Freedom ONE is Blue in 2012!

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Variety is the spice of life and we like to try our best to keep things flavorful for our customers by always offering them something new and refreshing. Apart from all of the new products, new dealers and other new things that we are doing all the time, we also like to make some changes to our existing products every now and then, just to make things interesting. That is why we would like to introduce to you our latest version of our famous Freedom ONE Waterless Car Wash.

Those of you that have used our products in the past can probably spot the difference right away. Our new product for 2012 is definitely blue. We decided that it was time for us to do a little rebranding with one of our best selling products and blue just seemed like a good choice. We’ve got to say that we think the blue formula in the clear bottle looks really sexy but maybe we are just way too into this whole waterless car wash.

All jokes aside we really like the look of this new product and hope that you do too. We want all of our loyal and new customers to know that even though the color has changed, the formula is the exact same formula that you have come to know and love. The new, blue product will still clean your car every bit as good and give it the same legendary shine that you are used to with the old product. No need to worry about any hazards with the new color, everything we do is non-toxic so your car will be protected.

We are expecting 2012 to be an amazing year for us and there is no better way to celebrate that than with a new product like this. Don’t be surprised when you see a bottle of the blue stuff show up at your front door on your next order. All it will take is a couple of wipes and you will be able to tell exactly what you are working with.

Freedom Introduces Our Newest Innovation – The Cubtainer

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Anyone that knows even the slightest bit about our Freedom Waterless Car Wash products knows that we are very environmentally conscious. That is even one of the major reasons to make use of Freedom Waterless Car Wash products because they are much better for the environment compared to using a regular car wash with water. Freedom has just taken things one step further though for 2012 with their new container called the Cubtainer.

This Cubtainer (which is pronounced cube-tainer) is much shorter than the original tall container that Freedom has offered in the past which will be slowly phased out in favor of these new Cubtainers. Don’t worry about losing out on product though because there is still just as much as ever and the Cubtainer comes in both 1 and 5 gallon sizes.

These containers are made by and they offer an amazing level of quality while reducing plastic at the same time. They use 83% less plastic compared to our traditional container and take up far less space as well. This means that 2 or 3 boxes of the product contained in the new Cubtainer can take up the same amount of space as one of the old container, allowing for more efficient deliveries and also cuts down on the use of gasoline and pollution that is emitted into the air by trucks during deliveries.

When the product arrives simply open up the small box where it is contained and pop the top of it. Inside you will also find a 38 mm spigot which you can then screw on to the top of the container. Then just rest the Cubtainer on its side inside the box if you like. Store it anywhere that you think will be an easy place for you to access it. When you need to refill one of your spray bottles, simply walk up to it and use the spigot for easy pouring. Not only does the Cubtainer cut down on plastic waste and other pollutants but it makes things easier for you as well.

This could be a great addition for any business that uses Freedom Waterless Car Wash products to clean cars at their establishment. You might not notice the time difference initially, but when you are in a rush and need a refill of your spray bottle the Cubtainer can shave of valuable seconds. If you have never thought to buy in bulk of 1 or 5 gallons in the past, then the Cubtainer is definitely a great reason to consider all the benefits of enjoying Freedom Waterless Car Wash in a larger size with a cheaper price.

I know you might have a hard time picturing exactly how the Cubtainer works which is why I have created a video of myself unboxing it and previewing the Cubtainer’s features. Check out the video below to see how amazingly simple the Cubtainer is to use and how the reduction in plastic used can do great things for space efficiency as well as for the environment.

Eco Auto Clean – Atlanta Waterless Car Wash – Receives Great Writeup from

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Ashley Neal from the wrote an incredible article about Justin Bonnet and Eco Auto Clean, The Premier Atlanta Waterless Car Wash Products & Detail Service! Please click here to read the original article about Eco Auto Clean.  This article mentions Owner/Operator Justin Bonnett’s battles w/ cancer and his kidney transplant.  Justin from, Eco Auto Clean, is giving back to great organizations such as Relay for Life and Camp Sunshine, which is programs for children w/ cancer.  Again, please check out this incredible writeup!

