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Q. What is the difference between web hosting and a domain name?

The Domain name is a like Car, and Web Hosting is parking spot you’re renting for it.

Q. What if I already have a domain name and web hosting on another server will I still have to pay for it in my package?

You may have to pay for hosting if your current provider doesn’t have WordPress capabilities. If they do, then we’ll place the money used for domain and hosting on some other aspect of you Site package such as extending your Site’s free maintenance time, or adding more products to your store on set up.

Q. What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), this is what helps you get noticed on search engines such as google, yahoo, bing, and so on. We will do our best to get you noticed on the web, but after a certain amount of time you will need to contribute more content to your site. Images, text, anything that adds to it. Think of your site as a chia pet the more you add to your site the more it grows, add nothing beyond what we set-up for you and it just stays a clay head.

Q. Do I have to have a Site e-mail account?

No, but it looks more professional to potential clients/ customers to see an e-mail address that reads joe@domainname.com than joe@hotmail.com, it also provides you with a free alternative means of communication with your clients/ customers.

Q. How do I access my Site E-mail account?

You have one of 3 options.

  1. The Site e-mail can be forwarded to another e-mail you already have set up (but if you reply the recipient will see that e-mail address instead of your Site e-mail address )
  2. You can setup the account with Microsoft Outlook, in which we will provide you with the account settings you will need to set up the account on your end.
  3. You can use your Site’s web mail account.

Q. Can I choose what my e-mail account will be?

Yes, if you don’t like the default account name, it can be changed to whatever you want, provided the change is before the @domainname.com part of your e-mail address.

Q. What is a contact Form?

A contact for is a form on your Site, normally on the contact page where clients/ customers can contact you, outside of phone or direct e-mail. This provides a free alternative mode of communication between you and the clients/ customers.

Q. What are Themes?

Themes, are the skin and bones of your site. They are what your site will look like when a client/ customer comes to your site. We offer 5 themes for you to use all of which can be customized to suit your business.

Q. What is the Site Header?

The Site header is the top most section of your Site. Generally you company’s name or logo is located here with the Site’s navigation directly above or below it.

Q. What are Custom Graphics?

Freedom Graphics that have been edited to fit your Site, such as product images that show your labels, or logos. (Graphics choices limited by E-commerce option)

Q. What are the two E-commerce Options?

The 2 E-commerce Options are a Shopping Cart Program or our Affiliates Program.

Q. What is the Shopping Cart Program?

The Shopping Cart Program is a software that allows you to decided, what products you want to sell and for how much. This also allows you to keep 100% of the profit made by your shopping cart. (A Paypal standard account is required for this option. Shipping and handling are also your responsibility as the order goes to you and not Freedom. )

Q. What is the Affiliates Program?

The Affiliates Program is a program that offers the entire Freedom store to your Customer. This option is setup via special links going from your Site to Freedom’s. Any purchases made via these links will be credited to your Affiliates account and you will receive a 30% commission for the purchase. This program also relieves you of shipping the product as the order goes directly to Freedom, sparing you the time, effort and cost of having to ship the item yourself. (An Affiliates account is required for this option. Custom Graphics for product do not apply.)

Q. What is WordPress?

WordPress is a user friendly Content Management Software (Content Management Software), that we use to easily set-up and customize your Site.

Q. Why am I using a WordPress Blog Site instead of a normal Site?

Normal Sites require a base knowledge of coding such as XHTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript. WordPress blog Sites do NOT. The Page editing software is very much like using Microsoft Word, and makes it considerably easier for you to update your Site yourself, rather than having to send in a request for us to update your Site and wait for us to do so.

Q. Why do I need a tutorial for WordPress if it’s so easy?

Because not everyone is as smart as you and there are some parts or WordPress, depending on the theme you’re using, that will need explaining in order for you to figure it out. But having done it at least once or twice we are confident you will have greater ease doing it again in the future. However if you seldom update your Site the tutorial is handy to have as a reference guide.

Q. What if I want to know how to do something that isn’t covered in my tutorial?

Submit a request telling us in detail what it is you wish to know and we’ll look it over and let you know if you can do it on you end or if it has to be done on ours.

Q. What is WordPress Training?

WordPress training is one on one Training done over the phone, normally in correspondence to your Site setup being finished, explaining to you how WordPress works while talking you through the admin section of the Site and its specific uses. This can also include your E-commerce option if time allows and you have chosen the Shopping Cart Program as your E-commerce option.

Q. I’ve used WordPress before and don’t really like the Themes you have. Can I use my own?

Certainly, but if you want the theme customized in any way you have to do it, or we’ll do it for you at $25.00/ hour.

Q. Why do I need a tutorial for my E-commerce Option?

You will only receive a tutorial for this is you choose the Shopping Cart Program as your E-commerce Option. In which case just like the WordPress tutorial this is more of a handy reference guide if you don’t edit you shopping cart often.

Q. What is considered Site Maintenance?

Any time we have to go into your Site, Store, or Affiliate account to make changes. Such as adding, editing or updating content or images on your Site. Adding, editing or updating product in your store. Adding, editing or updating links in your Affiliate account, as well as creating new logins for any of these accounts. Requests for old logins are not considered maintenance and will be sent to you within 1 Business day.

Q. How much does Site Maintenance Cost?

Site Maintenance is $25.00 per hour, with an initial fee of $25.00 for anything under an hour. Ex. Site A takes 15 minutes to edit you would be charged $25.00. Design B takes 3 hours, that’s $75.00. $25/hour.

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