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Freedom ONE is Blue in 2012!

Written by Freedom. Posted in News

Variety is the spice of life and we like to try our best to keep things flavorful for our customers by always offering them something new and refreshing. Apart from all of the new products, new dealers and other new things that we are doing all the time, we also like to make some changes to our existing products every now and then, just to make things interesting. That is why we would like to introduce to you our latest version of our famous Freedom ONE Waterless Car Wash.

Those of you that have used our products in the past can probably spot the difference right away. Our new product for 2012 is definitely blue. We decided that it was time for us to do a little rebranding with one of our best selling products and blue just seemed like a good choice. We’ve got to say that we think the blue formula in the clear bottle looks really sexy but maybe we are just way too into this whole waterless car wash.

All jokes aside we really like the look of this new product and hope that you do too. We want all of our loyal and new customers to know that even though the color has changed, the formula is the exact same formula that you have come to know and love. The new, blue product will still clean your car every bit as good and give it the same legendary shine that you are used to with the old product. No need to worry about any hazards with the new color, everything we do is non-toxic so your car will be protected.

We are expecting 2012 to be an amazing year for us and there is no better way to celebrate that than with a new product like this. Don’t be surprised when you see a bottle of the blue stuff show up at your front door on your next order. All it will take is a couple of wipes and you will be able to tell exactly what you are working with.

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