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Some people e-mail us or contact us simply to tell us that we are doing an amazing job and to keep up the good work. To all those people we would like to say “thank you, we really appreciate it”. We work hard to bring you quality products that help you to keep your car clean while at the same time helping the environment. We are however constantly on a mission to improve the state of the environment as well as to bring our customers more value.

So while we certainly love to hear positive feedback from our customers what we would really like to hear from all of you is what YOU would like to see more of or less of from Freedom Waterless Car Wash. When we say “you” we really do mean you as an individual. We want to be able to connect with our customers on a very personal level and we promise to take all requests and ideas into consideration is that is what really makes a company like ours tick.

So whether you have ideas for us about shipping or maybe there is a certain product that you would like to see in a certain size or quantity package please feel free to share it with us. We may not be able to make every single request happen but if we notice some trends and several people looking for the same thing then it is a good indicator that it is definitely something we should be offering. So go ahead and contact us and let us know what you think we could do to help you become more satisfied with our company. In our opinion, “the customer is always right” is more than just a saying, it’s the truth!

An Update From the Waterless Car Wash Industry

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While some businesses do not think it is such a great idea to keep their customers up to date with all of the current things that are going on in the industry that they deal with, we think that it is a very important thing to do. If we didn’t keep our customers up to date with what was going on then they wouldn’t feel like they were as big of a part of this whole waterless community and movement that we have going on.

We are happy to report to you all that things as far as the waterless car wash industry look are going really great. We are making tons of new connections in all areas of the automotive industry that we can honestly say are going to be really valuable for us in the future. All of these connections are more than simply just new friends and sometimes dealers but they all lead to us gaining a wider reach and being able to expose the waterless car wash to more people.

A lot of our dealers like the guys from Eco Auto Clean, Hi Def Detail and Eccosave have also been doing a great job at trying to make the waterless car wash a household name. In our opinion, with each and every car that they wash, they are coming one step closer to bringing us into a waterless world, at least as far car washing goes. You don’t even know how excited it would make us if the waterless car wash simply became the industry standard for how to wash your car. We say that not just from a business standpoint but also from the view of a company that truly cares about the environment.

So as you can see, things involving the waterless car wash are going really well. All the new connections and advancements that we are making in the industry all the time are really paying off and we are only looking forward to pushing that even further. We as a company definitely have what it takes to make the waterless car wash the next big thing and we aren’t going to stop until we have fully achieved our goals!

The Best Ways to Spread the Waterless Message

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Since you are reading this right now, it is probably safe to assume that you don’t need to be taught a whole lot about the benefits of something like the waterless car wash. The fact that you are reading our blog right now tells us that you really care about the state of the environment and the way that your car looks as well. The problem is that not everyone out there cares as much as you do and even if they do, they might not know about the waterless car wash and all of the advantages that come with it. That is why it is important to spread the word.

We are always trying our hardest to get the message out there regarding the waterless car wash and we think we are doing a pretty good job. We have vendors all of the world that are amazing as far as promoting our products and their own businesses which in turn spreads the message of the waterless car wash even further. We also make great use of all of the social media outlets like Facebook and many others in order to reach more people. The cool thing is that people seem to be really receptive to what we are doing which is great. We also participate in trade shows which spreads the word on a huge level and also gives us the opportunity to show off everything that the waterless car wash can do directly.

So while we are making use of all of our available options to promote the waterless car wash, not just as a product but as a lifestyle, we could still use a lot more help to really get things going from the customer end of things. If there is anything you could do to help, we would really love to hear about it.

Some of our customers tell us that they love to tell all of their friends about the waterless car wash and this sort of word of mouth technique can be great for helping to spread the word about the waterless car wash. Others say that they have made demonstrations at regular car washes to promote and demonstrate the advantages of the waterless car wash. Others have even held fundraisers where they washed cars using the waterless car wash. This not only helps to spread the word about the waterless car wash but it can also help them to earn some money for their own causes as well.

So no matter what method you choose, or even if you invent your own, the important thing is that you are doing something to try to improve the situation. The more people that use the waterless car wash the more water we will save for our environment. If you are looking for an easy way to help the earth, tell someone about the waterless car wash today!

The Reality of Our Relationship With Traditional Car Washes

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One of the questions that is most commonly asked to us concerns our relationship with typical car wash places and the way that they operate their business. Many people think that we dislike like these places while other people think that we would be happy if they all went bankrupt and went out of business. IN reality nothing could be farther from the truth and we definitely don’t like to base our own business model on the failure of other businesses. In our opinion the best way to run a successful and reputable business is to work together with your competitors not only in a business sense but also in regards to the wellbeing of mankind and the earth as a whole. With the waterless car wash, that is actually quite easily accomplished.

