Great New Things on the Horizon

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Hey there everyone! Greetings from all of us involved in the waterless car wash industry! As you should already know, we have partnered with Eco Green Auto Clean to form the new superbrand, Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom. This partnership will bring about many great, new and interesting things for everyone that has even a passing interest in waterless car wash products. In fact, we have something in development right now that anyone who has been selling our waterless car wash products should be very happy to hear.

In the past, when we provided international detailers with concentrated waterless car wash formula, we have recommended them to find locally sourced bottles, sprayers and labels. For detailers located in the US, it has been much easier for us to provide them with the bottles and labels to use. The problem was, the cost to ship these items internationally was just not cost effective enough for it to actually make it a viable option. Times are changing though and we now have the means to make it possible to provide our international clients with bottles, sprayers, stickers and other resources.

Of course, we could just use this opportunity to start sending out the same bottles we have been using for our domestic clients all this time. Most of you that are already familiar with our business should know though, that just isn’t our style. Instead of just rolling out the same bottles, we have designed something that is brand new, slick looking and keeps the retail customer in mind. We have spent a lot of time researching and developing this bottle, a product that most people wouldn’t expect requires a lot of research at all. That is just the thing that makes it so special though. When something like a plastic bottle is well researched and developed, you know it has the potential to be great.

These bottles will be available to our customers for a reasonable price and you will be able to sell them for a profit of $8-10 each. You also won’t have to do any of the work that goes into the packaging of the concentrate that most international detailers had to do. On the other hand, if you already have a source for bottles and labels that you like and works for you — feel free to keep using them. This is just a new option for our customers, but the old way will still work just fine if you prefer.

So while we are definitely excited about this new design, we aren’t quite ready to roll it out just yet. We will be launching it at the end of March, once we are 100% positive that we are bringing you the best product we possibly can. Until then, just hold tight and enjoy the waterless car wash products that have brought us all together in the first place

Freedom Waterless Car Wash Announces a Big Change for 2013

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Remember last year when we told you we had big things in store for 2013? We weren’t kidding. We just weren’t ready to unveil everything so early, but it is something we have been very excited about. Finally, we are ready to reveal our big news publicly.

Freedom Waterless Car Wash has partnered with Eco Green Auto Clean. We will now be operating under the name Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom.

We already know what some of you are thinking. You are fearful that the great products and people you have come to know and love are going away. Or that they will be changed. We want to assure you though, there is absolutely no need to worry.

Everything you loved about Freedom Waterless Car Wash in the past will all still be there. Except things might be even better than you have come to expect. This new partnership will give us a wider reach and help us bring the waterless car wash to more homes and businesses. That has, after all, been the plan all along right? When we talk about having our fans get out there and spread the word about waterless for us, the goal is raising awareness, isn’t it? Well, Eco Green Auto Clean can definitely help us to to do that and do it even better than we have been for all these years.

Those of you know me, David Elliot, as the founder of Freedom Waterless Car Wash will be happy to know that I’m not going anywhere either. I will be staying with the company as VP of Sales and Marketing and as a member of the Executive Management Team of Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom. This is important because I will be able to take my experience and strengths and apply them to the areas that can benefit them the most. Meanwhile, people who can give the waterless car wash a much wider reach and distribution will be in charge of doing just that.

We really believe that this partnership will be the thing that is the turning point in exposing the waterless car wash to the masses. With our strengths combined as companies, we stand a real shot at making the waterless car wash a household name. No longer will hose bans affect the way people’s cars look and you can drive around in confidence knowing that your car is shining brightly.

So at this time, we would just like to thank all of our Freedom Waterless Car Wash fans and assure them that the only changes that will be taking place are good ones. There is no need to worry, the waterless car wash empire that we have built isn’t going anywhere, it is only going to get stronger than ever before. Thanks for all of your dedication and support, it means a lot to us. Here’s to a great 2013 with our new partners and for the waterless car wash as a whole!

