Send Us Your Waterless Car Wash Tips!

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We have been in the waterless car wash business for quite some time now and by this point we feel that we’ve got it pretty well figured out. Short of putting words into their mouths, we would be willing to bet that the majority of our dealers also feel the same way about their own skills and experience using the waterless car wash. We love when our readers and users email us questions asking us how they can better use their waterless car wash products. What we love even more than that though is when our readers and users email us telling us about tips and tricks that we have never even heard of before. It is truly a great feeling when the student is able to teach the master.

That is why we want to invite each and every one of our waterless car wash users to send us their tips and tricks of how they wash their cars. It doesn’t matter how long you have been using the waterless car wash for — even if you have just started because even if you have only done it once, you probably have your own special technique that may be able to help out a fellow waterless car wash user.

One of the biggest tips that we always like to give to the waterless car wash users is that when they wash their cars with the waterless car wash solution they need to not only wet their micro fiber towel, but they should also be wetting their car’s surface as well. This is because when the two come in contact, anything that is dry can cause friction and when friction happens you can end up damaging the surface of your car. Pretty counterproductive when the waterless car wash is meant to improve the look of your car’s surface in the first place.

As far as tips from of our readers, we have had some great ones on things like how to improve the time in which it takes you to wash your car waterlessly. Some of our readers have really gotten it down to a science and can get their car washed in as little as 12 minutes. Can you believe that? In just 12 minutes they can transform their car from something that just looks average into one of the best looking cars in the world. That’s less time than it takes to eat dinner.

So if you have any great tips that you think the waterless car wash community could benefit from, please feel free to let us know. We would love to hear about any of the things you have found so far that either makes the waterless car wash easier for you, makes your car come out looking better or helps you to perform the waterless car wash even faster. So send in your tips, we can’t wait to hear them!

Hi Def Detail is on Top of the Waterless Industry in Dallas

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Hey there again, waterless car wash fans. We know you guys love to see pictures and updates of some of the best looking cars in the world that have been washed with our waterless car wash products. Fans of the waterless car wash know that there is no better way for you to get your car clean than by using Freedom waterless car wash products exclusively. If you don’t feel confident enough to wash your car on your own then you might be better off bringing your car to one of our numerous waterless car wash dealers who can do it for you. If you are in the Dallas, Texas area then you already know there is know better option than Hi Def Detail.

If you are already familiar with Cameron’s expert work at Hi Def Detail, then it should come as no surprise that his team is capable of producing some of the nicest details around. Somehow though, it never stops being surprising as they are experts at creating this type of shine. It never gets old looking at these cars either. Especially when the sun is shining directly on the body of the car you can almost be blinded by the shine emitting from your beautiful car.

Often times what is even more amazing than the shine they are able to give these cars is the types of cars they are washing. Hi Def has a knack for attracting customers who have incredible cars. Everything from classic cars to the exotic cars. Most are tricked out and definitely capable of making heads turn as you drive by. In fact, if you just go and hang out in the Hi Def Detail parking lot for long enough you are bound to see several cars that are more than worthy of your attention.

If you think nothing goes better with a nice car than a pretty girl, Hi Def Detail has got you covered too. With their own in house models that look stunning, the perfect combination of hot rides and hot women has never been a better fit. While you can enjoy the pictures that they post up on their Facebook and their blog, these are real women that hang out with the Hi Def crew. If you are in the Houston area you might even see them around town or coming in and out of the HI Def offices.

So we would really like to take this time out to give a standing ovation to Cameron and all the people at Hi Def Detail for doing such an amazing job at creating what they have created for the waterless world. Without people like them, the waterless car wash industry may not be where it is today. Thanks Cameron for keeping up with pictures of the great work and please keep making works of art with the waterless car wash products.

Waterless Car Wash is Growing Faster than Ever

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Hey there waterless car wash fans. It has been quite a busy couple of months for us, but don’t worry because busy months are good months in the waterless car wash industry. In fact, our definition of fun is by getting out there, getting our hands dirty and making connections with people. Don’t worry, we wash our hands before we go out and make connections with people! The important part to remember is that every person and every connection is a valuable one, no matter how big or small. That is a philosophy that we try to live by with the the waterless car wash because we believe it will be one of the important factors of pushing the waterless car wash even further in the future.

As for the current state of the waterless car wash industry, there are definitely no complaints from us. We keep on pushing through and making new partnerships in new markets and new countries and that is definitely helping to expand the global reach of the waterless car wash. Every day more and more people in the United States are learning about the benefits of the waterless car wash, but we have to remember that the United States is just one single country in our world. What we really need to be striving for is for the waterless car wash to become a household name in countries all over the world.

So far we have been doing a great job at getting our products into all sorts of different pockets of the world. From our big dealers in Canada all the way across the world to places like the Philippines and Vietnam, the world is starting to get a big dose of the waterless car wash.

While all of this is well and good, expanding the waterless car wash into new horizons, we can’t forget about our existing markets. As we all know it is much easier and cheaper to expand and grow in an existing market than to try and create a new one altogether. That is why we are splitting our time between building up our waterless efforts where they already exist and finding new markets too. This way there is always something to work and always room for growth. The new market of this year will be the existing market of next year and we can switch our focus to expanding it instead of simply building from the ground up.

All in all we would have to say that we are very hopeful about what the future holds for the waterless car wash. With all of the great dealers that we have working with us and the amount of people always looking to get on board with the waterless movement, we know that our cause is going to be one that strives. We can’t wait until all cars are washed waterlessly and we don’t think that day is very far off at all.

