Custom Videos

The Freedom Design Dept. now offers a wide variety of Customized Waterless car wash related Videos. You can chose from the 6 videos below. We can re-brand them to fit your colors, logos, products and more. From Branding your company to promoting your products, video is a perfect to get your point across or just simple message. We just need your content and images and an idea of how you want it to go. We’ll take care of the rest for a modest $50.00 to $100.00 each. We will add more videos every week/ month. You can also check out our YouTube page for the entire collection of videos.

After your Payment is received, we will contact you via phone or e-mail to collect the files and information needed to produce your video. Thank you and we look forward to working with you.

Executive Paint Protection
Auto Detailing
$100.00 – Premium Video – Buy Now
Freedom Waterless with a
Ferrari, Mustang & Camaro Racing
$50.00 – Basic Video – Buy Now
Freedom Waterless Car Wash
Action Pack Car Jumping
$50.00 – Basic Video – Buy Now
Freedom Waterless Car Wash Jump
$50.00 – Basic Video – Buy Now
Freedom Waterless Car Wash
Exploding around the world
$50.00 – Basic Video – Buy Now
Hi-Def Detail – Dallas Auto Detail
$50.00 – Basic Video – Buy Now

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