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Commercial Fleet Managers – Why should you use Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom Waterless Car Wash products

  1. How much does it cost to clean one vehicle?
  2. How many vehicles do you have?
  3. How often do you have them cleaned per week/ month?
  4. What is the hourly wage of the person facilitating the cleaning?

Example Scenario: John’s Plumbing Company has 10 vans that needs to be cleaned once a week to keep a sharp image to the public. Joe the plumber is tasked to clean his service van. He is usually gone for at least an hour per week at the car wash. Joe the plumber bills customers over $100 per hour when on a service call. The car wash cost $10 and he uses $5.00 worth of gasoline getting there and back. This adds up to $115 per week, per vehicle. That’s over $1,000 per week or $4,000 per month in lost revenue.

Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom Waterless Car Wash can help save much of this lost revenue. How?

  1. Cars/Vans can be cleaned in any place even inside of a warehouse. Eliminating the need to travel anywhere.
  2. Cars/Vans can be cleaned in 20 minutes, especially if it is the 2nd or 3rd cleaning. The more the vehicle is cleaned, the slipperier the paint becomes and easier the process is. Touch up is very easy too.
  3. The more slippery the surface is, the longer it takes to become dirty. It can go 2 or more weeks between cleanings or quickly touched up if needed.
  4. The results for your company will be: more financial savings, better looking vehicles and more convenience to where/when/how they are cleaned.

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