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Waterless Car Wash is Growing Faster than Ever

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Hey there waterless car wash fans. It has been quite a busy couple of months for us, but don’t worry because busy months are good months in the waterless car wash industry. In fact, our definition of fun is by getting out there, getting our hands dirty and making connections with people. Don’t worry, we wash our hands before we go out and make connections with people! The important part to remember is that every person and every connection is a valuable one, no matter how big or small. That is a philosophy that we try to live by with the the waterless car wash because we believe it will be one of the important factors of pushing the waterless car wash even further in the future.

As for the current state of the waterless car wash industry, there are definitely no complaints from us. We keep on pushing through and making new partnerships in new markets and new countries and that is definitely helping to expand the global reach of the waterless car wash. Every day more and more people in the United States are learning about the benefits of the waterless car wash, but we have to remember that the United States is just one single country in our world. What we really need to be striving for is for the waterless car wash to become a household name in countries all over the world.

So far we have been doing a great job at getting our products into all sorts of different pockets of the world. From our big dealers in Canada all the way across the world to places like the Philippines and Vietnam, the world is starting to get a big dose of the waterless car wash.

While all of this is well and good, expanding the waterless car wash into new horizons, we can’t forget about our existing markets. As we all know it is much easier and cheaper to expand and grow in an existing market than to try and create a new one altogether. That is why we are splitting our time between building up our waterless efforts where they already exist and finding new markets too. This way there is always something to work and always room for growth. The new market of this year will be the existing market of next year and we can switch our focus to expanding it instead of simply building from the ground up.

All in all we would have to say that we are very hopeful about what the future holds for the waterless car wash. With all of the great dealers that we have working with us and the amount of people always looking to get on board with the waterless movement, we know that our cause is going to be one that strives. We can’t wait until all cars are washed waterlessly and we don’t think that day is very far off at all.

An Update From the Waterless Car Wash Industry

Written by Freedom. Posted in Articles

While some businesses do not think it is such a great idea to keep their customers up to date with all of the current things that are going on in the industry that they deal with, we think that it is a very important thing to do. If we didn’t keep our customers up to date with what was going on then they wouldn’t feel like they were as big of a part of this whole waterless community and movement that we have going on.

We are happy to report to you all that things as far as the waterless car wash industry look are going really great. We are making tons of new connections in all areas of the automotive industry that we can honestly say are going to be really valuable for us in the future. All of these connections are more than simply just new friends and sometimes dealers but they all lead to us gaining a wider reach and being able to expose the waterless car wash to more people.

A lot of our dealers like the guys from Eco Auto Clean, Hi Def Detail and Eccosave have also been doing a great job at trying to make the waterless car wash a household name. In our opinion, with each and every car that they wash, they are coming one step closer to bringing us into a waterless world, at least as far car washing goes. You don’t even know how excited it would make us if the waterless car wash simply became the industry standard for how to wash your car. We say that not just from a business standpoint but also from the view of a company that truly cares about the environment.

So as you can see, things involving the waterless car wash are going really well. All the new connections and advancements that we are making in the industry all the time are really paying off and we are only looking forward to pushing that even further. We as a company definitely have what it takes to make the waterless car wash the next big thing and we aren’t going to stop until we have fully achieved our goals!

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