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Hi Def Detail Never Ceases to Amaze Us

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Those of you who have been with us for a while have probably already found your own favorite waterless car wash detailer. Your favorite might be the one that is closest to your home, the one you think does the best work or the one who does the most cars per week. There is one detailer that seems to come up on the list of favorites just a little bit more frequently than all the others and that detailer is of course none other than Hi Def Detail. Come on, you already knew we were going to mention Hi Def Detail here, didn’t you?

The reason Hi Def Detail has been so successful and well liked in our circle is because they always seem to bring in the nicest looking cars. This doesn’t even take into account the amazing work that they do, they just seem to be able to always attract the type of clients that have really nice looking cars. We don’t know whether all the people in Dallas are driving around in cars like this, or whether the people who have those types of cars are just attracted to Hi Def Detail. If we had to guess, we would say it was probably number 2.

Of course, Hi Def Detail doesn’t just stop at having some really nice looking cars in their garage, they are really innovative with all of the things they do with them. They do all the normal things you would expect them to do with the waterless car wash solution but they also go above and beyond that too. Instead of just using the products to simply wash the cars, they also manage to do some really unique things like completely restoring headlights for their customers instead of them having to buy new ones.

If you’ve ever had a pair of headlights where the casing was getting foggy and faded and just didn’t look right, you’ve probably checked into the price of these things and realized how expensive they were. For a fraction of that price, Hi Def Detail can work their magic and make your headlights look like new all over again. It leaves you wondering why anyone would ever even bother to go out and buy new headlights when they could just go to Hi Def Detail and get theirs restored for so much cheaper.

So if you are ever in the Dallas area then we highly recommend you stop into Hi Def Detail and see what they have going on over there at their garage. Not only will you get to see a lot of really nice, shiny looking cars, but the guys hanging out there are super friendly and fun to talk to as well. We think one stop into their garage and it won’t be hard to tell why these guys are a fan favorite around here. Keep up the great work guys.

Checking Back in With Hi Def Detail

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Looking back through our archives, we realized it has been quite a while since we stopped in and checked up with our good friends over at Hi Def Detail. One of the things that we enjoy so much about being in the waterless car wash industry is the fact that we get so many opportunities to link up with people who are doing great things for the waterless world. Without a doubt, one of our favorite waterless car wash detailers would have to be Cameron Johnson from Hi Def Detail. We know you all love seeing new updates from Hi Def Detail so we won’t make you hold your breath a second longer.

Just as you expected, the updates from HI Def Detail as of late are definitely nothing less than spectacular. Sometimes just going through their Facebook page we feel like we need to hold onto our jaws just to keep them from dropping right to the floor. Some of the cars are just so shiny and incredible it is hard to believe not only that the camera didn’t break, but that the photos haven’t been photoshopped or edited in any way.

One of the things that stuck out to us the most the last time we visited their Facebook page is this white BMW M3 that they washed back in June of 2011. It may not seem like a very big deal at first that the car was washed over 18 months ago until you take into account what condition it is in now. Since the initial washing, the car had not been waxed in 18 months and guess what? The car still beads water on its surface just as if your car was just washed with the waterless car wash minutes ago.

While this takes a step away from the classic before and after formula, this one manages to make an even bigger impact. Speaking of before and after pictures we also noticed an awesome one on their page that showed a car in its before state looking very dirty and dusty. The car actually didn’t look too different than the cars you see all over the road on a daily basis. The real difference is seeing how it looks as soon as it gets washed by the waterless car wash. The results are like night and day it is an easy choice as to which car you would like to be driving.

We hope you have enjoyed seeing these new updates from Hi Def Detail. We would like to apologize for going so long without providing any updates on them, sometimes things just too hectic in the waterless world to keep up with everything. Rest assured though that we are going to be doing our best to keep up with them in the future because we always enjoy seeing what they are up to. Keep up the great work guys, it is always a pleasure to view your work.

