E-commerce Options

Freedom offers several E-commerce Options for its dealer to use on their sites. The primary two are Cubecart a free shopping cart provided by hosting server Jumpline.com and Freedom Web Affiliate program.

Cubecart Shopping Cart


  • No fixed pricing on your products (You charge what you want)
  • Keep 100% of the profits
  • Gives you the ability to make you own product packages

  • You handle the shipping and handling of the product from you to your customer
  • A Paypal Standard account is needed

Affiliates Program – (To use this option click the link below and fill out the form provided)
Become a Freedom Web Affiliate


  • Freedom handles all shipping and handling
  • 30% commission on all purchases made via your account

  • An Affiliate account is needed in order to use this option.
  • Store is not located on your site (a link from your site to our store is how you gain credit and commission for any purchases made)
  • Fixed Product pricing

If neither of these options appeal to you, we are also able to setup paypal as a stand alone processor for your site. Using its buttons and other components to create your online store. All that is required is a paypal standard account.

There are also a number of Free WordPress Plug-ins available for e-commerce purposes such as the following.



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