fraction of what they are really doing. These days, Eco Auto Clean simply doesn’t have the time to be blogging about every single car they clean like they used to. So while we wish we could get pictures and updates at the vast amount of cars, we will settle for just knowing that the crew from Eco Auto Clean is out there every day, working hard and washing cars.

Another thing that is very interesting to us about Eco Auto Clean is the fact that they have been able to attract so many fans and customers who are Subaru owners. It seems like every time we open up their blog, we are greeted with so many new pictures of shiny Subaru cars that have just been washed by the team at Eco Auto Clean. While we could certainly like to know what it is that attracts all of these Subaru owners at the same time, we guess it is enough just knowing that they have been able to build up such a big following among Subaru owners, and that is definitely a good thing.

So if you ever find yourself in the Atlanta area, we can’t think of a better way to spend your time than to pop into Eco Auto Clean and see how well they run their operations. You could get your car cleaned, see some amazing looking cars in the process or simply get some tips from one of the leaders of the industry. Keep up all the great work you are doing guys, we are really proud of you!

Freedom Waterless Car Wash Announces a Big Change for 2013

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Remember last year when we told you we had big things in store for 2013? We weren’t kidding. We just weren’t ready to unveil everything so early, but it is something we have been very excited about. Finally, we are ready to reveal our big news publicly.

Freedom Waterless Car Wash has partnered with Eco Green Auto Clean. We will now be operating under the name Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom.

We already know what some of you are thinking. You are fearful that the great products and people you have come to know and love are going away. Or that they will be changed. We want to assure you though, there is absolutely no need to worry.

Everything you loved about Freedom Waterless Car Wash in the past will all still be there. Except things might be even better than you have come to expect. This new partnership will give us a wider reach and help us bring the waterless car wash to more homes and businesses. That has, after all, been the plan all along right? When we talk about having our fans get out there and spread the word about waterless for us, the goal is raising awareness, isn’t it? Well, Eco Green Auto Clean can definitely help us to to do that and do it even better than we have been for all these years.

Those of you know me, David Elliot, as the founder of Freedom Waterless Car Wash will be happy to know that I’m not going anywhere either. I will be staying with the company as VP of Sales and Marketing and as a member of the Executive Management Team of Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom. This is important because I will be able to take my experience and strengths and apply them to the areas that can benefit them the most. Meanwhile, people who can give the waterless car wash a much wider reach and distribution will be in charge of doing just that.

We really believe that this partnership will be the thing that is the turning point in exposing the waterless car wash to the masses. With our strengths combined as companies, we stand a real shot at making the waterless car wash a household name. No longer will hose bans affect the way people’s cars look and you can drive around in confidence knowing that your car is shining brightly.

So at this time, we would just like to thank all of our Freedom Waterless Car Wash fans and assure them that the only changes that will be taking place are good ones. There is no need to worry, the waterless car wash empire that we have built isn’t going anywhere, it is only going to get stronger than ever before. Thanks for all of your dedication and support, it means a lot to us. Here’s to a great 2013 with our new partners and for the waterless car wash as a whole!

Auto Sparkle Detailing is Taking Over Waterless in Georgia

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In some industries there is a seriously high level of competition. Then there are the types of industries where competition exists but is the friendly type of competition where the 2 companies compete with each other in a way that actually works to help advance the two businesses in their own way. These companies can often send work to their competitors when they are too busy to handle it all themselves and expect the same back in return as well. Point being that competition doesn’t have to be a negative part of a business, it can be a positive one as well. In Georgia, we have several dealers and they all manage to make a very responsible use out of the competition. Today we are going to be taking a closer look at one of those companies, this is Auto Sparkle Detailing.

As one of the waterless car wash dealers in Georgia, the team from Auto Sparkle Detailing definitely has their work cut out for them. There are a lot of really nice, fancy and expensive cars around Georgia and their owners worry about their care and maintenance a lot. Those types of people want the absolute best from their cars that can only be achieved through the use of the waterless car wash. While some people will prefer to perform the waterless car wash at home, those with more money than time will choose to have a dealer wash their car for them.

Out of all of our Georgia dealers, we would definitely have to highly recommend the services of Auto Sparkle Detailing. These guys have been at it for several years and have taken the time to learn all of the little secrets and intricacies of the waterless car wash procedure to get your car in the best condition possible.

With all of the nice cars that people are driving around Georgia, it is quite easy for the crew from Auto Sparkle Detailing to get many opportunities to work with some really nice cars. With the car loving community that exists in Georgia, this means some cars that the average person would just love to get the chance to be around on a regular basis. If you are interested in fancy cars, then we imagine working with a company Auto Sparkle Detailing or any of our other numerous dealers would be a perfect opportunity for you.

So if you find yourself in the Georgia area and are in need of getting your cr. Professionally cleaned so that it shines brighter than you have ever seen it shine before, there is really only one clear choice: Auto Sparkle Detailing. They are complete experts at everything involving the waterless car wash and will turn the car you already like into the car that you truly love. Whether you are just passing through Georgia or are living there permanently, the team from Auto Sparkle Detailing can definitely work magic for you.

