Quicker Green of Costa Rica is No Stranger to the Media

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Anyone who knows the first thing about our business knows that we have expanded ourselves a lot farther than just the United States. Sure, we have a huge amount of waterless car wash dealers that are doing an amazing job at promoting us in the states but it doesn’t even come close to stopping there. We have dealers in every corner of the globe representing us and one of our biggest dealers is operating outside of the United States. Some of you have heard us talk about Quicker Green from Costa Rica before and today we are going to check back in with them to see how they are doing.

Previously we were talking about Quicker Green because they were making some really great TV appearances and doing TV interviews that were hugely instrumental at advancing the waterless car wash even further, not just in Costa Rica but in all of the surrounding Spanish-speaking countries. We have said it before and we will say it again – it is hard breaking into a new market and country and that is made even more difficult when we aren’t even able to speak the language. Companies like Quicker Green have been able to help us to reach new customers by getting everything set up for us and just supplying and using the products that we create.

Aside from making frequent appearances on the news, the crew at Quicker Green is also hard at work cleaning the cars of their clients. If you are in Costa Rica and need to get your car cleaned in the most professional way possible but don’t have the time to do it yourself then you really have no better option than Quicker Green. Since they can come out and do a complete clean to your car while you aren’t even there, and when you see your car again you will be totally amazed, why would you not use Quicker Green’s services?

We have to admit, that even when we see them on TV and can’t understand what they are saying in Spanish, they still manage to sound like a total authority in the waterless car wash world. That is definitely not something that can be faked. Sounding like an authority no matter what language you are speaking in or whether the listener can understand it is something that can’t be taught, it just comes naturally.

That is just one of the reasons why we are happy to have Quicker Green on our side. They are one of our biggest dealers south of our borders and they do an amazing job at not only representing us and themselves, but the waterless car wash as a whole each and every time they make a public appearance. We look forward to seeing a whole lot more from them soon because they have definitely been impressing us so far. Keep up the great work Quicker Green!

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