Apologies for the Site Being Down Last Week

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If you have any experience running a website, then you know firsthand that things aren’t always easy. There is a lot of stuff to keep in mind, take care of and even the slightest little problem can make things go completely haywire. Last week some of you might have noticed that we were experiencing some downtime and for that we would like to apologize.

There was a problem with our server and after constant calls to the hosting company and them scratching their heads, we finally had to move servers. Not the best of solutions but we strive to have as little downtime as possible.

No matter how much you feel like you are a waterless car wash fan, we have to say – we live, eat, sleep and breathe waterless. Having the website down for a few days was pure torture for us as it kept us from being able to keep in touch with our fans and probably kept some of you from being able to order more products.

The good news is that as things stand right now, everything is back to normal and there shouldn’t be any more problems going forward.

We would like to take this time out to make a sincere apology to all of our fans and customers and if any of you were negatively affected by the site going down, we are really and truly sorry. The road ahead is paved in gold for waterless though so let’s keep those spirits high!

The Waterless Car Wash is Becoming the Most Important Sector of the Auto Industry

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When we talk about the auto industry there are many different areas that we could be talking about and they all have their own place that ties everything together. In our opinion though, at this point the most important sector of the auto industry is the waterless car wash. Of course we are a bit biased but we really do believe that. This is because where most other industries are just kind of stagnant or standing still, the waterless car wash is pulling forward and making new strides every day. That is something that is truly special.

When you think about it, all other areas of car care have remained pretty much the same for the past several years. When was the last time that you heard something truly revolutionary coming out of the brakes industry? Or about windshield wipers or something along those lines. While we aren’t saying anything bad about those things, they just are as they are, no really advancements recently. The same can’t be said about the waterless car wash though. With more and more people making the switch over to waterless it is gaining in popularity at a rate that we never could have imagined.

The only thing left for us to do now is to start really getting the word out there even more. Get out and tell all of your friends and family about the waterless car wash so that they can be exposed to it as well. Once they realize how awesome the waterless car wash is they will start telling their friends and family too. Word of mouth has consistently worked to be one of our best sources for advertisements because people love to talk about things that worked great for them and that is exactly the type of results that are produced from the waterless car wash.

So if you have still yet to give the waterless car wash a try then it is about time that you got on board with one of the fastest up and coming products in the automotive industry. To avoid being called someone that has just jumped on the bandwagon of a trend, it is better that you get in from the beginner. Just ask our millions of happy customers that once you go waterless, you have made a choice that you will never regret for the rest of your life.

An Update From the Waterless World

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Our fans that follow us on a regular basis are always eager to hear about the new developments that are coming from the waterless industry. No matter level of fan they are when it comes to waterless products, they know that Freedom Waterless Car Wash is going to always be the company to follow when it comes to the waterless car wash. Not only would we like to thank them for all of their dedication but we would like to make sure that they stay up to date with everything that is going on in the waterless industry. That is why we always feel the need to update them with what is going on in the waterless car wash industry.

First things first, things are good, very good. With Summer now in full swing, more people than ever are going waterless. We attribute this to the fact that there is probably a lot of hose bans and water bans in different areas around the world. That means more and more people every day are turning towards waterless every day to not only help them to keep their cars clean but to help to keep the environment healthy. You might not believe that you alone as a single person can help, but you really can and every time you wash your car waterlessly you are saving over a hundred gallons of water.

As far as our dealers, they have been doing a great job lately at representing the waterless car wash. Aside from simply getting out there and washing cars for people they have been attending events and putting in face time in the right venues to really advance the waterless car wash. It is these sorts of connections that are going to go the farthest at pushing the waterless car wash to the next level.

And as for us personally? We have been hard at work creating new products for you great folks to enjoy. Our new Cut n Polish and Speed Shine Nano Wax products are capable of taking years off of a car’s appearance in a matter of minutes. It is something you definitely have to see to believe but if you have ever seen some of the other kinds of results that we have been able to produce then you already know that we have no problem putting our money where our mouth is.

So while we could probably go on for a whole lot longer about what is actually going on in the waterless world we will leave you with these few bits of information now. We have a whole lot of really great info coming up in the very near future that should be very exciting for anyone who is even remotely involved in the waterless car wash world. New markets, new countries, new products, new everything. But we will have to save all of that for another time. For now, just enjoy the great info above and happy waterless washing!

Take a Look at the Results from Cut n Polish and Speed Shine Nano Wax

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Those of you that have been following us for a while know that we are always innovating on our products. For us it isn’t enough to just have great products that are capable of getting your car super clean, we need to keep coming up with new ways to bring your car back to life. The paint job of a car is very delicate and it can become quite worn after all of the years of wear and tear. This is made even worse if the car has not been cleaned in any way throughout its entire lifespan. Luckily though, a car just like that made for a great test model for us to test out our new products – Cut n Polish and Speed Shine Nano Wax.

