Checking in With Freedom of Puerto Rico

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While the Freedom brand is gaining both customers and traction every day in the United States, we also have to keep an eye on how it performs internationally. Thanks to our great international dealers we can get a simple look at how our products are performing in the different corners of the globe without too much hassle. What is even better is some of our dealers have even decided to use our own Freedom brand name when selling their products in their respective countries. This helps the Freedom brand itself to grow and expand around the world while the waterless car wash as a whole gains exposure too. Today we are going to be checking in with one of the companies that has been helping us to do this for some time now, this is Freedom of Puerto Rico.

Traditionally, one of the hardest parts about expanding your business has been integrating into the new markets and countries that you are selling in. This can include many problems from legal red tape to the simple struggle of a language barrier. This is why our dealers have all been so instrumental to us as we are able to breeze right past all of those problems and focus on what we do best — creating high quality waterless car wash products.

With Puerto Rico being so close to the states and having a lot of ties to our country as well, it is only natural that we decided to branch out there when we did. Of course it was a big help that Jose was on board from day 1 to do whatever he could to make the waterless as good as it possibly could be for Puerto Rico. While we are sure the waterless car wash would have caught on in Puerto Rico on its own, having Jose working with us definitely made things go much more smoothly.

Freedom of Puerto Rico is much more than just an extension of our brand to sell products though – they are a fully featured mobile wash too. If you need your car washed or detailed in the way that only the waterless car wash can accomplish, give the guys from Freedom of Puerto Rico a call and they will take care of all your needs. Whether you want to go to them or you want them to come to your house for the wash, they can accommodate you.

By far though one of the biggest advantages of having Jose and his crew working with us is the Spanish language media exposure. Always doing guest spots and speaking on TV where he can, Jose has done so much to help further the cause of the waterless car wash internationally. We feel it is appropriate to credit a portion of the waterless car wash’s success to him, his efforts and his hard work so far. Thanks Jose, keep up the great work and keep making those cars shine!

Eccosave Mobile Wash Continues to Impress

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Every now and then we like to go back and look through our list of dealers and see which ones we haven’t featured on our site in quite some time. This is not to say that we ever forget about our dealers, that would never happen. But we do have so many of them that it can be difficult for us at times to remember which ones have been featured recently and which ones haven’t. In our recent sweep through we happened to notice that one of our top dealers out of Canada has not been featured on our site lately and that they have a lot of cool things to report. Today we are going to be focusing on Eccosave Mobile Wash.

If you’re at all familiar with them, then you will know that they are one dealer of ours that is constantly innovating in every single thing that they do. It seems like every time we take a look at what is going on with these guys there something new and interesting that we have yet to see anywhere else in the waterless car wash industry. It is that kind of innovation that keeps them far ahead of the curve and has helped them to become one of the top waterless car wash dealers in all of Canada.

One of the things that Eccosave does that is a refreshing breath of fresh air is the fact that they are constantly making appearances at different events, tradeshows and at special meetings of for eco-friendly friendly people. It is at these kinds of events that people are the most interested in seeing new things like the waterless car wash since they are there to learn about new ways in which they can help the world. Since Eccosave is in the waterless car wash industry not just to make money but to also help the environment it only makes sense that these are the type of events that they would fit right in at.

Of course, no waterless car wash company will be complete if they didn’t have a whole stable of cars lined up to be washed by them. Thankfully this is no problem Eccosave as the amount of people that lined up to get their cars washed every week is almost too high to count.

After not checking in with them for a while it has become more apparent to us that we need to be much more frequent with checking in with the guys that Eccosave. While we never forgot how innovative the company can be it is always refreshing to take another look and get a reminder all over again. We will try our best to not go so long to get in the future without keeping you all updated on the events that are going on at Eccosave. Until then though you should check out their Facebook page as well as their own website to stay updated for yourself. Keep up the great work guys!

Enviro Auto Care is a True Supporter of Our Country

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With all of the different waterless car wash dealers that we have to keep track of and how much we love to talk about all things waterless, we can sometimes forget that our dealers have lives outside of the waterless car wash industry too. Even though we are on a first name basis with just about all of our dealers, there is so much to talk about business-wise that personal things sometimes end up coming second. This is too bad because when we do get a chance to catch up with our dealers and what is going on with their lives, we are usually pleasantly surprised. That was definitely the case with Enviro Auto Care and we are going to be taking a closer look at them today.

Enviro Auto Care is a company that is based out of Atlanta, Georgia, just like two of our other dealers, Eco Auto Clean and Auto Sparkle Detailing. Despite the close proximity of their businesses, they are able to manage getting along pretty well within the waterless car wash industry and to work towards the greater good of helping the environment and saving water around the world.

Speaking of the greater good though, one of their members is doing a whole lot of good outside of just helping to save water. One of the main players in the company, JC, is serving a tour in Iraq, fighting for our country. We have always had a special place in our hearts for our waterless car wash dealers that help to keep things All American but going and helping to support and defend our country is taking things to the next level entirely. Even though JC is over there fighting for us in Iraq, it is good to know that some people stayed behind too to keep Enviro Auto Care going strong.

One might think that being located in the same place as some of our larger dealers might not be good for business but that simply isn’t the case. Since Atlanta is full of really nice cars and people who like them to be sparkly clean, there is always enough work to go around when it comes to washing cars waterlessly. And wash waterlessly they do with tons of customers loving the work they do and coming back for more too. When you work in the service industry, like washing someone’s car waterlessly, a return customer is always a sign that you are doing an excellent job.

So if you are in the Atlanta area then you might want to add Enviro Auto Care to the list of waterless dealers that you should be checking out. They do an amazing job at washing cars all while one of their key members is abroad fighting for the United States of America. If the way the cars shine when they are done with them isn’t enough for you, then the willingness to fight for our country definitely will be. Give them a visit today!