Eco Green Auto Clean buys Freedom Waterless Car Wash

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Thank you for being a Freedom Waterless Car Wash customer and a fan of our products. I truly appreciate you and your loyalty. I hope you will continue to purchase Freedom products and be a fan of Eco Green Auto Clean as well. I will still be involved with the company. We will be bringing new and innovative products to you and the marketplace. Please continue to send us your pictures and testimonials. Thank you. -David Elliott
Please find below the press release that was send out today;


FREEDOM INTERNATIONAL, is announcing the sale of the 14 year old company to ECO GREEN AUTO CLEAN, LLC.

By combining product distribution with vehicle cleaning services, ECO GREEN AUTO CLEAN FREEDOM will better serve their customers and expand the business across the USA and around the world. The Freedom Waterless Car Wash product line and customer service will remain the same. ECO GREEN AUTO CLEAN FREEDOM will further improve procedures, infrastructure, quality, websites, marketing and packaging while further developing new, innovative car care products and accessories.

The Freedom Waterless Car Wash Founder, David Elliott, will continue to be active in the new business as VP of Sales/Marketing and a member of the Executive Management Team of ECO GREEN AUTO CLEAN FREEDOM.

David Elliott formed and operated Freedom International, LLC in 1999 out of Honolulu, Hawaii, while serving in the U.S. Air Force. After retiring from the Air Force in 2007, David easily transitioned into running the business full-time, establishing a local office in Tacoma, Washington, USA. David has sold Freedom products in over 100 countries. Much of his success is a direct result of his expertise of online marketing and product branding. By providing a high-quality alternative to cleaning with soap and water, Freedom has helped save millions of gallons of clean drinking water. Over the years, Freedom has grown into a successful business and a recognized car care brand. It is one of the leaders in the global Eco Car Care industry with an estimated 10,000 cars cleaned every day with its Freedom products.

ECO GREEN AUTO CLEAN was founded by Anton VanHappen in 2010. He developed the next-generation cleaning products and solutions that are nature friendly. And, with the help of others, he tested his products by physically cleaning 5,000 cars in Europe. And, the results were shinier cars. Due to this success he started selling his products to industry and directly to consumers.

Being a truly international entrepreneur, Anton established the very first ECO GREEN AUTO CLEAN Car Wash in the San Francisco Bay Area, California USA, right in the heart of Silicon Valley. This is the region that embraces high technology and green innovations. The community received it with open arms. Next he established a mobile “on-site” car wash operation. ECO GREEN AUTO CLEAN is now cleaning cars while employees are working at several of the big high-tech companies in the Bay Area. Through word of mouth, the business is really taking off. Now that the prototype has been established, ECO GREEN AUTO CLEAN plans to replicate it across California, the United States and the rest of the world.

ECO GREEN AUTO CLEAN FREEDOM will serve its customers even better in the future both in product supply and in service. We will help change the world….one car wash at a time.

Thank you again for your time. If you have any questions or comments about the products or business, please contact me at any time.

Please call us at 866 620-0453 or visit , and soon  Also, Please visit



Quicker Green Are Our Best Buds in Costa Rica

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Those of you that know us know that the one thing that gets us excited almost more than anything else is expanding into new countries and markets. Since we truly believe that the waterless car wash is one of the most useful things for helping people and places to become more eco-friendly, we really get a thrill out of introducing it to new places. Each time we do, we know we are doing our part to help people and the places they live in save water, which can be very valuable in some of these places. Of course, it isn’t always so easy for us to just head to new countries and start setting up shop which is why we need the help of our many dealers to do so. One of our dealers that has been a big help in assisting us to break in south of the border is Quicker Green.

Operating out of Costa Rica, Quicker Green has been an instrumental part of our success in Spanish speaking countries. In addition to it being difficult to just up and integrate into new countries and markets, when there is a language barrier involved too it can be even more difficult. Thankfully, the Spanish market is quite large and stretches across many countries and Quicker Green has definitely helped us to take advantage of that.

One of the ways Quicker Green has been able to make such an impact is with their constant guest spots on local TV stations. These guys never miss an opportunity to get on TV and talk about their favorite topic — the waterless car wash. Whether it be reports on the news, interviews or just plain giving lessons on how to use the waterless car wash properly they can always be counted on to give a stellar performance.

Of course, the team at Quicker Green is a whole lot more than just a group of great performers on TV. They are also fully versed and trained in all of the best tactics that are used when cleaning cars using the waterless car wash. The entire team knows the secrets of the trade to take any care, no matter how dull or dirty and turn it into something bright, shiny and full of life. If you have never used the waterless car wash before, your jaw just might drop once you see a car that has just been washed by Quicker Green.

Since Costa Rica is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination for Americans, if you ever find yourself down there we definitely suggest that you look up the crew from Quicker Green. Whether you have a car with you or not in Costa Rica it will be still be worth catching up with them to admire all of the beautiful work they do. Thanks for all of the exposure Quicker Green, we really appreciate it! Keep up the great work!

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