Spring is Here – Celebrate With a Waterless Wash!

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Hey there waterless car wash fans! How has everything been going lately? Well, no matter how things have been for you lately, we have a feeling they are about to get a whole lot better. We say this because Spring is upon us and we don’t know anyone who doesn’t like Spring, especially among car fans. Once the weather starts to warm up again, it is a great time to get out there and start showing off your car again. Of course, there is no better way to start showing off your car than to give it a great waterless wash first.

As the snow melts all over the country and those green leaves hit the trees again, people pull their shorts out of the closet and get out there to wash their cars. While it might feel good to splash a bit of water around now that you can do so without it freezing, that doesn’t mean you will actually need it to wash your car though. Quite the contrary in fact and if you have been with us this far, you know exactly why.

Instead of going the normal route like most people do, go and grab your bottle of waterless car wash solution and your micro fiber towel and start getting to it. It won’t take you long at all to start getting your car into the best condition it has been in since last fall and you will get an instant boost as soon as you see the sun hit your car’s shiny new surface. That feeling you get when you see it shine though is nothing compared to the feeling you will get once you actually start driving it though. Just imagine all of the people turning their heads and watching you drive by as your car looks like one big shiny blur.

Now the only question left is where you are actually going to take your car. There are so many options especially this time of year and no matter where you go there will be people out enjoying the weather. The beach is always a popular place to go if you are looking to show off that shiny new car and since it is warm out there will be plenty of people around to see it. You could also take a relaxing drive through the countryside as well. Really, anywhere is a good place to take your car as long as it is looking shiny the way only the waterless car wash can make it look.

So if the weather is finally warming up where you are, there’s no reason to wait any longer. Get out there and wash your car with the waterless car wash and then get out there and start enjoying life and this warm weather. Hurry up, the sun isn’t going to stay out all night!

What Do You Think of Waterless?

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One thing that is very important to us in our business is to know what our customers think about everything we do. So many businesses fail to see that what their customers think is the most important thing of all, because without the customer then there would definitely be no business to begin with. There is nothing that we appreciate more than receiving honest feedback from our customers because it really helps us to grow our brand in the best way possible. Today the question that is on our minds is, “what do you actually think of the term ‘waterless’?”

It might seem like a silly question considering the fact that our entire brand is built off of a product that has the word waterless in its name, but it is still a very valid question to us. The only reason we feel comfortable even discussing this with all of you is because by being here reading this right now, we already know you are on board with what we stand for. So to clarify our question a bit further, what sort of thoughts does the world ‘waterless’ conjure up for you?

We ask because recently it has come to our attention that some people who are not involved in waterless washing of their vehicles view the word waterless as it relates to car care as a negative. So far some of the feedback is from people who are afraid that a waterless product could actually damage their car and it is not something they would use on their own vehicle. Needless to say, this does not help us to grow our own brand, the waterless car wash as a whole, or help the environment through our efforts.

Of course, that is just a small sample size and made up people who have no idea what the waterless car wash is at all. On the other hand, those are exactly the type of people we are targeting and need to be educating to start using waterless products for their own benefit and the benefit of the environment as well. If the word waterless is holding us back from that, then it might be time to start rethinking our strategies a little bit. Believe us, it would take a lot before we made a complete branding switch, but it is something that we should be thinking about ahead of time in case that ever needs to happen.

So after you tell us your opinions on the word waterless itself, do you have any other suggestions for what might make a better name to describe our product? Waterless we feel works really well because it describes the product as simply as possible. We really do like the term waterless but as we said, it never hurts to have some backup ideas that could be used if it ever comes to that. What do you all think

Bringing in the New Year With the Waterless Car Wash

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new year

As the year comes to an end and Christmas has already past, we enter into that strange sort of limbo that happens every year right before New Years. Everyone is looking towards the new year and thinking about the things they want to change, while at the same time taking advantage of their time to enjoy all of the things they want to stop in the year ahead. While not everyone believes that new years resolutions are the way to go, we think it is a positive thing to plan ahead for making improvements before the year ends. If you were wondering what we had planned on improving for the year 2013, you would be totally correct if you guessed the waterless car wash.