End of Summer Waterless Car Wash Wrap Up

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As the summer is winding down to a close we thought that we would check in with all of our fans and followers and see how they are doing. As far as things go in the waterless car wash world, we really can’t complain. Now, more than ever people are really starting to become receptive to the whole concept of washing their car without using any water at all. The greatest thing for us is when we go somewhere and hear people talking about the waterless car wash without us having to say anything about it first. That really makes us feel like we are making an impact on the world, one bottle of solution at a time.

Speaking of our products we have come out with a couple of new ones this year as well as changed the color of our regular formula from yellow to blue. At first people were a bit scared, thinking that the blue formula was some entirely new formula but it didn’t take long for them to realize that it was the same tried and true waterless car wash product that they have come to know and love over the years. The great part about what we do here is the fact that we have been able to build such a following among our fans which has helped us to make our brand name even stronger.

And while we are on the subject of making our brand name stronger, Freedom has moved into more new markets and countries than ever before this year. With so many people wanting to jump in and be a part of the waterless team we have been able to make partnerships in places that we wouldn’t have ever been able to set up in on our own. So far our experience with international dealers has been excellent and we are proud to have each and every one of them on the team.

We can’t forget about our stateside dealers though as they make a pretty large percentage of the waterless car wash business. These might just be some of the hardest working waterless car wash dealers around and they keep us amazed at the fact that they are constantly able to find new ways to innovate their own businesses. We have a couple dealers up in Canada that are doing the same thing as well, so this our official hat tip to all of our North American dealers.

As you can clearly see, we are loving the way that things are going for us right now. We are powering through this slow economy with common sense products that serve a purpose while also giving results. It sounds like a simple premise but value and results are just what works. We can’t wait to see what next season has in store for us, whether it be new partnerships, new countries or maybe even some new products. When we know though, believe us, all of you will be the first to know as well.

Check Out the Latest Video from Freedom Waterless Car Wash

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We realized recently that it had been kind of a long time since we had released a new video for our fans. So as you can imagine, there was only one logical thing left for us to do right? Yup, you guessed it, we went out and created a brand new video with the theme of blue. We picked blue as our theme because our flagship waterless car wash product is now coming in the color blue so we found it appropriate that we use that same color as a theme throughout the whole video.

The video starts off with a shot of a black Camaro that is being mysteriously unraveled by some sort of invisible force that reveals the true blue exterior that the car is really trying to show the world. This has another meaning behind it as this is in essence exactly what the waterless car wash does. When you apply the waterless car wash to your car, you are basically stripping off all different kinds of dirt and grime and then revealing a beautiful layer underneath which is what your car has been wanting to show the world for all this time. The car turning from black to blue like that is a great metaphor for the waterless car wash itself.

After that cool bit of imagery you get an introduction to all of the current waterless car wash products. One of the biggest things is the new blue color for the waterless car wash which is new for 2012 and something that we are really excited. For die hard waterless car wash fans – don’t worry. This is the same great waterless car wash solution that you have come to know and love over the years, the only thing different is the color. We felt it was time to come into 2012 with something brand new and exciting and blue was the winner for us.

If you have never used any of our other secondary products than this video is also a great introduction to them. So many people love the original formula but never venture beyond it to discover all the other great things that the waterless car wash has to offer. Point blank, if you aren’t washing your car with the full range of products then you aren’t getting all of the benefits that the waterless car wash is able to offer you and your car.

So watch the video and when you are done watching it hit the play button again and watch it a second time. Our fans are very important to us and so is their feedback. We would love to hear everything that any of you have to say about the video. Even if it is not about the video, we would still love to hear your questions and comments about our products, our customer service, our company or pretty much anything else. So drop us a line and tell us what you think – we can’t wait to hear from you!

How is the Waterless Car Wash Performing These Days?

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One of the questions that we receive most often from our fans is just how much the waterless car wash is growing on a daily basis. It is a great question and one that we definitely have no qualms about answering, especially given the delightfully positive answer. The answer – in short is that the waterless car wash is currently on a huge upswing that we hope keeps continuing for quite a long time. Today we are going to exploring some of the reasons that the waterless car wash is doing so well around the world right now.

One of the reasons that we attribute things to is the fact that several of our dealers are doing an excellent job at actually promoting the waterless while they are out and about. Whether this be when they attend events or trade shows or whether they are simply telling people enthusiastically and letting word of mouth do its job, the news about the waterless car wash is spreading fast through the right avenues to take it to a level that it has never been before but has always deserved to be.

When we talk about the right avenues, the eco-friendly crowd is definitely involved in the success of the waterless car wash in a big way. A lot of these eco-friendly people hear about the waterless car wash at eco events and are quick to spread the word. Since people that support eco-friendly causes are quick to make their views known, this means that it doesn’t take long for support for the waterless car wash to spread around and quite far at that. We are in the process of encouraging all of waterless dealers to participate in these sorts of events whenever possible to further the waterless cause.

Another thing that is actually helping the waterless car wash is the state of the economy. While this might seem silly, it really isn’t. Since the waterless car wash doesn’t need to be performed as often as a wash with water, it actually works out cheaper to simply go waterless. Once people realize that not only is it a lot cheaper but also makes their car look better in the process, it becomes a no brainer. We can’t wait for the day that waterless is the only logical solution in everybody’s mind and not just in the eyes of the people who already know the benefits of it.

So now that you know the current state of the waterless car wash, how are you going to do your part to help further our cause even further? Are you going to go out and tell your friends all about the waterless car wash and tell them to tell their friends too once they become believers. Or will you take things one step further and become a dealer and start attending events? No matter what it is that you decide to do, simply doing something is a whole lot better than not doing anything. So get out there and start spreading the word today, you will thank yourself for doing something good.

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