EccoSave Surprises Us All Over Again

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One thing that we do several times a week is to go through the list of all of our different dealers and get an idea of what they have been up to lately. We have several dealers so this can often take quite a long time, especially if we start to get distracted by some of the really cool things that some of our dealers have been doing. One of the dealers that is pretty consistent in regards to their ability to surprise us is Eccosave out of Toronto. Often referred to by us as one of our most innovative waterless car wash dealers, we can always count on them to have something very interesting to show us.

We have to be honest, even some of the things that shouldn’t normally be all that interesting tend to be a whole lot more interesting when we hear about them from the team at Eccosave. This is because we are already predisposed to expecting great things from them.So even when they simply post a picture of a car looking all nice and shiny, we are much more likely to be attracted to it because it is coming from our friends over at Eccosave.

The good thing for us is that they are frequently posting these kinds of pictures for us to enjoy, so we don’t have to go looking too far for them. When you wash and detail as many cars as the crew at Eccosave does then there isn’t really a need to dig too deep to find the really great pics. We can kind of imagine the Eccosave team just turning on their digital camera and syncing all of the pictures that they have. It seems to be just that easy for them with all of the exposure that they have to freshly washed, shiny cars.

Another interesting thing that they have been doing lately is engine cleanings. Another one of our partners, Hi Def Detail, does a whole lot of engine cleanings as well. The difference between the two companies is that Eccosave is using a steam cleaning method that we find very interesting. We haven’t personally tried it ourselves but we can definitely see the advantages of using steam to clean the engines as it can get in the hard to reach places much more easily than a person’s hand can. We can’t wait to see more updates from them about how well the steam cleaning project is going.

If you happen to live in the Toronto area then you are definitely in luck because you are close to one of the best solutions for waterless car wash products and waterless detailing in all of Canada. If you need any help whatsoever with getting adjusted to waterless then the crew at Eccosave is your best bet to help you. Give them a call and see for yourselves, you’ve got nothing to lose!

Hi Def Detail Gives the People What They Want

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We love all of our waterless car wash dealers equally for all of the great things that they do for us and the industry as a whole. There is one dealer in particular though that we have to recognize because every time we talk about them, the fans get really excited. The waterless car wash fans simply get enough of Hi Def Detail and all of the amazing work that they do. It is more than just the excellent work that they perform though, it is the fact that they have a knack for super high profile client acquisition. Just about every car that they wash and detail is worthy of a picture even before it is washed and even more so after it is done being washed.

One of the really cool things that Hi Def Detail has been doing lately is going to work and really giving the engines of their customer’s cars a deep and thorough cleaning. While the average person might not need that level of cleaning down to the engine when getting their car detailed, Hi Def Detail customers definitely aren’t your average car owners. While you might ever need your engine to be sparkly clean to the point that you are showing it off to people, the Hi Def Detail customers definitely do. Often they are taking their cars and entering them in car shows and events or simply want to show them off after putting so much money into them. Having a car with an engine that you feel like you can eat off is a plus in just about anyone’s book. If you need any further proof then just check out their Facebook page to see some pictures of some of the squeaky clean engines they have washed.

Another thing that we really like about Hi Def Detail is that they really take the time out to make sure that their customers fully understand what they are doing for them. Recently they made an interesting post on their Facebook asking their customers if they really knew the difference between washing and detailing. It might seem like a simple question but the answer could surprise you. In short, washing your car is the act of removing dirt and contaminates of your car’s surface. Detailing is the act of removing blemishes and marks in your car’s paint job that have been created by contaminates hitting your car. Thanks for the explanation guys, we are sure it will be useful to a lot of people.

If you get into the habit of following what the crew at Hi Def Detail is doing, you definitely won’t be disappointed. With the types of cars they are detailing on a regular basis, even if you are only a casual fan of the waterless car wash, you will still be able to find something that interests you. The owner, Cameron, is a great guy as well and is a pleasure to work with. Keep up all the great work Cameron!

