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Hi Def Auto Details Fixes Years of Water Wash Damage

Written by Freedom. Posted in Dealers

People who drive nice and expensive cars drive them for a reason, because they want to feel good and a big part of feeling good is looking good as well. One of the top choices of cars for people to drive for a status symbol is a range rover so anyone that you see driving a range rover you can be pretty sure they are concerned about their appearance. Recently a range rover was brought over to our friends at Hi Def Auto Detail and it was looking in really rough shape. This thing had been absolutely torn to shreds by the mechanical car washes.

Before we go any further we should probably explain what we are talking about. The owner of this car wanted to keep it looking very clean and thought that he was bringing to get washed at both automatic car wash stations and expressed washed by teams of under-trained staff. He was complaining that his car looked ok at night but when it was viewed in the sunlight it just looked awful. Hi Def Auto Detail agreed and they explained that the car washes the customer had been using can actually do more harm than good. They explained that these sorts of car washes are not made just for your car like you can easily customize a waterless wash on the go. This means that the car was treated unnecessarily rough in some spots resulting in all of those swirls and other abnormalities that are visible on the car.

When we talk about our products we always make a point to mention that our products add a layer of protection that a traditional car wash just can’t do. One of the things that we don’t mention as often (and maybe we should) is that the waterless way is also much safer and won’t have such a bad, adverse reaction on your car. It really hurts to know that so much water and resources were wasted just to ruin the beautiful paint job on a great car.

Don’t worry though because it is never too late just like Hi Def Auto Detail told their customer. The waterless car wash products can go back and correct these problems to the point that you won’t even know your car looked so bad. This particular car got the Hi Def Ultra Exterior Detail which was just right for the vehicle and the customer’s budget.

A clay detox was performed in order to remove bonded contaminants from the exterior paint, glass, chrome, headlights, taillights  and plastic surfaces and Hi Def Bling Nano Polish was applied to all of the painted surfaces using a Cyclo dual head orbital polisher. This ensures that the removal of all paint surface defects including, previous compound haze, scratches, swirls and holograms and restores the paint’s rich gloss and clarity. Hi Def 1080 Nano Seal was then applied to the paint to give it an outstanding shine. This will last for 12 durable months with no need for reapplication.

This is all proof that the waterless car wash products are not just great for washing your car and keeping it looking clean but it is also good for resurrecting your car from what you might have thought was irreversible. For us it seems like there is almost no problem that a good old waterless car wash can’t fix.

Don’t just take our word for it though, if you look below you can see some examples of what we are talking about with the before and after pictures. It is really amazing to see just what a difference the waterless car wash can really make.





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