Eco Green Auto Clean buys Freedom Waterless Car Wash

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Thank you for being a Freedom Waterless Car Wash customer and a fan of our products. I truly appreciate you and your loyalty. I hope you will continue to purchase Freedom products and be a fan of Eco Green Auto Clean as well. I will still be involved with the company. We will be bringing new and innovative products to you and the marketplace. Please continue to send us your pictures and testimonials. Thank you. -David Elliott
Please find below the press release that was send out today;


FREEDOM INTERNATIONAL, is announcing the sale of the 14 year old company to ECO GREEN AUTO CLEAN, LLC.

By combining product distribution with vehicle cleaning services, ECO GREEN AUTO CLEAN FREEDOM will better serve their customers and expand the business across the USA and around the world. The Freedom Waterless Car Wash product line and customer service will remain the same. ECO GREEN AUTO CLEAN FREEDOM will further improve procedures, infrastructure, quality, websites, marketing and packaging while further developing new, innovative car care products and accessories.

The Freedom Waterless Car Wash Founder, David Elliott, will continue to be active in the new business as VP of Sales/Marketing and a member of the Executive Management Team of ECO GREEN AUTO CLEAN FREEDOM.

David Elliott formed and operated Freedom International, LLC in 1999 out of Honolulu, Hawaii, while serving in the U.S. Air Force. After retiring from the Air Force in 2007, David easily transitioned into running the business full-time, establishing a local office in Tacoma, Washington, USA. David has sold Freedom products in over 100 countries. Much of his success is a direct result of his expertise of online marketing and product branding. By providing a high-quality alternative to cleaning with soap and water, Freedom has helped save millions of gallons of clean drinking water. Over the years, Freedom has grown into a successful business and a recognized car care brand. It is one of the leaders in the global Eco Car Care industry with an estimated 10,000 cars cleaned every day with its Freedom products.

ECO GREEN AUTO CLEAN was founded by Anton VanHappen in 2010. He developed the next-generation cleaning products and solutions that are nature friendly. And, with the help of others, he tested his products by physically cleaning 5,000 cars in Europe. And, the results were shinier cars. Due to this success he started selling his products to industry and directly to consumers.

Being a truly international entrepreneur, Anton established the very first ECO GREEN AUTO CLEAN Car Wash in the San Francisco Bay Area, California USA, right in the heart of Silicon Valley. This is the region that embraces high technology and green innovations. The community received it with open arms. Next he established a mobile “on-site” car wash operation. ECO GREEN AUTO CLEAN is now cleaning cars while employees are working at several of the big high-tech companies in the Bay Area. Through word of mouth, the business is really taking off. Now that the prototype has been established, ECO GREEN AUTO CLEAN plans to replicate it across California, the United States and the rest of the world.

ECO GREEN AUTO CLEAN FREEDOM will serve its customers even better in the future both in product supply and in service. We will help change the world….one car wash at a time.

Thank you again for your time. If you have any questions or comments about the products or business, please contact me at any time.

Please call us at 866 620-0453 or visit , and soon  Also, Please visit



Check Out Our New Freedom Products 2012 Video

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Over the years we have to come to discover the benefits of all of the different promotional tools out there. Even though our business is based in physical products that people are going to use in real life, the internet has still been one of the most important aspects of our company. The internet itself has so many different ways in which we can promote and spread the word about our products that we don’t know what we would have ever done without it. One of our favorite ways to get the word out there about our new products and events is through video and we have just released a new video that we would like to share with you all today.

2012 has definitely been a big year for us in terms of the waterless car wash products. Everyday people are becoming more and more aware of what the waterless car wash actually is and they are willing to jump on board with what we are doing. That means that we have even more Freedom (no pun intended) to tweak our existing products to serve you better as well as create some new products that will add a ton of value to the total waterless car wash family.

