John had this to say about Eco Tire Shine

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Since winter is now leaving us here in the Northeast, we are ramping up our detailing and I just wanted to drop you a note saying how much I really like your ECO tire shine product. It is absolutely, by far, the best tire dressing I have ever used. Easy to apply, looks great and no sling. Even after 300 miles, the tires look like I just did them. Thank you for making a great product!

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Steven had this to say about Freedom Waterless Car Wash Products

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How could you… make such a great product!!!!!!
Dave, I got your waterless car wash products, along with your new waxes, today…and applied them on my red Mustang.
This is exactly what I have been looking for because this mustang had major oxidation and probably was never waxed before!
I have enclosed is some pics for you.. there is no sun today..
I think the guys who sold me the car need your products!

Check out the results NO H2O Waterless Car Wash got with Freedom Products!

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SAVE TIME:we provide all services on location. NOH2O will clean your car while you shop, work, or play. Cross a “honey-due” off your list while doing what’s necessary or fun -you choose.  Time is a precious resource. SAVE WATER: our unique proprietary blend washes and polishes all vehicles without water. The formula encapsulates dirt into particles that are quickly lifted using microfiber towels and buffed to a desired shine.  Water is a precious resource. SAVE MONEY: NOH2O detail products leave a shine that lasts for weeks when regularly maintained.  We will do what it takes for our customers to feel confident that they are helping the environment, and receiving a high quality car care service at an affordable price.

Joshua had this to say about Freedom ONE

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I just wanted to let you know that this product is fantastic. This is my second order of many in the coming years. Living in an apartment without an outside water supply made it almost impossible to clean my car myself until I found this.

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