The test subject was a 91 Jeep that to the owner’s knowledge had never been cleaned. The clear coat was even coming off in some places. Needless to say, this car was definitely looking like it had seen better days. If there is any type of car though that could benefit from a cleaning like this one though, this car was it. We knew we were in for a fun time when we felt the paint job with our hand and it felt like sandpaper to the touch.

So we started off by cleaning the hood with Freedom ONE and then used the Cut n Polish with an orbital buffer and light cutting pad to get the parts that we had already cleaned in small sections. After that the Cut n Polish was wiped off and we took the 2 Wax Formula to the hood and then finished things off with a bit of the new Speed Shine Nano Wax. All of this only took about 10 minutes to do and the results were incredible. Of course it would take much longer to do the entire car but it was a great test to see how well the products work.

The same process was then repeated on the fender which had similarly great results. Some of the really deep scratches couldn’t be reversed, but those ones were pretty deep. It was definitely a great and fun project that we look forward to repeating in the future. If you have a car that is looking this old and worn out, this is a great method to bring things back to life again.

Of course we need to give credit to Robert Graham and his crew from Show Quality Detailing that helped to perform all of this. We had known for a while all of the power that was behind these two products but it means so much more when we see other people performing the steps. It is a great feeling knowing that a product that we have created is capable of turning something so old and beat up into something presentable again. Have to go for now, we want to get back to the rest of the body of the Jeep.

Eco-Friendly People Love the Waterless Car Wash

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If you are living in America then you have no doubt noticed how much people care about the environment these days. Some of these people have been environmental activists for years. Others started caring a lot more when the economy tanked and they had to conserve more. As a result they may have realized how wasteful they were being and decided to continue taking action that will benefit the environment. No matter what the reason may be, the important part is that these people are realizing how important it is for them to do their part. Being in an industry that has a great interest in the environment, we are noticing more and more environmental activists taking an interest in waterless every day.

This is without a doubt because the waterless car wash offers a complete solution for something that uses a natural resource. The average person uses 116 gallons of water each and every time they wash their car. When they use the waterless car wash they use 0 gallons of water. They don’t even use an ounce of water. The term waterless car wash truly does mean that you can wash your car without using water.

These eco-friendly people are noticing this and doing a great job at promoting the waterless car wash within their circles. A lot of times it starts when they start reviewing different parts of their lifestyle. Many eco-friendly people drive similarly eco-friendly cars, whether they be hybrids or even more eco-friendly options. Saving on gas is just one way to save on natural resources though. Once they realized that they were also using a lot of natural resources just by washing their cars, they realized it was time for a change. Instead of just letting their cars get dirty, they moved on to the waterless car wash which is the perfect solution.

While we could talk for days about all of the different benefits of the waterless car wash like the shine and the protective layers, for many people it is all about the environmental benefits that they get from the waterless car wash. Once these eco-friendly people realize how useful the waterless car wash is, they are very vocal about sharing it with their friends. We are very happy that eco-friendly people are generally very open about sharing their opinions because they are spreading the word about the waterless car wash to the people.

So if you consider yourself to be the eco-friendly type but you are still washing your car with water then you might want to reconsider the way you are doing things. Talk to some of your friends that also have an interest in the environment and see what they do when it comes to washing their car. If they are still washing with water as well then maybe it is time for you all to make a change as a group. The waterless car wash is just waiting for you to help make our earth a little bit better for everyone.

The Waterless Car Wash is Still Expanding – Even in This Economy

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Most of you are probably already aware that our economy is still in quite a bit of a downturn. The funny thing is that if you are a part of the waterless car wash industry then you might not have even noticed it so far. While everyone else seems to be affected from the economy we are going just as strong as ever. Part of that reason may be because people are very concerned about conserving right now making them more inclined to turn to waterless options. People conserve a lot more than just money although the waterless car wash can definitely help you conserve money too.

The proof that we are expanding is that we keep moving our way into new countries and markets. We’ve got new operations brewing in Egypt as well as 10 other operations around the globe. That’s right, while other companies are talking about downsizing to save money, we are talking about expanding and opening new branches. The waterless car wash cannot and will not be affected by the current state of the economy.

So if you are at your wits end figuring out what to do business-wise in this economy, we suggest you give waterless a shot. The numbers don’t lie. We are getting bigger while the economy is not supporting other people to do the same thing. That has got to mean that we are doing something right. If you want to be on the winning team then don’t hesitate to contact us and find out how you can join the revolution.

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