Welcoming Grand Esotico to the Freedom Family

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The area of North America is without a doubt the strongest region that we have right now as far as the waterless car wash goes. Even though we have dealers in several countries around the world (almost more than we can count sometimes) it is still important to us to have many dealers located right in our backyard. The waterless car wash is really gaining a lot of fame between the United States and Canada so it only makes sense that there are more dealers here than anywhere else in the world. Today we are going to be taking a look at one of our newest dealers to start operating in Canada, this is Grand Esotico.

While there aren’t quite as many dealers up in Canada as there is in the United States, they are still pretty well represented up there and working hard to push the waterless car wash through to new levels. Like one of our biggest Canadian dealers, Eccosave, the guys from Grand Esotico are doing a great job at being innovators in the waterless world. Never short on great ideas, they are always bringing new and amazing things to the table.

For example, the guys from Grand Esotico don’t stop at just giving cars normal washes. They really get deep down in there to make sure that your car is not only clean, but in like-new condition again and prepared to stay that way for a long time to come. Through their maintenance packages they give your car all sorts of different ingredients that all come together to form something that makes your car look like everything you’ve ever wanted it to be. Then, they make your car look just a little bit better for good measure. That is the type of service that you can count on.

Being a new company though, we would like to give these guys all of the support that we can. We urge all of you to do the same. They are located in the Ontario area so if you have a chance you might want to pop in and say hello, or get your car detailed. We are doing our best to keep them stocked up with all sorts of products so help them to use them all up on your car. You will be doing your part to help the waterless car wash move even farther forward.

Ecodetail Mobile is Washing Over the DC Area

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If there is one thing that we know, it is that in our nation’s capital there are a LOT of really nice cars. If there is anything else that we know it is that these cars all need to be cleaned to keep them looking in top condition. If we were quizzed about more things that we know then we would have to tell you that washing all of those cars in the traditional method with soap and water then it would have a very bad effect on the environment. It seems like we really know quite a lot of stuff. Despite that fact, we want to introduce you to one of our dealers that does awesome work in the DC area, washing cars waterlessly and saving water and resources for the planet. This is Ecodetail Mobile.

These guys have been working with us for quite a long time now and they don’t always get the full amount of attention that they deserve. They have gone to great lengths to turn their business into an eco-friendly machine that any green supporter would be happy to use. They fully understand the dangers of using, or wasting water while washing your car and they are on a mission to eliminate that practice throughout the world.

All of the crew that works with Ecodetail Mobile have been professionally trained in the best and most practical waterless car wash techniques. They are able to come in and give your car the wash of a lifetime so fast that you will be shocked when it is finished in a matter of minutes. Whether you need your interior or exterior cleaned or even your tires touched up, they are always capable of doing the job.

One of the things that they do which is unique though is their steam cleaning service. Usually our all purpose products work really well for any surface with a tough stain but there are always the situations, like on carpet, where using a steam cleaner can be much more efficient. While this option is still relatively portable it is still not quite as mobile as the waterless car wash itself. To combat this problem, Ecodetail Mobile has set up 7 different physical locations where you can take your car in to get cleaned. If we aren’t mistaken, that might just be the dealer with the most amount of branches in our roster.

So with a wealth of locations and special features that sets their business apart, we can really see Ecodetail Mobile going far. They have the drive, the smarts and the resources to pull it all off and most importantly they have the skills and knowledge to make your car look great. We are hoping to bring on many more dealers in the future with this type of determination so if you think what Ecodetail is doing sounds good, you might consider becoming a dealer yourself. It is a whole lot easier to do than you think and the benefits are plentiful.

Freedom of Puerto Rico is Coming Up Fast

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Every now and then when taking a look through and checking in with our different dealers, we come to realize the fact that we haven’t put up a feature on a particular dealer in quite some time. We don’t mean to do this, it is just that sometimes we get too swamped with other news and announcements and we just aren’t able to stay updated on all that is going on, no matter how much we would like to. One of those dealers that always gives us a great reason to stay updated is none other than Freedom of Puerto Rico. We are going to be checking in with them today to see how they have been doing.

One of the things that we love about these guys is how well they have embraced the Freedom brand. While we certainly don’t have any problems with our dealers wanting to create their own brands for the waterless car wash products that they have been selling, we hold a special place in our hearts for those that are willing to promote the Freedom brand even further. This can also be a great promotional tool as many waterless car wash enthusiasts have already come to know and respect the Freedom brand as the best waterless car wash manufacturer on the planet. By carrying our brand, your customers know that they are dealing with quality.

Freedom of Puerto Rico also has a really great guy leading the pack. Jose Colon is in charge of all of the operations for Freedom of Puerto Rico and he definitely takes this position seriously. Jose can be spotted all over the place attending waterless car wash and other similar industry events. He even attends some events outside of the waterless car wash realm and is always willing to pose for a picture or two while in the process.

Another thing that makes us seriously thankful for Jose is how he has easily let us slip into the Puerto Rican market without all of the hassles. Language barriers are one thing but dialects and red tape are another of which Puerto Rico has both. Jose has helped us to smooth over all of those things so that we are able to focus on what we do best – creating high quality waterless car wash products.

Of course, no waterless car wash dealer would be able to earn their keep without first being able to wash a car. Jose and his crew have all been extensively trained in all of the important waterless car wash cleaning techniques so you can rest easy knowing that they will take great care of your beauty.

Dealers like Freedom of Puerto Rico and guys like Jose are a joy to work with. They make everything so simple and are always willing to help out or do a bit of promoting for the products. We are looking forward to working with Jose and Freedom of Puerto Rico for some time to come.

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