Even some people that are on our side as far as all things waterless think that we should see traditional car wash facilities as our enemies. We just have trouble thinking that way. Instead we find it a lot more productive to see those types of places as the very first place to look for people to convert to waterless.

Think about it this way – is a person washing a car at home twice a month is able to save 300 gallons of water, imagine how much a car wash would be able to save? Car washes have gotten their system down to use water more efficiently and only use about half the amount of water that a person washing at home uses but that is still quite a lot of water. If you calculate in the fact that they are washing several, sometimes even a hundred cars per day then you can see how much water really stands to be saved.

So our goal is not to try to take down these car wash centers but instead we find it to be a much more worthwhile option if we can teach them about all of the advantages of waterless and then make the decision for themselves. If they only knew how much water they could be saving, how much money they could save on expensive repairs and equipment and how much more business they would get if they were able to market themselves as a green solution to getting your car washed. If they were armed with all of this information we think it would be almost a no brainer as to what option they would pick.

While we are trying the best that we can to spread the word to all of these car washes, there is only so much that we can do. If you are truly a fan of the waterless car wash that understands all of the benefits then we need your help to convince them that the waterless car wash really would be the best choice for their business. When you go waterless, everyone wins from the business right down to the consumer.

A Trade Show is a Great Place for Waterless Dealers to Start

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Trade shows have for a long time been a great way to show off a product and all of the things that it can do. People will come from all over to the various trade shows that take place across America and if you are able to get a booth then you stand a real shot at expanding your business and customer base due to the fact that you will get so much exposure when you are at the booth. If you have been wise enough to partner up with us and become a dealer for our waterless car wash products then you might consider trying to get a spot at a trade show that will really do wonders for your business.

The great thing about the waterless car wash is that it doesn’t take very long at all for people to see firsthand what kind of amazing results they can get by using the waterless car wash. All you will need to do is to get a car into your booth area but don’t worry, even the smallest of cars will do. Once the car is inside then you have many options of how you want to show people how well the waterless car wash works.

If you want to show them how well it works on the exterior we recommend using a car that is dusty and dirty from the beginning but only cleaning one side of the car. That way the people walking by will be able to make a direct comparison of how well the waterless car wash works and how much shine it can add to a vehicle just by using a 20 minute application of the waterless car wash. This method really works well for impressing people.

If you want to show them how well the waterless car wash can work on the interior then you should also start off with a car that is very dirty and grubby. Since you will be there all day we recommend that you only clean small parts of the interior at a time so that as things get late, you will still have many things and places of the car to use as an example of how well things work. Our all purpose cleaners as you should already know will work on all surfaces of your car and you should definitely make a point of showing that to everyone walking by.

So if you have heard any news of any trade shows coming up in your area then it would definitely be a good way to promote your products as a waterless car wash dealer by setting up a booth there. Not only will you quickly gain a lot more customers but you will more than likely make some valuable connections in your area within the automotive world that will really come in handy for your future of doing business in the waterless car wash world.

What World Travel Can Teach Us About the Waterless Car Wash

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Doing a little bit of traveling around the world is a great way for us to learn about interesting new cultures as well as see all of the different things that they can teach us in regards to the way that we live our everyday lives. Just ask a person who has come back from an around the world trip and they will usually tell you that their lives are completely different and that their whole outlook on life has been changed forever. This is great because it is exactly what world travel should do for a person. We as waterless car wash enthusiasts can also stand to learn a whole lot by looking at the rest of the world to teach us things.

The first thing that you will probably notice when traveling to countries outside of your own is that not everybody has it quite so easy as we do here in America. There are places with inadequate medical care as well as places where people are still trying to obtain means for survival such as food and water. Of course as enthusiasts of the waterless car wash the thing that we are most interested is the water aspect of things.

While there are many different developing countries that you could visit and a good deal of them are worth your time, one thing remains throughout a majority of them – water is not alwys easy to come by. Some people in these countries are lucky enough to live by the river so that makes things a whole lot easier for them but if they aren’t so fortunate then things can quickly get much more difficult. Some people will even walk several miles every day just to get the water that they and their families need to survive.

When you see things like this happening, it makes you think even more about just how important it is to conserve which just proves even further how incredibly useful the waterless car wash actually is. Even if the place you are washing your car in is far away from these countries where they are struggling to find a reliable source of water, your efforts to conserve will still make a difference. Every little bit that you can do will really help so if you can we really recommend that you start today.

Even though you wouldn’t have to actually take a trip around the world to learn about these things for yourself, seeing it in person really does help to drive the point home. Not to mention that getting out there and seeing the world is a fun activity and a great way to broaden your horizons. So if you needed any more convincing that the waterless car wash is a great way for you to do your part in helping the environment, some international travel could be the best thing for you.

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