Hi Def Detail Brings in the New Year the Dallas Way

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Hey there waterless car wash fans. We are back with our first post for 2013 and to bring in the new year of course we have to bring you something big. If you are a regular reader of our blog then you already know that nobody out there does it bigger than Hi Def Detail. Located in Dallas, these guys are the standard in the waterless car wash industry that all the smaller dealers want to be. If you are just getting into the waterless car wash business yourself, you should definitely be keeping an eye on these guys.

When it comes to Hi Def, most people know them by their reputation. Their reputation of course being that they are masters of cleaning some really amazing looking cars. It seems like the owners of these nice cars just seem to flock instinctively to Hi Def Detail for all of their car maintenance needs. It definitely helps though that there are a ton of really great cars floating around the Dallas area which means that there is enough of a customer base for Hi Def Detail to be able to continue on servicing these great looking cars all the time.

If you don’t know about Hi Def Detail yet, you might be wondering what is so great about a company that is able to attract customers with good looking cars. The thing is, it is about so much more than just good looking cars — Hi Def Detail takes these cars and makes them look even better. They have an incredible talent and ability to to take cars that already look completely stunning and turn them into absolute masterpieces. While the waterless car wash products themselves definitely help with this, we have to give a lot of the credit to the crew at Hi Def Detail for being such masters at their craft.

Hi Def Detail has also let us know that they have some really great things in store for 2013. While they aren’t quite ready to reveal what those things are just yet, don’t be disappointed. In fact, the wait should even give you more hope about what is to come from them. When it comes to a company with a track records like theirs, it is pretty much a sure bet that no matter what those announcements will be, they will be sure not to disappoint.

So after a stellar year in 2012, we have no doubts at all that 2013 is going to be even more amazing for Hi Def Detail. From a company that is always innovating and coming up with new ways to clean cars and use waterless car wash products, there should never be any doubt about that. Keep up the great work guys, it has been a pleasure working with you and we look forward to several more years together!

Hi Def Detail is on Top of the Waterless Industry in Dallas

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Hey there again, waterless car wash fans. We know you guys love to see pictures and updates of some of the best looking cars in the world that have been washed with our waterless car wash products. Fans of the waterless car wash know that there is no better way for you to get your car clean than by using Freedom waterless car wash products exclusively. If you don’t feel confident enough to wash your car on your own then you might be better off bringing your car to one of our numerous waterless car wash dealers who can do it for you. If you are in the Dallas, Texas area then you already know there is know better option than Hi Def Detail.

If you are already familiar with Cameron’s expert work at Hi Def Detail, then it should come as no surprise that his team is capable of producing some of the nicest details around. Somehow though, it never stops being surprising as they are experts at creating this type of shine. It never gets old looking at these cars either. Especially when the sun is shining directly on the body of the car you can almost be blinded by the shine emitting from your beautiful car.

Often times what is even more amazing than the shine they are able to give these cars is the types of cars they are washing. Hi Def has a knack for attracting customers who have incredible cars. Everything from classic cars to the exotic cars. Most are tricked out and definitely capable of making heads turn as you drive by. In fact, if you just go and hang out in the Hi Def Detail parking lot for long enough you are bound to see several cars that are more than worthy of your attention.

If you think nothing goes better with a nice car than a pretty girl, Hi Def Detail has got you covered too. With their own in house models that look stunning, the perfect combination of hot rides and hot women has never been a better fit. While you can enjoy the pictures that they post up on their Facebook and their blog, these are real women that hang out with the Hi Def crew. If you are in the Houston area you might even see them around town or coming in and out of the HI Def offices.

So we would really like to take this time out to give a standing ovation to Cameron and all the people at Hi Def Detail for doing such an amazing job at creating what they have created for the waterless world. Without people like them, the waterless car wash industry may not be where it is today. Thanks Cameron for keeping up with pictures of the great work and please keep making works of art with the waterless car wash products.

