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Apologies for the Site Being Down Last Week

Written by Freedom. Posted in Articles

If you have any experience running a website, then you know firsthand that things aren’t always easy. There is a lot of stuff to keep in mind, take care of and even the slightest little problem can make things go completely haywire. Last week some of you might have noticed that we were experiencing some downtime and for that we would like to apologize.

There was a problem with our server and after constant calls to the hosting company and them scratching their heads, we finally had to move servers. Not the best of solutions but we strive to have as little downtime as possible.

No matter how much you feel like you are a waterless car wash fan, we have to say – we live, eat, sleep and breathe waterless. Having the website down for a few days was pure torture for us as it kept us from being able to keep in touch with our fans and probably kept some of you from being able to order more products.

The good news is that as things stand right now, everything is back to normal and there shouldn’t be any more problems going forward.

We would like to take this time out to make a sincere apology to all of our fans and customers and if any of you were negatively affected by the site going down, we are really and truly sorry. The road ahead is paved in gold for waterless though so let’s keep those spirits high!

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