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Becoming an International Freedom Dealer is Full of Advantages

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Lately we have been receiving a lot of feedback about our recent posts talking about becoming a Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom dealer. Many people have expressed interest in doing just that because they feel good about being able to help sell a product that they can really stand behind. We get a lot of people internationally contacting us too and wondering whether or not they as well can become Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom dealers. The answer is an enthusiastic “YES!” and for international dealers there are some really special options that you have available as well that can make your waterless car wash business in your country really take off.

As far as waterless car washes go in the states, even though they are not yet a fully household name, many people have heard of them and know where to buy waterless car wash products as well. Depending on where you are located, the waterless car wash might still be completely unknown to the people of your country and you can be at a huge advantage by being the first one to introduce it to the population. There are many things that we can do both online and offline to help you promote your new waterless car wash business in your country and if you are the first then all of the business is going to go straight to you.

We can even do you one better though. If you are the first person to bring Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom products to your country then we can sell you the exclusive rights to sell online for your country. This will guarantee that you are the only person in your country that is selling Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom Waterless Car Wash products online effectively eliminating your competition all at once.

At Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom we want to make the whole process as simple and hassle-free as possible for you. If you have any questions about becoming an exclusive online reseller, either domestically or internationally then please feel free to contact us. Otherwise, in the mean time you can take a look and learn more about our services to help you become an Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom dealer at our dealer page.

Letting Us Create Your Website Makes Becoming A Freedom Dealer Infinitely Easier!

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Last week we talked a lot about how easy it is to become a dealer of Freedom Waterless Car Wash products and all of the advantages you get by becoming one. Not only is it very affordable to have our products sent to you at lower than wholesale prices but we can also help you to get the entire web-based system off the ground so that all you have to do is let the website sit there and make sure you are getting the orders out on time.

We have made this process as simple as humanly possible. In fact we can’t think of any other company or industry that has made it this easy and hassle-free for someone to become a dealer of their products. Our method of designing our sites is also much different to other firms out there. Most web design companies will come up with many designs for you to choose from. This not only takes time but can be much more expensive as you are also basically paying for the designs that they have created which you didn’t choose. They will often use their own content management system of which only they are capable of operating and then they will input your content themselves. All of this can easily cost thousands of dollars.

With us we only have one theme which on paper might sound limiting but in all actuality it helps us to be much more versatile to your needs. This theme has been specifically chosen for its ability to be easily customized. We are able to redesign it in just about any way that you might be able to think of and if you don’t have any ideas as far as the design then just leave the creative part entirely up to us.

For our content management system we have selected WordPress as it is by far the most user friendly option for websites even though it has a reputation as mostly blogging software. Using WordPress you will have no problem creating great looking webpages and it will not look like a blog in any way, although you will be perfectly capable of adding the blog element to your site at any time.

This all works to make the entire process of us creating your website much simpler because the content management system is one that everyone understands and if you ever have any problems in the future WordPress has some really great support forums. Using WordPress we can have your new website online for you within hours of you contacting us. After that we will take the time to adjust and tweak different elements of the website to fit your exact needs. This entire process can take anywhere from a couple of days to a week. In our opinion, this is preferable to the months it could take another web design firm to create your website on a system that would be much more difficult for you to use.

We have two different methods of carrying out the design for your new website to sell our Freedom Waterless Car Wash products. You can read more info about the different methods at our website design page but we will explain them here briefly.

The first way is to pick one of our three packages. These packages have either 4, 20 or 40 hours of service. This is usually done for the first time clients creating websites to sell our products as it will also include buying your domain name as well as hosting.

The second available method would be to pick the numbers of hours that you would like to be spent on your site. These hours are typically used after the site has been created to make changes or updates to your site. The time that your site is worked on is carefully tracked and a rollover system is in place. This means that your hours won’t just expire after one use but you will be able to use them in many sessions until they finally run out.

That might have been a lot to read but trust us that all of this difficult stuff is taken care of on our end. If you are interested in selling Freedom Waterless Car Wash products then you will need a website to promote yourself. Instead of stressing yourself out with difficult to work with web design firms, you can make things easier and cheaper on yourself by letting us take care of it all. We understand the product and we understand the best way to set up a website for our product so that it sells. Having us cover all points of this is a great solution and is extremely hands-off for you. Check out our web design packages for yourself today!

Becoming a Freedom Dealer is as Easy as Wipe On, Wipe Off!

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You might be using Freedom Waterless Car Wash products now or you might have heard about how well they work and want to share that info with other people. That’s great, you are already one step ahead of the game. We also believe in the use of waterless car wash products very strongly, not only because we sell them but because of the advantages they carry for customers and the environment. If you believe in those same causes then you might want to get involved and become a dealer for Freedom Waterless Car Wash. It is a whole lot easier than you might think.

A great success story of becoming a Freedom dealer would be Justin Bonnett, the owner Eco Auto Clean in Atlanta. Justin is a two-time cancer survivor who was working in a night club when he discovered Freedom products. Not wanting to spend the rest of his life in the night club scene Justin decided that it was time to make a move and become a dealer for a product that would not only make him money, but help consumers and do his part to clean up the environment. Just a few years later Justin is the top dealer for Freedom Waterless Car Wash products and he doesn’t have to work in the night club anymore.

Justin’s story is just one of many though and there is just as good of an opportunity for you to have the same success, if not more by becoming a dealer for our products. The best part is that it does not take a whole lot of effort to become one of our dealers.

Of course, this will require a small investment on your part. Any sort of retail operation will. The good part is that we offer lower than wholesale prices to all of our dealers to really maximize their profit margins. Also by becoming a dealer you and your business will start to be marketed – free of charge – on our network of websites and in some print media. You should never have to pay for advertising through us – you sell our products so that pays for the advertising. All of that advertising is a sure way to bring you more business and help you sell more products.

We have a whole lot of really great resources to help you to become the best dealer of Freedom products that you can be. We will cover some more of our other services to help our dealers next week but for now why not check out our dealer page to learn more about how can start selling one of the most innovative products on the market today!

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