Follow in the Footsteps of Eco Auto Clean for Waterless Success

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Anyone who knows anything about our business knows that Eco Auto Clean has for some time now been one of the most integral dealers that we have. These guys are masters at many things but almost none of these things can compare to the sheer amount of cars they are capable of washing within any given time period. The dedication shown by Justin and the Eco Auto Clean crew is admirable to say the least and if all waterless car wash dealers worked this way, whether they worked with us or not, we would be very proud. Since a full report of what Eco Auto Clean has been up to lately would probably take up several pages at the very least, today we are just going to be focusing on a few of the things that they have done recently that caught our interest.

Speaking of catching someone’s interest, it would be hard to understand how a car like this first car might be able to not catch someone’s interest. It definitely caught ours and the work that Eco Auto Clean did on this Maserati in Johns Creek makes it look even better than usual. If you know anything about how good this car looks on its own then you know how much of an accomplishment it is for the team to be able to make the car look even better than normal. That is what Eco Auto Clean is best at though – defying expectations and making cars look better than even the manufacturer could have ever imagined.

After that the crew moved on to a mini van. Some of you might be wondering what is so special about a mini van but the Volkswagen Routan is pretty nice as far as mini vans go. What is even better though is the way that the crew was able to go about cleaning this one. Since the waterless car wash is just that – a wash that is done without water, they didn’t even need to take this one out of the garage to give it a wash. After detailing the exterior using their Go Green/Get Yellow formula they attacked some of the stains that had been ruining the overall look of the interior for months. It only took a few seconds for them to take care of those stains though because the boys definitely know what they are doing when it comes to getting a car into immaculate condition.

As you can see, the things that Eco Auto Clean are doing in this industry can only be described as incredible. Day in and day out they are proving their dedication to the waterless car wash and taking on new clients all the time. If you are looking to become a waterless car wash dealer and are looking for a role model then you can stop your search at Eco Auto Clean. If you follow the approach that they are taking then you will go very, very far.

Eleven One Rocks a Yacht Show in Italy!

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The majority of you should already be more than familiar with our good friends Eleven One out of Italy. They always do a great job at representing our products on that side of the world and are constantly making moves to bring the waterless car wash even further. Just like a few of our other dealers, they will sometimes go and make an appearance at trade shows or similar venues to help promote the concept of the waterless car wash even further. Their recent appearance at the Yacht Show in Italy did a great job at helping to show the higher class customers that the waterless car wash is a great fit for them as well.

While the majority of you probably already know that the waterless car wash is great for any surfaces, people that own yachts are likely to be particularly picky about what they use to take care of its surface. This is more than understandable since they have probably paid more for their yacht than most people spend on a house. This means they will end up being very careful about what types of things they use to clean it and something new and unheard of will be dismissed by them quickly.

Thankfully the team from Eleven One was there to show them just how useful the waterless car wash can be when talking about the cleaning of a yacht. The expert team was careful to explain the features of the waterless car wash inside and out. They made it clear that while the waterless car wash is definitely really tough on dirt and grime, it is even gentler on your surfaces than it is tough on the dirt. The Complete Clean product really comes in handy here because it is an all purpose cleaner that can be used anywhere. Any surface from the exterior of your car, interior of your car, house and kitchen or the surfaces of the luxurious materials in your yacht – all of them are perfectly fine for this product. In fact, that is exactly what the product was designed to do – be gentle on all surfaces while going hard to work on dirt and grime.

In the end, just about everyone who was in attendance at the show was blown away at the high quality work that the waterless cash is able to do on their yachts. Not a single person after that had any doubts that the waterless car wash was a safe product to use, even on their fancy, expensive yachts. If people can be convinced to use the waterless car wash on something as expensive as a yacht, just imagine how easy it is to convert car owners at a trade show. That is one of the reasons that we always try to convince our dealers to take a more active role in these kinds of trade shows and events because they can really have a huge effect on the public image of the waterless car wash. Keep up the good work Eleven One!

