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GO Waterless Car Wash of Malaysia is on the Move

Written by Freedom. Posted in Dealers

In all the years that we have been involved in the waterless car wash industry, we have seen and done a lot of things that have made us proud. We have made connections with so many people around the world and met some amazing faces and personalities along the way. It has gotten to the point where we could almost throw a dart at anywhere on a world map and chances are, we would have some great friends from the waterless car wash industry near where the dart landed. We have always had an interest in expanding our business to all corners of the world and we have been able to do just that. Today we are going to be checking in with one of our dealers from Malaysia, this is GO Waterless Car Wash.

Even though it is quite far from where we are, we have been moving into the Southeast Asian market quite steadily over the past couple of years. We have dealers selling our products in Singapore, Vietnam, The Philippines and Malaysia. It is an amazing feeling knowing that people who live halfway across the world and have a culture that is completely different than our own can still have a common interest as us – the waterless car wash.

If you have ever visited a large city in Malaysia, you already know how many nice cars are all over the streets there. You can barely step out onto the street without a nice, elegant luxury vehicle rolling past you. It only makes sense that the residents of Malaysia would be interested in a solution to make their super nice cars look even nicer. Add in the fact that Malaysians in the big city are very busy and the waterless car wash is the perfect fit. They can have their car washed while they say working in their office or while enjoying lunch out with clients. When they are done the first thing they are greeted by is their shiny new car. Except the car is not new, it just appears to be that way because of how bright it shines.

GO Waterless Car Wash has also recently started having their staff wear uniforms while on the job. This is to ensure that only a qualified waterless car wash technician that has been trained by GO Waterless Car Wash is washing your car. Don’t accept imitations! If you are in Malaysia and the person washing your car waterlessly isn’t in a GO Waterless Car Wash uniform, stop in your tracks because they are nothing but a cheap imitation of a premium company.

It is pretty amazing to us still to this day to think about how much the waterless car wash has grown in the last decade. We have a ton of faith that things are only going to get better too. If you find yourself in Malaysia and you or someone you know needs their car cleaned, pop in to GO Waterless Car Wash and you won’t regret it. Tell them we said Hi while you’re in there too.

GO Waterless Car Wash is Creating an Empire in Malaysia!

Written by Freedom. Posted in Dealers

If there is one thing that we love to see more than anything it is seeing companies pair up with us and then really take off as far as business goes. We know that we are unique in the way that we offer people all of the tools required to build their own empires in the waterless car wash world, although it is up to companies themselves to really take it from there. One of the companies that has been doing an excellent job lately is GO Waterless Car Wash based out of Malaysia.

The guys from GO Waterless Car wash are the official Freedom Waterless Car Wash Dealers from Malaysia and they are really killing it out there right now in their country. This crew is really hungry for success and we can’t imagine a time when that hunger would ever go away. They are making big moves to get themselves noticed around the country and that is what it is all about in this industry. Once you can turn people on to your waterless car wash and draw them in, the sky is the limit.

The first thing they did that we are really happy about is they went and did a spot on HOT TV2 in Malaysia to promote their waterless car wash products. Getting the word out there this way is a very useful way to reach thousands of potential customers at the same time and we suggest that anyone in the waterless car wash industry that has any sort of ties to TV or the media should do the same thing. If you want to view their appearance on TV then you can do so here.

The team is doing a lot more than just advertising themselves publicly though. Just like any other successful business, they understand the importance of actually having a good business model and not just depending on promotion for their sales. That is why they have such a complete team of highly trained waterless car wash specialists that can care for the customer’s cars and put a smile on their face when the wash is done. The busy people of Malaysia love the fact that the waterless car wash is so quick and can be done anywhere. A lot of their customers even have their car washed for them while they are enjoying their lunch. Imagine someone coming and doing that for you with a regular car wash.

As we said before, we just love to see companies take the torch and run with it like GO Waterless Car Wash is doing right now. With all of the tools that we provide it is easy to become a waterless car wash entrepreneur as long as you have the drive and ambition. The Go Waterless Car Wash team has definitely proven that they have the drive and ambition that it takes to be successful and we wish them all the success for the future. Not that they really need it, with all the ambition they have, they are guaranteed to come out on top.

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