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We have been in the waterless car wash business long enough to know that one of the keys to getting ahead is to have a unique angle or approach to the waterless car wash. For some though, this is easier said than done because they spend enough time washing all those cars to perfection to be thinking about creating a unique angle for their brand. It is far from impossible though and all it takes is a little bit of creativity and your brand can stand out from all the rest. Today we are going to be looking at an example of a company has done a great job at creating a brand for themselves, this is Grand Esotico.

Located out of Ontario, Grand Esotico is one of the handful of waterless car wash detailers from Canada so they knew early on that they had to do something to differentiate themselves form the rest of the pack. A lot of other waterless car wash detailers out there have been able to make a name for themselves by promoting their brand as eco friendly. While this is definitely a good technique, it has been used several times before and the crew from Grand Esotico needed to go a different way with it.

The route Grand Esotico decided to take was the luxury route. Instead of taking the easy way and trying to brand themselves as a cheap solution to the waterless car wash, they have chosen to focus on the high level of value they can provide. As a result, the types of customers that Grand Esotico receives are ones that drive extremely nice and expensive cars, which we imagine makes it a pleasure for their employees to come into work every day and see those cars.

Of course, Grand Esotico is a whole lot more than just a company that knows how to market themselves to people with nice cars. They have also put in the years of dedication to make sure they have a deep understanding of the waterless car wash. Each and every one of their employees has been completely trained so that they are fully proficient in all aspects of the waterless car wash. Basically, what that means is that when you bring your car or truck into Grand Esotico, it is a guarantee that you are going to be receiving the best service available.

So if you ever find yourself in the Ontario area and feel like treating your car to a little bit of luxury then we highly recommend you stop by Grand Esotico and see what they can do for you. Not only will your car get the luxurious washing of a lifetime, but you also get the opportunity to meet some of the greatest guys in the waterless car wash industry. Don’t wait another second, if you are close by then stop in today.

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