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Enviro Auto Care is a True Supporter of Our Country

Written by Freedom. Posted in Dealers

With all of the different waterless car wash dealers that we have to keep track of and how much we love to talk about all things waterless, we can sometimes forget that our dealers have lives outside of the waterless car wash industry too. Even though we are on a first name basis with just about all of our dealers, there is so much to talk about business-wise that personal things sometimes end up coming second. This is too bad because when we do get a chance to catch up with our dealers and what is going on with their lives, we are usually pleasantly surprised. That was definitely the case with Enviro Auto Care and we are going to be taking a closer look at them today.

Enviro Auto Care is a company that is based out of Atlanta, Georgia, just like two of our other dealers, Eco Auto Clean and Auto Sparkle Detailing. Despite the close proximity of their businesses, they are able to manage getting along pretty well within the waterless car wash industry and to work towards the greater good of helping the environment and saving water around the world.

Speaking of the greater good though, one of their members is doing a whole lot of good outside of just helping to save water. One of the main players in the company, JC, is serving a tour in Iraq, fighting for our country. We have always had a special place in our hearts for our waterless car wash dealers that help to keep things All American but going and helping to support and defend our country is taking things to the next level entirely. Even though JC is over there fighting for us in Iraq, it is good to know that some people stayed behind too to keep Enviro Auto Care going strong.

One might think that being located in the same place as some of our larger dealers might not be good for business but that simply isn’t the case. Since Atlanta is full of really nice cars and people who like them to be sparkly clean, there is always enough work to go around when it comes to washing cars waterlessly. And wash waterlessly they do with tons of customers loving the work they do and coming back for more too. When you work in the service industry, like washing someone’s car waterlessly, a return customer is always a sign that you are doing an excellent job.

So if you are in the Atlanta area then you might want to add Enviro Auto Care to the list of waterless dealers that you should be checking out. They do an amazing job at washing cars all while one of their key members is abroad fighting for the United States of America. If the way the cars shine when they are done with them isn’t enough for you, then the willingness to fight for our country definitely will be. Give them a visit today!

Eco Green Auto Clean, Inc.
9205 W Russell Rd Ste 240
Las Vegas NV 89148


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