Hi Def Detail Gives the People What They Want

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We love all of our waterless car wash dealers equally for all of the great things that they do for us and the industry as a whole. There is one dealer in particular though that we have to recognize because every time we talk about them, the fans get really excited. The waterless car wash fans simply get enough of Hi Def Detail and all of the amazing work that they do. It is more than just the excellent work that they perform though, it is the fact that they have a knack for super high profile client acquisition. Just about every car that they wash and detail is worthy of a picture even before it is washed and even more so after it is done being washed.

One of the really cool things that Hi Def Detail has been doing lately is going to work and really giving the engines of their customer’s cars a deep and thorough cleaning. While the average person might not need that level of cleaning down to the engine when getting their car detailed, Hi Def Detail customers definitely aren’t your average car owners. While you might ever need your engine to be sparkly clean to the point that you are showing it off to people, the Hi Def Detail customers definitely do. Often they are taking their cars and entering them in car shows and events or simply want to show them off after putting so much money into them. Having a car with an engine that you feel like you can eat off is a plus in just about anyone’s book. If you need any further proof then just check out their Facebook page to see some pictures of some of the squeaky clean engines they have washed.

Another thing that we really like about Hi Def Detail is that they really take the time out to make sure that their customers fully understand what they are doing for them. Recently they made an interesting post on their Facebook asking their customers if they really knew the difference between washing and detailing. It might seem like a simple question but the answer could surprise you. In short, washing your car is the act of removing dirt and contaminates of your car’s surface. Detailing is the act of removing blemishes and marks in your car’s paint job that have been created by contaminates hitting your car. Thanks for the explanation guys, we are sure it will be useful to a lot of people.

If you get into the habit of following what the crew at Hi Def Detail is doing, you definitely won’t be disappointed. With the types of cars they are detailing on a regular basis, even if you are only a casual fan of the waterless car wash, you will still be able to find something that interests you. The owner, Cameron, is a great guy as well and is a pleasure to work with. Keep up all the great work Cameron!

Hi Def Details Gives Your Dad What He Wants for Father’s Day!

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Father’s Day is a very special time of year because it is the one day that you get to honor the person responsible for bringing you into this world. The unfortunate part is that shopping for a Father’s Day present can be very difficult as our fathers are usually the most difficult people to shop for. Most fathers aren’t big on shopping so we never have a good idea of what exactly it is that they want and asking them doesn’t usually produce any great results either. If you happen to live in the Dallas area though you have the opportunity to get your dad one of the best gifts ever while saving money at the same time. Of course we are talking about none other than the Hi Def Detail Father’s Day Sale.

There is no need to worry about what to get your father this year because just about all dads have a car or truck and like them to look nice. No matter kind of car or truck your dad happens to drive it would be a nice gesture to pay for him to get it looking in its best condition. Don’t worry if he has an older model car or truck because those type of vehicles will end up looking especially nice after they have been given the waterless treatment.

The special going on right now at Hi Def Detail through this Saturday is really amazing. You get an exterior hand wash and wax, wheels and tires are cleaned and dressed, the interior cabin is air purged and vacuumed, floor mats shampooed and the glass and panels get cleaned too. That is a pretty thorough cleaning and one that it would hard to be disappointed with given the quality of waterless car wash products and the reputation of Hi Def Detail.

As for the price, you might be quite surprised at how much all of this costs. Surprisingly you can get this whole clean performed for only $49 for cars and $69 for SUVs. That is amazingly cheap considering how detailed of a clean you will be getting and how your car will look once it is done. These savings aren’t going to go on forever though so you better head down to Hi Def Detail before Saturday to lock in a deal like this for your dad.

We are so proud of our dealers and all of the different ideas that they come up with, like this one. Cameron from Hi Def Detail is always thinking of new ways to impress us and his customers and this Father’s Day special is the perfect example. Our fathers have been working hard for years and this one day out of the year is your chance to show them how much you appreciate that. The waterless car wash is a great and innovative way for you to express that and doesn’t involve any shopping or searching around the mall to find him something. The waterless car wash from Hi Def Detail is the perfect gift.

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