Justin Bonnett is a Freedom Waterless Car Wash Dealer and Private Label Distributor promoting the Eco Auto Clean Label. We are more than proud to be working with Justin. He is a very hard-working, smart business owner and we highly recommend him as a trusted resource for the local business community. Call Eco Auto Clean and see what true professional service is like.

– David Elliott – Owner of Freedom Waterless Car Wash.

Two time cancer survivor, Justin Bonnett knew that he wanted more out of life then working at a night club in Atlanta. That is why in 2009 he opened Eco Auto Clean Atlanta, a mobile waterless car wash and auto detailing company that services the Metro Atlanta area.

“I was born with a kidney problem, I had to have one removed at age 2 and my mother gave me one of her kidneys when I was 15 years old. From the immunosuppressant drugs that I was required to take I developed lymphoma. As a cancer survivor I knew that I wanted something more fulfilling to do with my life then work out of a club. When I found the opportunity to open an eco-friendly waterless car wash I knew this was a chance leave a positive impact on the world around me,” commented Bonnett.

Eco Auto Clean Atlanta is a licensed and insured onsite auto detailing service that is convenient for the customer. Customers can get their car washed while at work, home, or even while out shopping. In addition to the convenience, using this service has a positive affect on the environment. Unlike a regular car wash there is no wasted water or mess associated with cleaning a vehicle.

Not only are they waterless, but they are paperless also.  The Eco Auto Clean Atlanta slogan is ‘No water. No wallet.’  In perfect harmony with the the ‘green’ theme credit card payments are accepted via smartphones that use a secure app called Square. The customer receives a receipt for service via text message or email.For the car enthusiast that would prefer to wash their car themselves, Eco Auto Clean Atlanta also sells their high quality eco-friendly waterless car wash products via their online store.In addition to the convenience and positive affect on the environment, Bonnett will give a portion of Eco Auto Clean Atlanta’s proceeds to support the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life event in May 2012. He also plans to donate proceeds to Camp Sunshine, a camp that provides recreational and educational support programs to children battling cancer. “I attended Camp Sunshine when I was a kid fighting cancer and they were very supportive. I love what they do and I’m glad that I’m in a position to now give back,” said Bonnett.Save time, save the planet, and support a great cause. Contact Eco Auto Clean Atlanta today and get your car washed today without ever having to leave your location. For more information visit their website: Eco Auto Clean also invites you join them in a conversation on Facebook and Twitter@EcoAutoCleanATL for updates, special promotions, tips, events, and more.Be sure to check out photos of Eco Auto Clean Atlanta’s finished work, click here.

Freedom Site Updates

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Because we know you have better things to do than try and figure out your site. We’ll do the updating for you. From adding text, images, even video to your site. To customizing the look of your site. We’ll do it all for you. Just fill out the form located on our new Site Updates page and pay for the first hour of work and we’ll get back to you with the cost for the rest if the $25 didn’t cover it.

Or maybe it’s not that you don’t want to run your site, but maybe your afraid of hitting the wrong button and not knowing how to fix it after. Well you can rest at ease. Freedom now offers custom Tutorials for your site, via Video, Text or over the phone support. We’ll teach you the basics of running a WordPress site. From adding pages with text, images and/or video to updating your blog. Just fill out the form located on our new Site Updates page and pay for the first hour of instruction and we’ll get back to you with your custom video, text or phone tutorial.

Please notice that the $25.00 fee covers the first hour of work done to your site and or the creation of you video, text or phone tutorial. If time exceeds 1 hour, for any work additional time my be purchased at $25/hour.

For information please, contact us

Freedom Waterless Car Wash launches a new website design

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Hello and welcome to the new Freedom Waterless Car Wash blog page. We launched this new custom designed and modified wordpress website just before Christmas 2010 with out new look and feel. The Blue Mustang, new videos, streamlined format is easier to read and much easier to update. We already maintain a few other blog-style websites like, and Waterless.TV and will be updating this blog as well. Waterless TV and Waterless Podcast are new for 2011. We are bringing the Waterless Detailers and Dealers to you with their stories, experiences, successes and failures. We will share tips and tricks and business ideas and much more.

Please visit our Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Please send us pictures of cars you have cleaned with the Freedom products. We would like to post them on this website. Thanks

-David Elliott

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