As far as how to improve things in 2013 we have many ideas. Most importantly though, the progression of the waterless car wash is going to depend on people like you. Of course, if you are reading this right now then you already know about the benefits of a product like the waterless car wash but what do you do on a regular basis to actually promote it? If you truly believe in the waterless products then we fully encourage you to get out there and start spreading the word.

If you are already doing your part to make people aware of the waterless car wash, you need to also make sure that the people you tell are also spreading the good word too. With a product like the waterless car wash there is no better way to promote it than by word of mouth. Once people hear about how valuable it is they can’t wait to try it and that doesn’t even have half the effect that happens when people see the results first hand.

Also, in 2012 we rolled out a couple of brand new waterless car wash products that brought along some amazing results with them. Since we are always working on and perfecting our formulas, we think we have some great stuff in store for you in 2013. While the original waterless car wash products will probably always remain as our best sellers, it is always nice to have some other options to keep your car clean. Often these new products are pretty heavy duty and serve the needs of the hardcore waterless car wash user which is very cool to us.

So as we get ready to leave 2012 in the past, we would like to take this time to thank all of you who have been with us along this ride for the past year and many of you even before then. We know that the waterless car wash is going nowhere but up in the next year and we would be happy to have you with us once it becomes the industry standard in washing cars. Until then, we’re glad to have you on our side and hope you had a Merry Christmas and wish you a happy New Year as well.

Give the Gift of Waterless Car Wash This Holiday Season

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Merry-ChristmasIt is that time of the year again. A time when families come together. If it is snowing outside, it is a reason to celebrate, not be upset about the weather. Of course we are talking about Christmas time. Probably the only day of the year the kids are excited to wake up early, Christmas brings up different feelings for just about everyone. For those that are hosting Christmas, there is a lot to do and it can be stressful. While your guests get to enjoy a day of food, drink and football, you may be working hard to keep it all flowing. For us at Freedom, Christmas is a busy time of year. We have orders going out all over the USA and bulk orders being placed on ships, on their way to far away lands. Christmas is also a way to work on more media exposure for the waterless car wash industry.

since1999We have been in business since 1999, and just like every year before it is the most successful year the waterless car wash industry has ever seen. This has been made possible by a steady growth in awareness about the waterless car wash products and its uses. This awareness has grown every year since we opened our doors. As you may know, more and more people are getting turned on to the fact that the waterless car wash products have many advantages over soap and water cleaning. Plus, it can make your car look better than ever.

If you have already experienced the benefits of the waterless car wash for yourself, I encourage you to show your friends and family by giving them a personal demonstration. They will be hooked!

It still isn’t too late to order Freedom products for your friends and family. Even if you are reading this after Christmas, you can always order online or call us to place your order. They make great gifts all year around.

Imagine the look on a person’s face who isn’t familiar with the waterless car wash when they unwrap the bottle of solution for the first time. “Waterless car wash?” they might say at first, and that is your cue to take them outside and show them how it works on their own car.

freedomonesmallIt works best if they haven’t cleaned their car in a few weeks. Please make sure there isn’t any excess debris, mud, salt or sand on their car before starting. If there is, please spray it off with high pressure water. Better safe than sorry. (this is a common sense product)

Spray on, Rub in and Buff off. Do a quick demonstration and then ask them to give it a try. It is really easy to use. Ask them if they have any questions while you are demonstrating.  Once you help them clean their entire car, you may receive the biggest hug you’ve ever had on Christmas. Most people are very surprised how quick and easy it actually is to use.

Once again, since Christmas is a time for giving, we feel there is really no better time to tell your friends and family about the Freedom Waterless car wash product line. Christmas is fast approaching, but if you act quickly you can still order just in time to give to someone who can really appreciate it. Don’t forget that in addition to the waterless car wash solution, they are also going to need some micro fiber towels as well.

Merry Christmas to the entire Freedom Team, our loyal customers & clients and our devoted fans. 2013 will be a huge year for us and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. For now we want to wish you and your family a happy, safe holiday. Please spend this time your loved ones and enjoy your life.