Parklean Crew Waterless Car Wash is Our Latest Partner from the Philippines!

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Our waterless car wash fans always want to be the first ones to know when we start to open up shop in new countries and new markets around the world. Despite whether they have ever been to or have any plans to travel to these countries seems to not really matter much as they just seem to be interested in our progress as far as actually making the connections and getting set up there. That is just fine with us as that is what we are most concerned with as well. With one of the fastest rising economies in the world right now, we are happy to announce that the Philippines has joined the waterless force with our latest dealer, this is Parklean Crew Waterless Car Wash.

If you have ever been to the Philippines then you will understand that it is an absolutely beautiful place. Despite that fact there are many areas where the country is lacking in infrastructure and fresh water is definitely one of those areas. This means that water to give your car a good wash is often not available. Of course anyone that knows this is not really so much of a problem as it is a pointer into the right direction of finding the waterless car wash.

Based out of Makati, one of the more affluent areas of the city of Manila, we don’t think that Parklean will have any trouble attracting the types of people that will want to have their cars washed by them. Despite the several different levels of economy that are very apparent all over Manila, there are nice cars to be seen all over the place. When there are nice cars around, there are also people that want them cleaned the right way, and the professional way.

That is where Parklean steps up and really takes over. Aside from simply being a dealer that can supply people with the waterless car wash products that they need, they can also come out and clean your car for you. They have a team of trained technicians that know exactly what kind of special care a car needs to stay looking in great condition. We know it won’t be long until their message really starts spreading around the city.

We have to tell you that we are definitely very excited about this new move into the Philippines. There are a lot of new opportunities to be had over there and you know we are never afraid of expansion. For ever drop of water that isn’t used for cleaning someone’s car, it can be used for something more important and in some places in the world that is much more crucial than others.

Quicker Green of Costa Rica is No Stranger to the Media

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Anyone who knows the first thing about our business knows that we have expanded ourselves a lot farther than just the United States. Sure, we have a huge amount of waterless car wash dealers that are doing an amazing job at promoting us in the states but it doesn’t even come close to stopping there. We have dealers in every corner of the globe representing us and one of our biggest dealers is operating outside of the United States. Some of you have heard us talk about Quicker Green from Costa Rica before and today we are going to check back in with them to see how they are doing.

Previously we were talking about Quicker Green because they were making some really great TV appearances and doing TV interviews that were hugely instrumental at advancing the waterless car wash even further, not just in Costa Rica but in all of the surrounding Spanish-speaking countries. We have said it before and we will say it again – it is hard breaking into a new market and country and that is made even more difficult when we aren’t even able to speak the language. Companies like Quicker Green have been able to help us to reach new customers by getting everything set up for us and just supplying and using the products that we create.

Aside from making frequent appearances on the news, the crew at Quicker Green is also hard at work cleaning the cars of their clients. If you are in Costa Rica and need to get your car cleaned in the most professional way possible but don’t have the time to do it yourself then you really have no better option than Quicker Green. Since they can come out and do a complete clean to your car while you aren’t even there, and when you see your car again you will be totally amazed, why would you not use Quicker Green’s services?

We have to admit, that even when we see them on TV and can’t understand what they are saying in Spanish, they still manage to sound like a total authority in the waterless car wash world. That is definitely not something that can be faked. Sounding like an authority no matter what language you are speaking in or whether the listener can understand it is something that can’t be taught, it just comes naturally.

That is just one of the reasons why we are happy to have Quicker Green on our side. They are one of our biggest dealers south of our borders and they do an amazing job at not only representing us and themselves, but the waterless car wash as a whole each and every time they make a public appearance. We look forward to seeing a whole lot more from them soon because they have definitely been impressing us so far. Keep up the great work Quicker Green!

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