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Q. How much do Custom Graphics Cost?

The cost of Custom Graphics vary based on the following,

  • Time spent on the Design
  • Shipping
  • Template Size of the design (bottle, gallon, 4oz, business card, post card, etc.)
  • Amount ordered
  • 10% service charge

A General estimate is given for each graphic minus shipping and design time.

Q. What is the Time spent on Design?

Time spent on Design is the amount of time spent creating and/or adjusting the Design for your Graphics.

Q. How much does Time Spent on a Design Cost?

Time spent is $25.00 per hour, with an initial fee of $25.00 for anything under an hour.

Design A takes 15 minutes you would be charged $25.00.
Design B takes 3 hours, that’s $75.00. $25/hour.

Q. Do I have to have Freedom Design my Graphics?

No. But if you want to print with Freedom your Graphics need to fit the Template Size we have for your Graphic.

Q. What if I already have a Design I’d like to use for my Graphic. If I sent it to Freedom would you use it on my Graphic and would I still be charged for design time?

If the design you sent fit our Template Size for your graphic no you would not be billed for time spent, but we would charge you a 10% service fee. If your design does not fit the Template Size we will tell you as much and you have the option of either adjusting the graphic to fit out Template size or we can do it for you, in which case you will be billed for time spent.

Q. What is a Template Size?

Template Sizes are the Dye Lines we use for our Graphics. Each Graphic Design we have, has a different Template Size or Dye Line that goes with it.

Q. Do I have to use Freedom’s Template Size for my Graphic?

If you want your Graphics printed with Freedom than, Yes.

Q. Can I get Freedom Templates without paying for them?

Yes. Simply go to the Freedom Contact page and submit a request for the Template you would like to use.

Q. What if I want to print through Freedom but you don’t have Template Size I want for my graphics?

Send us the dimensions of your Graphics and we’ll see if our printer have the size, or something close to the size you’re looking for. If they don’t but are able to make a new Template size for your graphic you will charged for the new Template Size.

Q. Is there a minimum amount for Graphics to be ordered?

Yes. Labels are a min. of 1000 per Template Size. Front and Back are 2 different Template sizes. Post Cards, Rack Cards, and Business Cards are a min. of 250.

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