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Ecodetail Mobile is Washing Over the DC Area

Written by Freedom. Posted in Dealers

If there is one thing that we know, it is that in our nation’s capital there are a LOT of really nice cars. If there is anything else that we know it is that these cars all need to be cleaned to keep them looking in top condition. If we were quizzed about more things that we know then we would have to tell you that washing all of those cars in the traditional method with soap and water then it would have a very bad effect on the environment. It seems like we really know quite a lot of stuff. Despite that fact, we want to introduce you to one of our dealers that does awesome work in the DC area, washing cars waterlessly and saving water and resources for the planet. This is Ecodetail Mobile.

These guys have been working with us for quite a long time now and they don’t always get the full amount of attention that they deserve. They have gone to great lengths to turn their business into an eco-friendly machine that any green supporter would be happy to use. They fully understand the dangers of using, or wasting water while washing your car and they are on a mission to eliminate that practice throughout the world.

All of the crew that works with Ecodetail Mobile have been professionally trained in the best and most practical waterless car wash techniques. They are able to come in and give your car the wash of a lifetime so fast that you will be shocked when it is finished in a matter of minutes. Whether you need your interior or exterior cleaned or even your tires touched up, they are always capable of doing the job.

One of the things that they do which is unique though is their steam cleaning service. Usually our all purpose products work really well for any surface with a tough stain but there are always the situations, like on carpet, where using a steam cleaner can be much more efficient. While this option is still relatively portable it is still not quite as mobile as the waterless car wash itself. To combat this problem, Ecodetail Mobile has set up 7 different physical locations where you can take your car in to get cleaned. If we aren’t mistaken, that might just be the dealer with the most amount of branches in our roster.

So with a wealth of locations and special features that sets their business apart, we can really see Ecodetail Mobile going far. They have the drive, the smarts and the resources to pull it all off and most importantly they have the skills and knowledge to make your car look great. We are hoping to bring on many more dealers in the future with this type of determination so if you think what Ecodetail is doing sounds good, you might consider becoming a dealer yourself. It is a whole lot easier to do than you think and the benefits are plentiful.

Eco Green Auto Clean, Inc.
9205 W Russell Rd Ste 240
Las Vegas NV 89148


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