One of the first big changes that we made this year was updating our original waterless car wash formula from a yellow color to a blue solution. You can rest assured that this is still the same waterless car wash formula that you have come to know and love and has gained us such a reputation in the waterless car wash industry. The only thing that has changed is the color as we thought that blue was a much better color to help us bring in the new year.

On top of that, we also have some new products for 2012. The first one is our Cut n Polish formula which is meant to cut even further through dirt and grime and to polish your car’s surface into something shinier than you have ever imagined before. Then our Speed Shine Nano wax is meant to give your car that super incredible shine that makes it appear dripping wet, despite the fact that it is totally dry. This is the one that tends to capture everyone’ attention as you are driving by. Finally, we also unveiled the new Paint Sealant formula. Meant to seal your car’s paint job off from harmful materials and pollutants for even longer than the typical wash, no new car should be hitting the road without first being protected by this Paint Sealant.

So check out our new video and let us know what you think of it. Customer feedback is very important to us so we love to know what our fans think of what we are doing for every step of the way. If you have any other questions, comments or ideas for improvements then just drop us a line and we will see what we can do.

Presenting Our New Website Design!

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Chances are if you are reading this right now then you have noticed that we have implemented a new design for our main site. After a long time with our own design, which we loved, we thought it was time for a bit of an upgrade. The waterless car wash as a product has come so far by this point that we felt our website had to reflect that as well.

We wanted to go with something that was modern and was going to show you how serious we are about all things involving the waterless car wash in the near future. We have made some great strides recently. We have gotten much more attention pushed towards the waterless car wash and we have been forming partnerships all over the world. We don’t think it will be very long at all until people are recognizing the waterless car wash as a completely household name. It always makes us feel good when we hear somebody talking about the waterless car wash like it is just something that people should just know about.

As for the website though, we would love to hear what all of you think about it. Do the colors work for you? Is it easy to navigate? Is there anything else that you would like to see implemented in order to give you a better overall experience. Any feedback that you have we would love to hear. That is how we can serve you better. Thanks from the Freedom Team!

Introducing Our New Concentrate in a Bottle Solution!

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At Freedom Waterless Car Wash we are always looking for the best ways to make our product more environmentally friendly. That is one of the major reasons that we got into this business in the first place was to try to do our part to help clean up the earth. Our products have helped to save millions of gallons of water all over the world but those results still aren’t enough for us. We are always striving to bring out the next big thing to save resources and we think we have got a great one for you this year.

We are soon going to start unveiling our new concentrated in a bottle solutions that let you fill your own water to make the full solution. We have always offered our concentrate to all of our customers but up until now it was only in bulk sizes that are much too big for the average consumer and better suited towards waterless car wash businesses. With this new bottle we are changing all of that as we are offering the offering the concentrate right in a normal sized Freedom Waterless Car Wash bottle.

The bottle that you know and love will come shipped to you with 3 ounces of Freedom Waterless Car Wash concentrate inside. Once you receive the bottle you can open it up and fill it to the top with regular water right from your tap. Give it a little bit of a shake and you will have the same Freedom Waterless Car solution that you have come to know and love.

Some people might ask questions like, “if it isn’t broke, then why fix it?” and our answer to them is simple. By shipping out these concentrate in a bottle products we can save resources and energy in a lot of ways. First off, by having you fill up the bottles yourselves then the weight that is actually being shipped which has a large bearing on fuel consumption can be reduced greatly. Secondly, the factories that produce these products will be doing much less work overall meaning not as much time or resources will be used in the process. By doing things this way, everybody wins.

We want to make sure however, that our customers know that by purchasing this new version, they will be getting the same quality of product that they have always been used to. It is the same if you were to purchase a large 1 gallon container of our concentrate for commercial use – only this is a much smaller and easily transportable container that is great for personal use. Once you add the water, the end result is exactly the same as if you had bought the original formula to begin. Only difference is that beyond just washing waterlessly to help the environment, you are also going a step further to take any additional loads off the environment as well. Remember, every little bit counts so do your part today!

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