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Some People Live for the Waterless Car Wash

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For some people the waterless car wash is a whole lot more than just something that they do every now and then to get their car clean, it is a complete way of life for them. These people are doing more than just simply using these products but they practically eat, sleep and breathe the waterless car wash. It makes sense that there would be people every now and then like that because the waterless car wash is such a useful system with so many uses and benefits. These types of people have made it their life mission to spread the word about the waterless car wash.

The first person like this that comes to mind would be none other than Justin Bonnet. If you aren’t familiar with Justin by now, you really should be. Justin is the owner of Eco Auto Clean out of Atlanta and is probably one of the single most dedicated people that we know in the whole waterless car wash industry. Justin is out there every day promoting the waterless car wash, making connections and even washing cars for customers by hand on his own. Justin does an amazing job of documenting his adventures, taking photos and then blogging about them so that the rest of the world can see exactly what he is doing with Eco Auto Clean. Justin washes an astounding amount of cars every week, so much so that we have to feature a special article for his business every week just so we don’t fall behind on what is going on. When people work this hard on something and really give it their all we feel that there is really no way that they can fail.

Another member of our team that certainly deserves his fair share of recognition is Cameron Johnson. Cameron is the owner of Hi Def Detail which operates out of the Texas area and does an amazing job at brining cars up to their maximum level of shininess. Cameron’s clients often own much more fancy and expensive cars than some of the other clients that we tend to see which makes it an absolute treat to follow what he is doing on a day to day basis. Just being able to spend time around some amazing cars like the ones that Cameron gets to work on seems like an absolute treat to us and we would love to be in his shoes. Cameron also likes to make videos documenting his experiences with the waterless car wash and they are always fun to watch as well.

These are just two people that have taken an extreme interest in the waterless car wash but believe us there are many more. These are the types of people that have spent their lives supporting something that is extremely useful on so many levels and we feel that they deserve recognition for that. If you would like to learn any more about either of them then feel free to take a closer look at their websites.

GreenCar is Making Waterless Waves in Portugal!

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Global reach is something that is very important to us. We try our best to get our products into all different corners of the world so that people from all different cultures can experience the benefits involved with the waterless car wash. This is something that we could never do on our own though as language barriers and requirements for opening businesses in foreign countries can be a real hurdle. That is why we are so appreciative of all of the people out there who have taken the time to become Freedom dealers and help us to extend our worth in the global marketplace. Today we are going to be looking at the latest exclusive Freedom dealer, this is GreenCar out of Portugal.

The fact that the guys have from GreenCar have the exclusive rights to distribute our products is a big thing for them. This allows them to have their finger on the pulse of the waterless world throughout the entire country of Portugal. If waterless car wash products are being sold in Portugal then you can bet that they have had a part in it. There is no other feeling that can compare to having that sort of control over a particular market.

Another thing that works in their favor is that they are extremely hard working. The team is dedicated to success from management all the way down the ladder. It seems like a simple and obvious thing to say but you will get nowhere in the waterless world if you don’t have a bit of determination to show.

They sell all of the products needed to get you started washing your car without water although they can also wash your car for you as well if you feel like you aren’t up to the task. They have a crew of trained professionals that will do an excellent job at washing your car without water and the amazing shine that you see in the end will be proof of that. No matter which way you choose, for them to wash or for you to wash your car yourself, you can rest assured that your car will be capable of making people stop and stare as you drive by.

We have to say that we are really glad to be working with such friendly and responsible people. Getting our products into a country where we can’t speak the local lingo is always a challenge but having contacts with the guys at GreenCar has helped tremendously. It is a win-win situation because we can expand our customer base and they are supplied with the number 1, trusted formula for the waterless car wash. Their exclusive partnership with us will guarantee that they will be the only ones in the country with a product of this quality forever. If that sounds appealing to you too then you may want to look into more information about what it takes to become a freedom dealer and how the exclusives rights work. It is literally the pathway to success!

EcoWash2Go is Innovating the Waterless World

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A great way to tell if a company is reputable or not is to see if any one place or organization uses them exclusively for all of their needs in that field. This might not be something that you would normally associate with the waterless car wash industry but we think that a lot of you would be surprised to find out that it happens a whole lot more often than you might think. These exclusive contracts are great ways to build a business just like the great folks over at EcoWash2Go have done.

The crew at EcoWash2Go is the premier and exclusive provider of the waterless car wash for Mississauga Luxury Condominium. You can bet your bottom dollar that there are a lot of really nice looking cars that have been parked in that parking lot. The residents can call them at any time to schedule a wash and booking online is available as well. They even accept online payments through their website, something that we hope to see a lot more of from our dealers very soon.

