Introducing Clean Cars – Our Freedom Dealer in Poland

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One of the keys to success for any business is their ability to expand their reach into their national and international markets. An inability to produce growth in their industry is one of the quickest contributing factors to businesses not being able to compete in the market. Thankfully for us we don’t have that problem as we have dealers all over the world helping us to obtain a wider global reach. These dealers help us to break into new markets where we otherwise might have a whole lot of trouble. Foreign countries often have very different laws about starting a business there and that doesn’t even take into account the hurdles with the language barrier. By having these dealers they can help to smooth over all of those problems and help us do what we do best – provide people with the highest quality waterless car wash products available. Our latest partnership called Clean Cars from Poland is helping us to do exactly that.

Even though Clean Cars is operating halfway across the world you can still rest assured that the products that they sell are 100% original Freedom products with the same sort of quality that you have come to expect from us. The entire team has been trained to understand exactly how the waterless car wash works and the best methods in which to apply it. This is one of the most important parts for our growing markets. In some areas the waterless car wash is a bit more known and people already have a bit of an idea how it works. In other areas of the world the average person has never heard of the waterless car wash so it is very important for our dealers to be able to explain exactly how things work so that people get a full understanding of what kind of product they are using.

If you still have concerns on exactly how things work or how it will affect the paint job on your car, feel free to ask them more. They will tell you about how waterless car wash products are perfectly safe to use and will never cause any scratches or negative effects on your car. If you still don’t feel confident about washing waterlessly on your own then they have services where they will perform the wash for you. Their goal is to make everything as easy as possible for you.

So if you are living in Poland or have a friend that is living in Poland, make sure to send them over to Clean Cars for all of their waterless car wash needs. We are excited as always to have new partners in new countries and it makes us even happier when it all goes so smoothly like this. We look forward to have a long and happy working relationship with Clean Cars and wish them all the best. Keep up the good work guys!

Birds in Paradise are Proud Users of the Waterless Car Wash!

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Could you imagine a more beautiful place to live than Hawaii? Most people can’t and regard the people that live in Hawaii to be some of the luckiest people in the world. The landscapes in Hawaii are some of the most stunning and diverse in the world. In all honesty though, the landscape is best viewed from above, from a bird’s eye view. Problem is, when taking a plane things go by so quickly and there is only one direct route so you often zoom right by all of the best stuff and miss the most beautiful parts. We have recently discovered a company that is trying to remedy that problem with their ultra-light trike planes. Birds in Paradise is an amazing company that we would like to introduce you to today.

We were first turned on to this company by our friends over at Freedom Waterless Car Wash of Hawaii. The owner of Birds in Paradise was going to them to wash his SUV’s, ultra-light planes and other vehicles with the waterless car wash. Since then he has started purchasing so many products from Freedom that he decided to start just buying in bulk and having his own staff do the cleaning of his cars.

If you can’t already tell what Birds in Paradise does, they offer powered hang gliding lessons on the island of Kauai. These are the best way to really explore the island because you can really control where you go and explore things at your own pace. Over 22,000 have made use of their service since 1990 and their customer base is growing every day. They really know all of the beautiful places to take you and will help you to get there and see them.

If you are planning a trip to Kauai and want to experience some of these amazing sceneries, we suggest that you book some lessons with them today. If you are interested in getting a sneak preview of some of the things that you will be able to see while you are there then you should order their new DVD, which will take you on a virtual tour of Kauai. This film, Epic Kauai will bring you to all of their favorite spots around the area. If you think that some of those locations look breathtaking on your TV screen then just imagine how they look when you see them in real life, from hundreds of feet above in one of their powered hang gliders. It is a feeling that could never be described with words.

It is things like that that make us glad to be a part of the waterless car wash industry. We would never have made such a great contact and friend had we not been connected to Birds of Paradise through the waterless car wash. We hope that some of you will take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the landscape of Kauai from above, we know we certainly will at our first chance.

Becoming an International Freedom Dealer is Full of Advantages

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Lately we have been receiving a lot of feedback about our recent posts talking about becoming a Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom dealer. Many people have expressed interest in doing just that because they feel good about being able to help sell a product that they can really stand behind. We get a lot of people internationally contacting us too and wondering whether or not they as well can become Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom dealers. The answer is an enthusiastic “YES!” and for international dealers there are some really special options that you have available as well that can make your waterless car wash business in your country really take off.

