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GreenCar is Making Waterless Waves in Portugal!

Written by Freedom. Posted in Dealers

Global reach is something that is very important to us. We try our best to get our products into all different corners of the world so that people from all different cultures can experience the benefits involved with the waterless car wash. This is something that we could never do on our own though as language barriers and requirements for opening businesses in foreign countries can be a real hurdle. That is why we are so appreciative of all of the people out there who have taken the time to become Freedom dealers and help us to extend our worth in the global marketplace. Today we are going to be looking at the latest exclusive Freedom dealer, this is GreenCar out of Portugal.

The fact that the guys have from GreenCar have the exclusive rights to distribute our products is a big thing for them. This allows them to have their finger on the pulse of the waterless world throughout the entire country of Portugal. If waterless car wash products are being sold in Portugal then you can bet that they have had a part in it. There is no other feeling that can compare to having that sort of control over a particular market.

Another thing that works in their favor is that they are extremely hard working. The team is dedicated to success from management all the way down the ladder. It seems like a simple and obvious thing to say but you will get nowhere in the waterless world if you don’t have a bit of determination to show.

They sell all of the products needed to get you started washing your car without water although they can also wash your car for you as well if you feel like you aren’t up to the task. They have a crew of trained professionals that will do an excellent job at washing your car without water and the amazing shine that you see in the end will be proof of that. No matter which way you choose, for them to wash or for you to wash your car yourself, you can rest assured that your car will be capable of making people stop and stare as you drive by.

We have to say that we are really glad to be working with such friendly and responsible people. Getting our products into a country where we can’t speak the local lingo is always a challenge but having contacts with the guys at GreenCar has helped tremendously. It is a win-win situation because we can expand our customer base and they are supplied with the number 1, trusted formula for the waterless car wash. Their exclusive partnership with us will guarantee that they will be the only ones in the country with a product of this quality forever. If that sounds appealing to you too then you may want to look into more information about what it takes to become a freedom dealer and how the exclusives rights work. It is literally the pathway to success!

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