When you call them to come to your place there is no need to move your vehicle or even to come outside. They will know where your assigned parking space is and they will come and give it the shine of a lifetime without you having to do anything at all. This means form the comfort of your computer you can order the wash and it will be completed soon without you ever having to do another thing. The vehicles are cleaned during the night so when you wake up, the first thing you will see is a car with an awesome shine. A cleaning can be booked for the daytime as well by appointment.

If life has got you super busy and you can’t even find the time to get your car cleaned the waterless then this is the perfect solution. You can even order it and pay for it form work and they will show up later that night for the cleaning. We really love seeing companies that are focused on creating a level of customer service this high and hassle free. If only everything in this world could be as care free as the way the guys at EcoWash2Go make things then the world would truly be a better place.

Gecko Mobile Washing is Cleaning Up Singapore

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If you live in Singapore then you already know that the cost of owning a car is not cheap. It is a double edged sword the way that the government makes cars prohibitively expensive in return for having streets that are free of traffic and congestion. Those that are fortunate enough to be able to afford a car want to really make sure that they can keep their car in the best condition possible at all times in order to keep the retail value high. The waterless car wash can help you to do that and the guys over at Gecko Mobile Wash will help to bring the products to you in Singapore.

Gecko Mobile Wash will supply everything that you need to give your car that great cleaning or if you prefer to have some trained professionals do the dirty work (or should we say the cleaning work?) then you can have them take care of it for you as well. They will even come right to your house, or wherever is convenient for you to have your car cleaned. This is becoming the industry standard with the waterless car wash, the traveling wash team and is one of the biggest advantages of the waterless system. We also believe it is one of the reasons the waterless car wash system is catching on so fast.

The crew at Gecko is capable of handling more than just your car though. They specialize in aquatic vehicles like jet skis and boats as well.  No matter what kind of vehicle it is that you are driving they will accommodate for it and their team of trained specialists will know all the right techniques on how to clean it in just the right way.

They recently have been featured in some Singapore newspapers as well for their contributions to the city and its citizens. With Singapore being the most advanced country in Southeast Asia, this is quite an accomplishment for them as there are definitely a whole lot of people that are doing a lot of good things around the city. Just looking around Singapore and seeing how clean it is, you know that there is a lot of stiff competition (albeit friendly competition) at keeping the city clean.

We are really glad to see more companies like Gecko Mobile Wash opening up around the Asian market. This is great news for us as it is a good sign that we are really going global. For Singapore residents this is even better news as they will finally have easy access to their waterless car wash products as well as a team that can help them to apply the products in a professional way. Gecko Mobile Wash, we wish you all the best!

Hi Def Detail are the Go To Guys for Waterless Car Wash in Texas

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Here at Freedom Waterless Car Wash We are interested in a whole lot more than just promoting ourselves in the waterless car wash world. There are a lot of really great dealers out there that provide some of the same great products that we provide to the world and we think it is important to highlight them from time to time. Last week we told you how easy it is to become a dealer of Freedom products for yourself and we thought that we would enforce that point by introducing you to one of the main players that is making a living selling Freedom products. We would like to introduce you to Hi Def Detail.

Hi Def Detail has two separate locations in Texas with one of them in Dallas and the other one in Irving. They make their business as comfortable as possible for customers by offering their customers free WiFi, complimentary beverages and HDTV to watch while they are waiting for the trained professionals to clean their car. These aren’t just gimmicks though as the people who sell waterless car wash products have no reason whatsoever to have to rely upon gimmicks.

The guys at Hi Def believe in helping to save and conserve the environment and using less water is one of the best ways to make that possible. All of the products that they use are certified organic and are 100% biodegradable as well. Try finding that at your local car wash that uses soap and water to clean your car. They have more environmentally friendly techniques than just the products they use though, as all of the bottles, containers and packaging is reused at every possible opportunity. This doesn’t just help the environment but it saves costs and then the savings are passed on directly to you.

These guys aren’t just car wash specialists either though, they have a whole range of talents that your car can really benefit from. If your car has some unsightly scratches on it then they are the perfect people to call as they can remove scratches from your car and have it looking brand new again. In fact many people who have used their service have left saying that they felt that their car looked better than it did on the day that they bought it.

Looking at some of the reviews online some people have even thought that the business had to be a fake because there were no bad reviews for Hi Def Detail. Then they went to try the service for themselves and they realized that there was nothing fake about it at all, Hi Def Detail is the real deal. Anyone that is looking for a great way to get their car washed in an environmentally friendly way in the Texas area owes it to themselves to check out Hi Def Detail.

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