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Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom, has been rapidly growing recently. We are looking for sharp business minded people, to join our Team. We have Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom Dealer opportunities. Dealers are Independent business owners. Dealers receive Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom, #1 Rated Products at wholesale price. Dealers demonstrate the products, green hand car wash and waterless concept, to individuals, businesses & corporations of all kinds. Dealers need to stock & supply their customers. However for larger volumes, we offer drop ship, commission based fulfillment options.

Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom Dealers are 100% Independent Business Owners. We require very little restriction to our Team. Dealers must make a onetime minimum product purchase, to join. During this initial order we can sell you at special dealer pricing. In turn Dealers are able to make a substantial profit while spreading & introducing the Green Waterless Concept. Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom promotes Dealers, directly on our network of websites. Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom provides access to local business leads, by directly advertising you on our website. This is a true win/win situation.

For more info on becoming a Dealer, please submit your contact info below (best option). A Trained Dealer Rep will follow up by email and by phone upon request. Feel free to email or call directly.

Thank you for your interest in Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom. We are changing the world until every person in every neighborhood, across the globe has gone green and waterless…

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Here is a recent Testimonial from a Freedom Distributor

Hello Friends,

My name is Pete E and I have recently decided to change my evil ways. It took me years to develop a small clientele of loyal customers who needed my services.  I started with one client and before I knew it I had many satisfied customers.  I thought my service was unique or at least in my area it is.  Detailing cars, trucks, and boats at their location was my business. ” I come to you is what I do” This is how I advertise.
One of my biggest problems was bringing enough water to a site to wash the car before I did whatever service was agreed upon.  Everyday I would load up my truck with 50 gallons of water, a gas operated generator, ten different cleaning products, a canopy, and a barrel of clean towels just to make a day’s pay.
As time went on, things started to change. The environmentally conscious folks started to ask about the run off of my chemicals and if they were leaching back into our water tables.
I began to change my thinking and it had to start with my product line. I made a promise to myself to use the most environmentally friendly products I could find, whenever I could use them. Then one day I was checking around and asking some other big time pros what they use. You know the guys with four bays, and ten different high end detailing jobs to chose from. I wanted to know what they were using for this and that.  One shop owner in Long Island told me one of his deepest darkest secrets that helped him stretch his dollar and improve his service. He introduced me to  the Freedom Waterless Car Wash products.(  The rest is history.
After sampling these fine products, I was soon a total believer, a user, and now a Freedom Distributor.
The products are amazing and can be used in a variety of applications with unbelievable results every time.  I no longer need that truck, the water, the generator and buckets of cleaning supplies.  Believe it or not, I load the Mini Cooper and away I go. That’s right, we do all our services out of our Mini Coopers.  Savings is the name of the game here at We are into saving time, money, and the environment.  That’s why I chose Freedom Waterless Car Wash.  Thank you Freedom, and thank you Anthony.

Mark said he was looking at different products on the net and always found Freedom to be highly rated and found nothing negative. He said he just reached out and called one of your dealers. me! He was asking a lot of questions with how I started up and if I’m doing it full time and asked about service/sales, etc. I wanted to let him know that he doesn’t have to look any further because Freedom is answer to the best product on the market. I asked what he does and he said he was a chaplain and he was always particular about cleaning his car so this looked like something he would enjoy.
-Keith in Ga

I’m now going out and doing demos for business using the Freedom products.  I was demonstrating at a small detailing shop on Monday (I’m starting off small to catch any mistakes before approaching the larger shops and other businesses) and it turned into a friendly competition.  The gentlemen was selling and using a different product.  So I did a small part of the car hood and asked does it look the same when using that product.  He said yes, so I told him lets each take one side of the car and see which looks better.  So he picks up the aerosol can (how eco-friendly is that?) and starts spraying down his side of the car.  Using the Freedom One Super Polymer, I started on my side and finished in about 3 minutes, going normal speed.

Once done, I went over to look at his side, he was still going!  Rubbing and rubbing the solution onto the car.  Plus, with the aerosol can, most of what he was spraying was missing the car in the first place.  Took him a total of 12 minutes compared to my 3 minutes.  He said both sides looked similar, but I didn’t agree and told him why. The solution he used had lots wax & petroleum in it and I used the Freedom One, which does not.  I showed him on the back of the vehicle using the 2 Wax Original waterless wash and he had to agree with me, it had a much deeper color look to it than his side.  Then we went to compare the ingredients in both, and of course Freedom was the winner, hands down.  It’s too bad I never had a video camera with me because that would have been an awesome video to put on my upcoming new website.  Just thought I’d let you know of this little story.

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