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Ecolo Green Car Wash is Cleaning Up LA Hundreds of Cars at a Time

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We all like to think that we are doing our [art for the environment in some way, shape or form, even in the smallest of ways. On the flip side there are often car companies out there that are doing great things for the environment in a big way. If you aren’t able to do anything big, don’t feel bad as some people just don’t have the resources to do such things on a large scale and every little bit counts. Don’t forget to appreciate the people out there that are doing big things though like Ecolo Green Car Wash.

The guys from Ecolo Green Car Wash are based out of Los Angeles and they are real masters of the waterless car wash.  They know that it is completely possible to get your car clean without water
which is exactly what they do for many of their clients around the LA area. What really sets them apart though is not how clean they get the cars that they clean (which is pretty amazingly clean by the way) but the scope in which they do it in. The guys at Ecolo Green Car Wash are doing this on a huge scale and they take on many projects where they are washing over 500 cars at a time.

You might be wondering how they are able to attract so many clients at once. Many companies with over 500 employees will contact them to come in and clean all of their cars in the parking lot at once as a treat to their employees. This is something that could never happen with a traditional car wash as you can’t bring the big, industrial machines to the customer and if they were to just bring their own soap and water they would end up flooding the parking area by the time they were done. This is the type of feat that can only be pulled off by the methods of the waterless car wash.

They also offer this service not just for companies but luxury apartments and parking structures as well. This makes things extremely easy on their customers as they just leave their car for the day and when they get back it is looking better than ever.

For the average person it is already to see how much water they are saving when they wash their car with waterless car wash products. When companies like Ecolo Green Car Wash does hundreds of cars at a time it becomes even more apparent just how much water is being saved. You could also look at as how much water is being wasted during a regular car wash depending on what your perspective on the situation is. No matter what way you want to look at it, the team at Ecolo Green Car Wash is not only doing their best to advance waterless car wash products but also cut down on their environmental footprint in the LA area. With just about every single person in LA driving a car, the contributions that they are making to their local community is very valuable.

Eco Green Auto Clean, Inc.
9205 W Russell Rd Ste 240
Las Vegas NV 89148


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