Pro Exclusive Makes Cars Hot Where It’s Cold

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People often ask us what our favorite part about being in the waterless car wash business is. It’s a pretty loaded question as we would have trouble narrowing the list down to just one single thing but if we had to pick just one it would probably be for the fact that we get to interact with so many different people from around the world. Our customers are just one part of this but most businesses have customers from all over the world so while we definitely appreciate our international customers, for this purpose we were thinking more of the international detailers. Today we are going to be taking a closer look at one of those detailers, this is Pro Exclusive.

Based out of Poland, these guys definitely face some disadvantages in the waterless car wash industry but also have quite a few advantages on their side as well. Their disadvantages obviously begin with the weather. If you know anything about Poland then you already know it can be very cold there and they experience some particularly harsh winters. This means that people can often start neglecting their car care because of all the snow on the ground. This is definitely not a good look for your vehicle.

On the other hand, all that cold weather and snow can also be a positive for their business strategy. The main reason people don’t want to go out and wash in the winter is because it is so cold that they don’t want to be spraying even colder water around. With the waterless car wash that problem is solved completely. You can even keep your car inside of a heated garage and wash it from the inside, no cold, no water, just shine. What a perfect combination!

Of course, for the people that don’t like to wash their own cars, Pro Exclusive takes care of everything for them. These guys can claim their success to be attributed to a lot more than just picking a suitable location, they are bonafide experts on waterless car wash tactics as well. There is no way you could go to them to get your car detailed and walk away with anything less than a big grin on your face. Let us tell you, these guys truly don’t know the meaning of an unsatisfied customer. Now that is something to really be proud of.

So while we know a lot of you won’t ever make it out to Poland to check out their operation in person, the guys from Pro Exclusive really should be commended for all of their hard work. It’s not easy living in a country that is so cold, but these guys make the most of it and then some. Keep up the great work guys, we are definitely proud to have you on our side.

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