Thank you

David Elliott

Superior Shine Auto Detailing Takes the Cake

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superior shine auto detailingNo matter how many dealers and customers we are able to pick up all over the world, we will never be able to forget about our loyal customers and dealers that are located right here in the good ol’ US of A. Even with all the reps we have internationally it still remains that a majority of the people on our team are located right here in the states. From the east coast to the west coast we have a whole bunch of dealers that just can’t wait to help you get your car as shiny as humanly possible. Today we are going to be taking a closer look at one of the most influential detailers in the world. This is Joe from Superior Shine Auto Detailing.


superiorShineBentlyThe name behind this company isn’t just a fluke — when they say superior shine they really mean it. All it takes is one quick look at their Facebook page and you will be able to see the kind of results that these guys have been putting out on a regular basis. While we are definitely supporters of the fact that it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to make your car look great with the waterless car wash, Superior Shine has learned all of the secrets necessary to truly take the waterless car wash to the next level. Disclaimer: Joe does not always use waterless car care products to get his incredible results. When you detail $100,000 to $2,500,000 cars, you have to use the best tools in your toolbox. Joe is a master of his tools.

Located out of Arcadia, CA these guys definitely have the opportunity to wash & detail a lot of really great looking cars. If you have ever been to California before then you already know what the situation on the road is like. Since it doesn’t know, meaning there is no need to salt the roads, people are more confident to drive all sorts of nice looking cars around. It is definitely a good pit of eye candy for anyone who visits or lives in the state but for people who get a chance to work around cars in California it is a dream come true.

superior shinesmll

Thankfully, Joe from Superior Shine and the guys at the shop are some of the nicest, most humble people around. If you follow their Facebook page, you will see funny pictures and comment that pop…all in a days work in LA.

If you are looking for tips & tricks on how you could better perform high-end detailing or just a simple waterless car wash, spend a few minutes talking to Joe.

So, if you find yourself in Southern California, you owe it to yourself to give them a call and see what they have to say. Whether you want to book an appointment for your Ferrari to be pampered or if you want head down to their headquarters to ask them a few questions, they will find the time to accommodate you. Good luck and please tell them Dave at Freedom sent you.

A Winter Update From Freedom

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Every so often we like to write up a post letting our true fans know about the state that the waterless car wash is currently in. We do this because many of our fans are actually seriously invested in the waterless car wash and want to see it do well. This makes us feel good because it proves to us that we have really been creating a quality product that people want to support simply because they enjoy it so much. So without too much further banter, let’s take a look at what is really going on in the world of waterless.

As most of you know, winter is just around the corner and temperatures have already started dropping rapidly in many areas around the country. We not that not all of you live in areas that get snow but if you do, you definitely know how much of a pain it can be to keep your car clean during the winter. While we can’t fully say that the waterless car wash does better in the winter than it does in the summer months, we can definitely say it does a whole lot better than the types of car washes that use water!

In most places with snowy winters, the car washes simply close down for the winter. When you think about it, how could they operate with temperatures below freezing threatening to turn the water into ice as soon as it hits their customer’s cars? It is not a good situation for anyone who owns a car wash that uses water but a bad situation for them usually results in a good situation for us. It isn’t all about competition but there is a bit of a good feeling when we know that we are taking a majority share of the car wash customers due to something as simple as the weather and good ideas.

We also know that cars tend to get really dirty in the winter and that people have a hard time keeping them clean, as they aren’t willing to go out in the freezing cold and spray water around to clean them. You know who is willing to go out in the freezing cold though? And who doesn’t need any water at all to get the job done? One of our dealers. They will go out and get your car washed for you, no matter how dirty or how cold without you even having to go outside. While everyone else’s car remains dirty all winter, yours will be sparkly clean.

In the end it is sort of funny to think about the fact that the season can have such an impact on the car wash business but it really does. Winter is a great example and way for us to show people just how useful the waterless car wash is and we love any reason to show people that. So as you can see, it is going to be a pretty good winter for the waterless car wash.

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