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111 (ONE Eleven) Italy Opens Up a New Franchise

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One of the biggest differences that we have noticed as far as trends for the waterless car wash world in the last few years or so is that things have gone a lot more international. We know this because we have been the ones that have been supplying the majority of the international companies out there moving waterless car wash products. We have our products being sold in just about all continents across the globe and things aren’t showing any signs of slowing down any time soon. One of our biggest partners in Europe, 111 (ONE Eleven) has just opened up a new Franchise that we are going to be looking at today.

The guys from 111 (ONE Eleven) have been hugely instrumental in introducing the concept of the waterless car wash into their area of Europe and Italy which is why we are so excited to see them spread that even further with their newest franchise. This new franchise will be located in Montelarco, Italy which is right near the border of Rome. This is definitely a great place to welcome in anyone who wants to learn more about the waterless car wash. The new location is in the Via Flaminia km 33 in a shopping mall and will offer guests a relaxing atmosphere complete with music, coffee, soft drinks and even free WiFi.

111 (ONE Eleven) is an exclusive distributor of Freedom products for the Italian market so you can be sure that you won’t find a product that is this high in terms of quality anywhere else in the area. This new location in addition to their old location is the best place to go to get all of your waterless car wash products if you plan on washing your car yourself.

If washing yourself isn’t for you and you prefer to have one of their trained professionals do it instead then there is absolutely nothing wrong with that either. They have many staff on hand that are total pros at cleaning your car the waterless way and when you drive it out of there you will swear that it has never looked so good, even on the day that you bought it. They have all sorts of different packages to match any sort of budget and they are equipped to fully clean and detail not just the outside of your car but the inside as well. Your car will definitely thank you when it is done because it will be feeling just like you do after you step out of the shower after a long, hard day at work.

If you find yourself in Italy whether traveling or for any other purpose and are interested in learning more about the waterless car wash then you should definitely be taking a look at the great new location for 111 (ONE Eleven) as well as their old one too as both of them are worth a visit. Their friendly staff can help you with whatever you need as well as explaining any questions that you might have.

Tri-Kleen is Milwaukee’s Best Waterless Car Wash Company

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Even though we have Freedom dealers in all corners of the world, some of our biggest promoters are right here with us in the United States. Over the years that we have been in business we have had an astounding amount of people contact us wanting to be part of the waterless movement that has been catching on like wildfire as of late. Today we are going to be taking a look at the company of one of our closest US-based partners, this is Tri-Kleen.

Tri-Kleen is the creation of a great guy named Mike from Waupun, Wisconsin, a city about an hour north of Milwaukee. Mike believes in local sustainable living practices. He buys his meat and vegetables from local farmers and farmers markets and recycles as much as possible. Mike also washes his vehicles with waterless car wash products and believes you should too. Another interesting part about Mike’s business is that he hasn’t taken the easy way out and gone corporate for all of his material needs. Everything from his brochures to t-shirts he has created locally which is great for the people in his own community.

Mike loves how green the whole process of a waterless car wash can be and all of the advantages that it has for the environment. He loves telling people exactly how many gallons can be saved by washing your car the waterless way compared to using the traditional soap and water method. If we all switched to a waterless car wash then so much water could be saved that we would be able to seriously decrease some of the water issues that we have in the world today.

Tri-Kleen has a whole bunch of packages that they offer to give your car that quick and amazing clean. Pretty much anything that you would ever want done to your car they can take care of it and leave your car looking better than ever. The best part is that they will travel to you as well to clean your car so that you don’t even have to leave your house. Just set up an appointment with them and wait for them to show up and give your car the cleaning of a lifetime.

These washes aren’t just for your car though, the guys over at Tri-Kleen are very versatile. They can take care of your motorcycle or your boat with no problems at all so keep that in mind if you have more vehicles at your home that you think could benefit from one of the best waterless car washes around. They are a great example of a real all-American company that not only cares about their customers and local community but about the environment as well. If you are anywhere near the Milwaukee area, then you really owe it to yourself to give Tri-Kleen’s services a try. We know that you won’t be disappointed and most people who try them end up coming back for more.

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