Van From Rhode Island had this to say about Freedom Products

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Please don’t ever go out of business!! Attached are pictures of my sister in law’s 2001 Toyota Camry (free detail – the family thing), it has never been detailed, I love my sister in law, but she is of the “car philosophy” of only “put gas in car and go”.  Never mind oil change or washing the car….until her waterless, mobile detailing brother in law stepped in (that is me) . Please be warned, the car is 10 years old, never been washed or detailed ever!  Not even at a car wash.  I hit the car up both interior and exterior with only Freedom products, except for my 5hp shop vac. (how bout a Freedom shop vac?). let the pictures do the talking.  I love Freedom products!

In the past, I tried many of the other Waterless products on my wife’s 95 Wrangler. Terrible, Terrible, Terrible! They don’t compare with Freedom! You may have seen on my website, but my exterior Deep cleaning process is first the Freedom complete clean, then Perfect Magic clay bar, then Freedom Eco glaze and finally the Freedom Original. That’s what I did on my sister in law’s 2001 Toyota camry, after 10 years of no detailing ever, the paint looks brand new.

Also attached are a couple of other cars that I recently done that I only used Freedom on, a Volvo and a Toyota Prius.

Angela had this to say about Freedom Waterless Car Wash

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Hi David,

I received the products today and want to say thank you.  I appreciate the integrity and customer service you have demonstrated. I started using your products several years ago when we had a drought here in NC and a ban on washing cars in the driveway and while the ban has since been lifted I have continued to use the waterless products and love them.  People often have commented that my vehicle looks good, shiny and clean and I smile because I always feel it looks like I had it professionally detailed. When complimented on the appearance of my car after using the products I always inform that I washed the car in my garage using the freedom waterless car wash.

Thanks so much and know that you have a customer for life.

Happy Holidays!


Van had this to say

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Hello my name is Van and I am just starting my part time waterless mobile detail business in Rhode Island who exclusively uses Freedom Products only! Hands down Freedom products are the best on the market! I really enjoy the Freedom original formula. Prior to using Freedom products, for years on my own personal vehicles, I would only use Meguirs. Freedom Original Formula blows Meguirs out of the water! The water beading and shine on my 7 year old Toyota truck looks brand new with Freedom Original, and that is being kept outside 4 season weather for 7 years. I did a quick once over with Freedom Original about a month ago, my truck still looks good even after 4 separate days of rain, looks like I just cleaned it yesterday. Freedom Original really works, above the competition waterless or traditional. Thanks for making such a great product. All of my customers have been very happy, comments like “brand new car”, “looks wet”, “love the reflection” to name a few. thanks again, I will only use Freedom products. p.s. the other Freedom products work well too, very happy with everything.

Jerry had this to say

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What a pleasure it is doing business with freedom waterless car wash. I ordered products home use and with incredible efficiency freedom shipped them the same day. I contacted Dave later that same day with the hope of getting my products overnight. Well because they are so customer oriented, Dave apologized for not being able to stop my shipment because it had already gone out, and offered to send me a spray bottle with concentrate overnight at no charge. Of course I accepted and was happy to know that there are still some companies that are concerned with “customer satisfaction”. Thanks to Dave and all those who help him in his success.

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