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If you are one of those people who love their car and love keeping it clean and shiny, then Freedom Waterless Car Wash is a perfect product for you. You can Clean, Polish and Protect your cars’ finish while it is wet or dry, in the direct sunlight or in the shade. Now you can clean virtually anywhere and anytime, as long as the surface is not excessively soiled with dirt, mud or gritty sand. Here are a few perfect situations where Freedom Waterless products can be used on your car, truck, boat or plane:

  1. In a warehouse, parking structure, garage or hanger.
  2. Indoors during the middle of winter.
  3. At the park, beach or in your driveway in the blazing hot summer.
  4. Have in your car for those quick touch ups in between cleanings.
  5. Take it with you on road trips, car shows or cruise night.
  6. Emergencies where bird droppings, bugs or debris has covered the windshield and limited your visibility.

We recommend cleaning with Freedom Waterless Car Wash once per week to keep the luster glowing. Once per week is ideal, but the super slick surface will stay clean for weeks. People will actually think you clean it every day.

Please check out the video & the picture gallery pages for great examples of other people cleaning and showing off their rides.

If you have questions or want to speak to a professional detailer can log on to MobileWorks ECO Forum and see what other eco-minded car cleaning & car detailing buffs are talking about.

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