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Your Feedback is Very Important to Us – Let Us Have It!

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Anyone that knows the first thing about running a business knows that success is based on the combination of many things working together that result in the overall success of the business. It is rarely just one single thing that causes a business to be successful as everything needs to work together to play off each individual strength and weakness. That being said there are definitely some aspects of a business that are much more important than others and in our opinion one of the most important parts of a successful business is customer satisfaction. Making our customers is happy is something that we really take a lot of pride in and we wouldn’t be anywhere today without each and every one of you.

For us, it feels really great when we are able to get good feedback from our customers to let us know we are doing a great job. There are many different forms that we receive this in and one of the most common is the return customer. This lets us know without the customer having to even contact us whatsoever that we are doing a great job at satisfying and that we should keep up the great work.

While repeat business is great, the lack of communication usually doesn’t tell us exactly what it is that the customer likes about our business. This is why we really appreciate it when customers contact us and tell us what they liked about dealing with us. Most people simply enjoy the products themselves although we have received compliments about our great customer services, low prices and also speedy shipping times. Knowing these things can always make it so that we continue to provide the things that make our customers the happiest.

One of our favorites though is when our customers send us pictures to look at. The picture above was just sent to us by one of our extremely happy customers. By taking the time out to photograph their car after the wash we really know that this person was more than satisfied with the way their car looked after the waterless wash. How could they not be? Look at that car, it is really looking very beautiful. Beyond just feeling good about our customers sending us photos of their cars, we simply enjoying seeing pictures of cars that are looking all nice and shiny.

So since the satisfaction of our customers is so important to us, we ask you all to let us know how satisfied you are with our business and our products. Drop us a line and let us know what you really thought of the experience of dealing with Freedom Waterless Car Wash. Even if their was something you think we could improve on, let us know that too. In fact, we would be even more interested in hearing about the ways in which we could improve as it will help us to keep all of our others happy. So from Freedom Waterless Car Wash we would like to say thank you to all of our customers and we hope to hear from you soon!

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