Alberto C. Escobedo had this to say

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I have been using Freedom Waterless Car Wash products for about 2 years.  Here in south central Texas it’s been a struggle trying to keep our vehicles clean.  We have been in drought conditions and this past summer we advanced to extreme drought conditions.  We have been, and continue to be under mandatory water use restrictions.  Thankfully, with Freedom Waterless Car Wash I am able to keep my families’ vehicles clean.

I use Complete Clean, Freedom ONE, Eco Glaze and Eco Tire Shine.  My favorite is the Eco Tire Shine.  I no longer have to scrub my tires in order to get them clean.  This stuff works like magic.  I spray all of my tires first, then I clean the rest of the car with the Complete Clean and Eco Glaze and by the time I’m done cleaning the care, the tires are dry and I’m ready to drive.

Everyday when I get home from work, I dust off my care with a duster and give a quick spray and wipe with the Freedom ONE.

The only negative (?) comment I have is that I am no longer able to put my car cover on by myself.  The surface is so slick that the cover slides off before I can get it installed properly.  It now takes two people to put the cover on, and my wife laughs every time I ask for her help.

Too often claims are made by the manufacturer about their product only to be disappointed by the results we consumers actually receive.  It is refreshing to use a product that actually performs as it’s claimed to perform.  I would (and do) recommend Freedom Waterless Car Wash products because they perform great and it’s friendly for our environment.

Alberto C. Escobedo
Buda, Texas
About 15 miles south of weird (Austin, TX)

Manny Gonzales had this to say

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I have a brand new 2011 Chevy Equinox and that is the only product I have used on it.  I get lots of comments all the time of how sparkling new it still looks.  I usually go to the car washes to vacuum my car and I usually promote your product, without getting anything in return, especially the tire product.  I love your products, and should probably think about becoming a paid promoter of it in the future.

Avi had this to say

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First and foremost I want to thank you for sharing the product samples with me.

I would like to share the following comments with you concerning your products.

1. Freedom Waterless Car Wash is an excellent product – it saves your money between car washes.

2. It fast and leaves no residue – when used correctly.

3. I Highly recommencement your product – in the CORRECT part of the country.

Due to the EXTREME COLD WEATHER we have (and are now experiencing here in the North East), It is impossible to utilize the “Freedom Waterless Car Wash
– unless your blessed with a Heated Garage, which I’m not.

Thank you again,

Nick had this to say

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Your product is phenomenal I used it today on my Infinit g37. I am planning on buying your product in bulk after this is done. Is there any deal with buying your product in bulk if so let me know. Thanks for making a great product.

Shelly in Dallas, Tx

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A very nice couple visited my detail shop yesterday and told me they had just moved here from Hawaii. They brought their two Ferrari’s over from the islands and wanted me to detail them. They told me the cars have only been cleaned with Freedom Waterless Car Wash since owning them. They insisted that I use this product to clean their cars. I had to write you to find out how I can buy it at wholesale. I would like to make the switch to waterless with my detailing company. Please call me.

Eco Green Auto Clean, Inc.
9205 W Russell Rd Ste 240
Las Vegas NV 89148


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