Hi Def Details Gives Your Dad What He Wants for Father’s Day!

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Father’s Day is a very special time of year because it is the one day that you get to honor the person responsible for bringing you into this world. The unfortunate part is that shopping for a Father’s Day present can be very difficult as our fathers are usually the most difficult people to shop for. Most fathers aren’t big on shopping so we never have a good idea of what exactly it is that they want and asking them doesn’t usually produce any great results either. If you happen to live in the Dallas area though you have the opportunity to get your dad one of the best gifts ever while saving money at the same time. Of course we are talking about none other than the Hi Def Detail Father’s Day Sale.

There is no need to worry about what to get your father this year because just about all dads have a car or truck and like them to look nice. No matter kind of car or truck your dad happens to drive it would be a nice gesture to pay for him to get it looking in its best condition. Don’t worry if he has an older model car or truck because those type of vehicles will end up looking especially nice after they have been given the waterless treatment.

The special going on right now at Hi Def Detail through this Saturday is really amazing. You get an exterior hand wash and wax, wheels and tires are cleaned and dressed, the interior cabin is air purged and vacuumed, floor mats shampooed and the glass and panels get cleaned too. That is a pretty thorough cleaning and one that it would hard to be disappointed with given the quality of waterless car wash products and the reputation of Hi Def Detail.

As for the price, you might be quite surprised at how much all of this costs. Surprisingly you can get this whole clean performed for only $49 for cars and $69 for SUVs. That is amazingly cheap considering how detailed of a clean you will be getting and how your car will look once it is done. These savings aren’t going to go on forever though so you better head down to Hi Def Detail before Saturday to lock in a deal like this for your dad.

We are so proud of our dealers and all of the different ideas that they come up with, like this one. Cameron from Hi Def Detail is always thinking of new ways to impress us and his customers and this Father’s Day special is the perfect example. Our fathers have been working hard for years and this one day out of the year is your chance to show them how much you appreciate that. The waterless car wash is a great and innovative way for you to express that and doesn’t involve any shopping or searching around the mall to find him something. The waterless car wash from Hi Def Detail is the perfect gift.

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