Detailing Professionals

Detailing Professionals around the world use Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom Waterless Car Wash products to clean cars, trucks, planes and boats. From Turkey to Australia…from Romania to Alabama, Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom products produce great results that customers rave over. It has been our experience that Professional detailers can clean more cars per day using a high quality waterless product, than by using soap and water. This eliminates the need to cart around tanks of water and cleaning mess it creates.

Some locations require every drop of water to be collected and disposed of offsite. In states like California, the water usage laws/rules are very strict and the “water” detailers are highly scrutinized. For your information, California has handed out over $3 million dollars in fines to detailers in 2009 for not following the water usage rules.

With the Waterless Method, the end result is quicker cleanings, shinier cars and happier customers. It all leads to more cars cleaned and higher profits for the detailer. Still not convinced? Here’s a short list of Detail Professionals you can look up. Please contact them and see how they use the Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom products to enhance the success of their business.

We offer special Dealer pricing and wholesale prices for the Trades.

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