As far as waterless car washes go in the states, even though they are not yet a fully household name, many people have heard of them and know where to buy waterless car wash products as well. Depending on where you are located, the waterless car wash might still be completely unknown to the people of your country and you can be at a huge advantage by being the first one to introduce it to the population. There are many things that we can do both online and offline to help you promote your new waterless car wash business in your country and if you are the first then all of the business is going to go straight to you.

We can even do you one better though. If you are the first person to bring Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom products to your country then we can sell you the exclusive rights to sell online for your country. This will guarantee that you are the only person in your country that is selling Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom Waterless Car Wash products online effectively eliminating your competition all at once.

At Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom we want to make the whole process as simple and hassle-free as possible for you. If you have any questions about becoming an exclusive online reseller, either domestically or internationally then please feel free to contact us. Otherwise, in the mean time you can take a look and learn more about our services to help you become an Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom dealer at our dealer page.

Hi Def Detail are the Go To Guys for Waterless Car Wash in Texas

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Here at Freedom Waterless Car Wash We are interested in a whole lot more than just promoting ourselves in the waterless car wash world. There are a lot of really great dealers out there that provide some of the same great products that we provide to the world and we think it is important to highlight them from time to time. Last week we told you how easy it is to become a dealer of Freedom products for yourself and we thought that we would enforce that point by introducing you to one of the main players that is making a living selling Freedom products. We would like to introduce you to Hi Def Detail.

Hi Def Detail has two separate locations in Texas with one of them in Dallas and the other one in Irving. They make their business as comfortable as possible for customers by offering their customers free WiFi, complimentary beverages and HDTV to watch while they are waiting for the trained professionals to clean their car. These aren’t just gimmicks though as the people who sell waterless car wash products have no reason whatsoever to have to rely upon gimmicks.

The guys at Hi Def believe in helping to save and conserve the environment and using less water is one of the best ways to make that possible. All of the products that they use are certified organic and are 100% biodegradable as well. Try finding that at your local car wash that uses soap and water to clean your car. They have more environmentally friendly techniques than just the products they use though, as all of the bottles, containers and packaging is reused at every possible opportunity. This doesn’t just help the environment but it saves costs and then the savings are passed on directly to you.

These guys aren’t just car wash specialists either though, they have a whole range of talents that your car can really benefit from. If your car has some unsightly scratches on it then they are the perfect people to call as they can remove scratches from your car and have it looking brand new again. In fact many people who have used their service have left saying that they felt that their car looked better than it did on the day that they bought it.

Looking at some of the reviews online some people have even thought that the business had to be a fake because there were no bad reviews for Hi Def Detail. Then they went to try the service for themselves and they realized that there was nothing fake about it at all, Hi Def Detail is the real deal. Anyone that is looking for a great way to get their car washed in an environmentally friendly way in the Texas area owes it to themselves to check out Hi Def Detail.

Eco Auto Clean Waterless Car Wash photo shoot

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Justin over at had a great photoshoot last month with the newly developed Eco Auto Clean / Freedom Labels.

Justin is one of our Freedom Dealers that take pictures of his work and send the pics to us to use on promotions and more. We encourage all of the Freedom Dealers and customers to send us pictures of their cars being cleaned with freedom products or after they are cleaned.

Freedom Label Templates For SALE!!!

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Freedom is now selling our newest Label Template Designs in PSD format.
You can select from a single Product Design to a whole size or all of our newest Templates Designs.
*note these files require Photoshop to open

32oz Label PSD Templates
Freedom ONE $20.00 Buy now
Freedom Original $20.00 Buy now
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Gallon Label PSD Templates
Freedom ONE $10.00 Buy now
Freedom Original $10.00 Buy now
Eco Tire Shine $10.00 Buy now
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Complete PSD Templates
32oz Product Labels $80.00 Buy now
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Gallon Product Labels $40.00 Buy now
All Product Labels $160.00 Buy now

For more Information on Freedom’s Labeling Services or other Graphic Media please visit our Design Department Page or Contact us.

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